Pitch Black Fic

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Chapter 1: Crash Landing

They say most of your brain shuts down during cryo-sleep. All, but the primitive side. The animal side. That explains why most of the passengers aboard the Hunter-Gratzner were asleep when the ship passed through a meteor storm, except for two. Richard B. Riddick was wide awake waiting... plotting his means of escape, while Faith Evans was in a light sleep. Very restless, not so deeply immersed as the other passengers. As soon as the space craft entered the meteor storm and the smaller meteors crash through the metallic haul of the ship Faith Evans awoke from her light slumber. Light violet eyes with flecks of silver gazed out of the plastic plexiglass window watching half in fascination half in slowing horror as the small flaming meteors crashed into several cryo containment cells killing the passengers inside. Blood splattered on most of the plastic windows, slowly trailing down. So beautiful, but there would be time to think about that later.

Slender milky white fingers wrapped around the handle of the door testing it. Jammed, but that was easily fixable. Flexing her fingers, Faith quickly balled them into a fist and slammed through the plastic glass and opened the door from the outside. The door slide open with a whoosh, while a rather large meteor hit the side of the ship causing Faith to lurch forward. Landing on her hands and knees on the steel grates. She glanced down the rows of cryo containment cells only to see a person stumble out of his own resting bed. She quickly recognized him as the cop transporting a murder. Faith didn't have time to dwell on Johns' job status as the back half of the cabin tore free taking forty cryo-lockers with it. Forty people dead. Acting on pure survival instinct Faith gripped the steel grates before the air begun to suck her out the back. Glancing back she saw Johns holding onto a pole for dear life, while a few more containment cells were swept out of the ship.

Suddenly the Hunter-Gratzner crash landed on the surface of a planet. Faith's body momentarily lifted off the floor before crashing back down to the steel floor knocking the wind out of her. The ship skidded a few meters away before coming to a complete stop. Rolling over on her back, Faith stayed like that for a moment catching her breath before slowly getting up. Hearing a sound Faith turned her head and locked eyes with Sharon, better known as Shazza. Quickly releasing Shazza from the containment cell Faith went back to her own to grab a sling bag. Shazza released the other survivors, while Faith watched on from her seat on the floor. A string of curses from Johns' direction made Faith turn her attention towards him. Spotting him looking at the empty containment cell of his captive cursing, she figure the murder escaped. Shrugging, Faith stood up and followed Shazza to where Zeke was using a cutting torch to open a storage box. Spotting a piece of cloth, Faith wrapped her slightly bloodied hand.

With a thump the storage box lid fell open allowing a stow away to roll out. Looking up at all the survivors faces, the stow away questioned sheepishly, "Guess somethin' went wrong, huh?"

"Let's go find the captain." Shazza stated glancing around at the passenger cabin. Debris was everywhere and was coated in a thin layer of dusted dirt. The survivors all stumbled to the door of the nav-bay, which was jammed open by a wrench. Shazza carefully made her way to the control panel off to the side of the door and started to re-wire the locking mechanism to open the nav-bay.

A sudden yell of pain caused the survivors to leap into action. Rushing into the nav-bay they quickly found the source of the cry. A co-pilot was strapped to an over turned piloting chair with a metal rod piercing his chest, dangerously close to his heart. The man began screaming deliriously, "Don't touch it! Don't you pull that handle!"

Faith was silent listening to the others ramble on how pulling the metal rod out would kill him. The blonde pilot looked lost as she kneeled by her friend, while he yelled incoherently.

"Alright, alright, someone... there's Anestaphine in the med-lock, that end of the cabin... next to.." the pilot, Carolyn Fry, tried to explain pointing to the back of the cabin without looking up from her friend, Owens.

Paris glances back to where Fry was pointing and responds, "Not anymore there's not."

Faith watching Owens scream on in exquisite pain, while Fry told everyone to leave. Most of the survivors did as she said, except Faith and Jack. Jack stood still watching in morbid fascination until Johns doubled back to collect the two strays. Leaving the nav-bay they pass Riddick cuffed to a bulkhead. His eyes, although hidden by a blindfold, tracked the three survivors towards the daylight. Violet, silver eyes watch Riddick in interest until he was out of her line of vision. Shielding her eyes from the sunlight Faith looked around at the deserted terrain. The valley floor was relived only by low hills to one side, spiked with earthen spires. The chrislams went off to pray, backs together each facing a different compass point. The rest of the survivors made their way on top of the ship. Fry soon joined them.

"Big talk about a scouting party," Johns starts sarcastically pointing to the huge smoldering scar in the ground, left behind from the crash landing. One glance confirmed that there could be no other survivors. "until we saw this."

"Is anyone else having breathing problems? Aside from me?" Paris asked almost wheezing.

"It's like I just ran or something." Jack added.

"Feel one lung short. All of us." Shazza said. They turned their attention to Fry waiting for an explanation.

"It's the atmosphere. Too much pressure, not enough oxygen." Fry answered. A moment of silence was once again broken by another question.

"So what the bloody hell happened, anyways?" Zeke asked.

"Somethin' knocked us off lane. A rogue comet or maybe a meteor shower. I don't really know." Fry stated looking around, anywhere other than the survivors faces. Faith took notice of this and couldn't help, but wonder what actually happened in the nav-bay.

"Well, I for one, am throughly grateful. This beast wasn't made to land like this, but cripes, you rode it down." Shazza complemented. The other survivors chimed in agreement, all except Faith, who walked off the ship and went back into the hull escaping the scorching daylight. Passing by Riddick never stopping her stride until she reached the doorway. Only then did she turn around and gaze at Riddick. Something about him called out to her, something she couldn't place her finger on. Hearing the echoes of footsteps Faith left the doorway, she didn't stay long enough to notice Riddick turn his head where Faith once was. He smirked, well as much as a smirk as he could around the bit in his mouth.


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