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Chapter 10: Revenge

The darkness had a mind of its own, swirling and consuming the equipment holding bay. Faith felt slightly calm in the dark, but her silver eyes continued to glance around in growing apprehension. The young survivor was sitting on the cold metal floor in the corner of a make shift dead end. Metal crates were stacked randomly creating a maze in the holding bay.


Faith froze momentarily at the creatures calling card, but soon relaxed. Shazza still came to mind, but was becoming much easier to control the memories. It's always about control.


Silver eyes glanced over in the general direction of where the noise originated from. Faith wasn't too surprised that the creatures were in the holding bay. Probably over the entire ship by now. she thought easing her way to a standing position. Skittering noises crept closer; bones scraping against the metal of the crates. Faith slowly pulled out a small hunting knife, fingers tightly wrapped around the hilt in anticipation. Back against the cool metal Faith slowly inched her way towards the opening making sure not to make any noise that could attract the creatures. Her free hand reached out at the edge of the opening, nails scraping against the metal.

The skittering noises grew louder, almost unbearable. Faith drew in a deep breath only to let it out slowly, deciding to take the chance she peeked around the corner. Her unnatural silver eyes widen as she spotted one of the creatures only a couple feet away. She gazed at the creature mesmerized by the sheer bulk of it. Compared to the small bird-like ones held up in the mining facility this one was huge. It seemed as if the bones were on the outside of the creatures body, the skin that covered the torso was a grey, slightly bluish color. It reminded Faith of a skeleton.

Knuckles began to turn deathly white as Faith gripped the hunting knife tighter. Anger filled the young survivor as she watched the creature gaze around for food. Faith went to step out into the open when the creature was facing the opposite direction, but she was roughly pulled back into the make shift dead end. The metal of the crate was hard against her back, her attacker firmly gripped her wrist that held the weapon and the upper arm of the other. Faith kept her eyes shut; she knew who her attacker was. His scent drifted around her, so intoxicating.

"Shouldn't be so ready to die." that deep animal voice whispered dangerously close to her ear.

Silver eyes flashed open, eyes covered in lust and anger. "I wasn't going to die, Riddick." Faith practically growled, watching in pure satisfaction as Riddick's eyes darkened at the sound of his name.

"Good. Wouldn't want you to die before we have some fun." he replied, a smirk decorating his mouth.

Faith glare hardened at Riddick's pure amusement, she attempted to rip her arms away, but Riddick would have none of that. His fingers dug into her uppers arms leaving bruises. Baring, unnaturally sharp canines, Faith growled out eyes flashing, "Let go of me!"

"And why would I want to do that?" Riddick replied keeping his voice low. Faith parted her lips to reply, but was interrupted by a horrible scream. Riddick quickly let go of the young survivor, making his way to the corner. Faith followed closely behind still gripping her knife. Poking her head out from behind Riddick placing her empty hand on his bare shoulder. The muscles bunched in tension beneath her hand, Faith glanced at Riddick's face, but there was no emotion displayed. Turning her attention to the hallway she noticed the creature was gone.

"That's not good." she whispered, her breath hitting Riddick's skin. Before she could say anything else another brutal scream echoed off the metal walls.

"Come on." Riddick ordered as he began to creep down the row, staying close to the towers of boxes. Faith bit her tongue - though she would have liked nothing better at the time than to tell him off now was not a good time.

The skittering of the creature echoed off the holding bay walls, but neither survivor could pinpoint exactly where the creature was. Suddenly a human scream cut through the silence giving the survivors a lead. Riddick didn't give so much as a warning as he took off in the direction of the scream, Faith hot on his heels. All she could think of was revenge, she wanted nothing else than to kill one of those beasts.

Spotting a small pathway between stacks of crates Faith took off in her own direction. Gripping her knife tighter she couldn't stop the hatred from coming to the surface, her eyes seemed to darken for a split second when sight of the creature came into her view. With a burst of speed Faith launched herself on the back of the creature. The knife easily plunged into the flesh causing a roar, the creature bucked and shook, but Faith refused to be kicked off. Keeping her balance she kept stabbing the creature, it wasn't graceful, calculated or precise like she usually was just animalistic nature coming out. Blood spattering everywhere as she continue her assault.

Soon the creatures screeching turned into howls of pain, but that did nothing to stop Faith, if anything that made her drive the knife harder into the creature. It didn't take long for the creature to die, blood pooling around, but even that didn't stop the assault from Faith.

"Shazza! No, stay down, Shazza!" Jack yelled. Screeches flew by picking off the survivor, her screams echoing in the dusk of night. Ungodly screams that no human should make.

Memories passed through Faith mind, fueling the fire to her anger. Suddenly in the midst of her attack she was pulled from the lifeless creature. Struggling in the strong arms, she growled, "Let me go!"

The strong arms didn't loosen; didn't even twitch as the knife managed to slice his forearm. Faith continued to struggle, her cry of anger slowly melting into soft pleas. Tears streaked down her blood stained face as exhausted overtook her body and mind. There was just no more fight left in her anymore. The knife slipped from her grasp as her body sagged in her captor's hold.

"Please… let me go…" Faith whispered, barely audible. The strong arms loosened, but remained wrapped around her body. Distant footsteps could be heard clamoring down the isles, frantic voice growing louder with each step. When the survivors stepped into the isle, their flashlights shining over the gruesome scene. Faith had to blink away the brightness, raising a pale hand to block out the light.

"Oh… my god…" a female voice gasped. Blood was everywhere, Faith was nearly drenched in the metallic red blood of the creature. The isle looked like a murder scene, the creature itself was mutilated beyond recognition.

"Riddick, let go of her." Johns ordered as he spotted the convict holding Faith. The strong arms twitched, tightening for a moment before disappearing entirely. Riddick stepped away from the young bloodied survivor, but not too far. Faith wrapped her own arms around herself missing the warmth Riddick provided.

"What happened here?" Fry managed to ask, keeping her eyes away from the lifeless, bloodied mass of what used to be one of the creatures.

Faith kept her eyes on the ground, not wanting to talk. Instead Riddick spoke up, "It was about to attack her, so I killed it. Can't have a good piece of bait ending up as food."

That caught faith's attention; eyes darting over to Riddick for a moment before nodding in agreement with the lie. Fry carefully made her way over to Faith, saying, "It'll be okay. C'mon, let's go get you cleaned up."

As Fry led the young bloodied survivor past the group intent on getting her cleaned, Johns spoke up. "I don't think it's wise, Caroline, to go wandering off by yourselves."

Those unearthly violet eyes watched Johns. There was something about him that didn't sit well with her. Maybe it was the way his emotionless blue eyes traveled up and down her body or the way his hand twitched for his gun anytime Riddick came close to her. Whatever it was, it made her cautious around the so-called cop.

"We will be fine, Johns. It's only across the hallway." Fry answered, her hands still on Faith's shoulders, the grip becoming firmer.

"Just incase, maybe I should accompany you. It could get dangerous." he added with a wide smirk. "And you women tend to attract danger."

Violet eyes snuck a glance over to Riddick. Despite the goggles, now adorning his face, she could tell he was plotting ways to kill Johns, probably with his bare hands. Before Fry could speak, Faith stated quietly, "Riddick's been the only one to kill a creature. We might be safer with him. Plus there should be someone with an optimal weapon with the rest of the survivors. You, yourself, said he was expendable."

Johns smug face slowly melted away at Faith's statement. His eyes darkened to an almost murderous hue before the calm mask took over.

"Like I said, Johns, we will be fine on our own." Fry repeated and before anyone else could say anything Fry and faith turned the corner with Jack trailing behind them.

"Soon. Very Soon." Johns muttered to himself, unaware Riddick heard every syllable.