Wow, I'm getting pretty slow with updating this. Uh, I'm sorry…I still love Full Moon, I promise…

Anywho. This is anime-based Izumi x Meroko. Which is pretty hard to come by, I know. But, hey.

Theme: Behind

Pairing: Izumi x Meroko

It seems like it's been forever since Meroko disappeared.

Izumi doesn't know what happened to her, and he tells Jonathan that he doesn't care. He goes about his duties just as he did before Meroko's disappearance. He pretends he's forgotten about everything that happened (oh, he wants to forget with all his might).

But when Izumi's alone, he finds himself thinking about Meroko—pink hair, rabbit ears, violet eyes, unbroken smile. The many time she'd called his name—sometimes hopeful, sometimes angry, always loud. The look on her face when she was mad. That fateful gray day, so long ago, when he had left her and the rain and tears had melted together on her face.

He looks for her—in the Shinigami world, on Earth. He repeats his name in her mind, over and over, and sometimes whispers it aloud, half-hoping that she'll hear him.

He can't understand why he cares (after all, didn't he tell her time and again that he didn't?). And yet, he can't imagine not looking for her. She's supposed to be in his sight, always. Behind him, maybe, but always where he can see her. Anything different is simply not right.

Sometimes when he's on Earth, he feels someone watching him from behind—but when he turns, the air is empty. He always feels someone's presence (someone that he's just not seeing), but he can never see anything.

He always gives that spot a second look, but then turns away.

As he's leaving, he thinks he hears a faint (familiar) voice, whispering his name and floating behind him on the wind.

For those of you wondering about Some Small Part of Love: I'm working on it. I swear. I just have no inspiration right now. I'm so sorry. Please accept this little ficlet as a peace offering?