Room of Requirement

It was a snowy night at Hogwarts. The chill was seeping into the common room where Lily was curled up with a book in front of the fire. She wriggled down into the blanket she had wrapped around her.


Lily looked around but saw no one. This was usually a sign that James was up to something.

"What is it?" she said as nonchalantly as possible, keeping her eyes on her book.

"I have something I want to show you."

"That's going to be hard to do, considering I can't see you," she said, rolling her eyes.

"Alright, fine," James acquiesced, throwing the invisibility cloak aside. He pulled out the Marauder's Map. "I want to take you somewhere new. I just found it today."

"Found it? Where is it exactly?"

"It's on the seventh floor, across from that tapestry with Barnabas what's-his-name."

"What are you talking about? There's nothing there."

"I know. I told you I found it."

"I see. Can't this wait until tomorrow? It's getting late," Lily grumbled.

"Not a chance. I've heard about this room before, from Moony, I think. He said it's called the Room of Requirement. It turns itself into whatever someone needs it to be."

"Oh yeah! I've heard of that. Except I thought it was called the Come and Go Room."

"My thoughts exactly," James leered.

"What? Wait…are you…no. No! You cannot be implying what I think you're implying.

"Oh, but I am." James grinned wider.

"You cannot want to go sneak out tonight. What if we get caught?"

"Helloooo. That's what these are for," James said, holding up the map and cloak.

"Hmmm." Lily said, feigning deep thought. "Well, I suppose if you have both of those, I don't really have an excuse, do I?"

"I don't think so," James said, pulling Lily close. "I guess you'll just have to come with me."

"You're a dork," Lily teased, playfully hitting James. "Alright, fine. I guess if I have no choice, I'm in."

"Oh no, my dear. It is I who will be in."

"Alright, knock it off before I change my mind," Lily said pulling on the cloak. "Lead the way."

James slid under the cloak with her and they made their way to the seventh floor. Remarkably, they didn't run into anyone on their way there, with the exception of seeing Nearly Headless Nick floating ahead of them at one point. Luckily, he glided through a wall and that was the last entity they saw.

When they were across from the tapestry, James said, "Okay. Now we just have to think about what we'll require and pace in front of this area three times. Got anything in mind?"

"I do believe so. You say I just have to think about it really hard and it will appear in the room?"

"Yep. So what is this thing you want?" James asked, raising an eyebrow.

"You'll find out soon enough," Lily teased.

"Ooh. Quite the minx, aren't we?"

Lily grinned and began pacing in front of the seemingly blank wall. Sure enough, after the third time past, the edges of a door began etching themselves into the wall. In a matter of seconds, a pair of huge wooden doors stood in front of them. Lily gazed up at them in amazement and James smiled smugly. "I told you it would work," he said.

"Yep, you were right. Now you get to see what I require."

"Should I be excited?"

"Oh yeah. What are you waiting for? Get in there!"

"Only if I can get in you," he said, wrapping a hand behind Lily's neck and kissing her deeply. Rolling her eyes, but smirking nonetheless, Lily strutted through the door, James following closely behind.

Once they were in the dimmed room, James instantly threw off the cloak and pressed Lily against the door. She could already feel him throbbing against her. He kissed her throat, starting at the edge of her jaw and making his way down to her collarbone. Lily pulled him close, running her hands down his back and moaning softly. James began unbuttoning her blouse and Lily pushed him away, blouse half-undone, smirking devilishly. "That's part of the surprise," she said strutting away to a translucent folding screen. Once behind it, she began to undress, very slowly. "There's a little something back here I think you'll like. While you're waiting, why don't you enjoy the view?"

For the first time, James looked around the room. It had been transformed into a nighttime grassy meadow, right on the edge of a forest. A brook was flowing gently through the woods and was full of smoothed stones. The floor was actually lush, soft grass and there were floating lights twinkling all around them and in the woods. In the middle of the room, there was a cherry-finished four-poster bed with deep purple satin sheets. The ceiling was a perfectly clear, starry night sky. He could hear the rustling of the leaves and the babbling of the brook. There was also just a hint of floral scent, which he realized wasn't coming from the surroundings at all, but from Lily.

"It's beautiful," James marveled, looking about the room.

"Is it?" asked Lily, redirecting his attention to the folding screen, over which Lily had thrown her clothes. He could see her curvy silhouette through the screen. It looked as if she had just finished putting on a bra and was now putting on a robe. She slowly walked toward the edge of the screen and twirled the tie of her robe. She slinked around the screen and casually leaned against it, one foot pressed up against the side of it. She eyed James up, running her hands down the front of her purple satin robe. She threw open the robe, revealing a nude-colored bra with black lace overlay and a matching thong. "Come and get me, boy."

James practically ran over to her and pressed her to him. His fingers skimmed over the satin robe and Lily ran her long nails over James's chest. She began to unbutton his shirt and kissed his neck. Once his shirt was unbuttoned, she pushed it down over his shoulders and kissed his exposed chest, working her way down his stomach and tugging off his shirt. When she reached his jeans, she quickly unbuttoned them and pushed them to the floor, running her nails down the front of his legs in doing so. "Excited, are we?" Lily teased, stroking James's already-throbbing cock through his boxers. James let out a soft moan and pulled Lily back up to standing. "No fair," James whispered, pushing the robe off Lily's shoulders and letting it fall to the ground. He caressed her shoulders with his fingertips and ran them down her back, giving her goose bumps. Lily wrapped her arms around James's neck and kissed him passionately, losing herself in him and forgetting everything else. James scooped her up and carried her to the bed. He laid her down gently and positioned himself over her. He lowered himself down on top of her, allowing his body weight to press her into the soft sheets. He kissed her neck as she ran her nails over his back again, arching her body against him. They were both burning with desire; the heat radiating off them in waves was absolutely palpable.

James kneeled in front of Lily and pulled her up to sitting. He caressed her back and quickly unclasped her bra. He slid the straps of the bra off her shoulders and threw it to the floor. He immediately began sucking on her nipple while massaging her other breast. Lily arched her back and let out a low moan as she fell back on the bed. She pulled James down so he was on all fours and reached for his engorged cock. James grabbed her hand and held it above her head. "Not so fast," James said as Lily tried to reach him with her other hand. He grabbed both of her hands and held them above her head. As he did, he noticed some satin ribbon appear on the bedside table. "Perfect." He held Lily's hands above her head with one hand and grabbed the ribbon with the other.

Before she knew it, Lily's hands were bound above her head and tied to the headboard. With both hands free, James had Lily completely at his mercy. He ran the tips of his fingers down her sides to her thighs and back up her inner thighs. She shuddered against his touch and bent her knees, allowing them to fall apart. "Was this what you wanted?" asked James, sliding off his boxers and laying against Lily. He now ran his hands down her arms and to her chest. He kissed from her chest down to her navel and traced a line back up to her breasts with the tip of his tongue. Lily rocked her hips against him and whimpered. She could feel his cock pulse which only made her want him more. She rocked against him harder, rubbing herself against his cock as she did so. James aligned himself with Lily so his cock was ready to penetrate her, with only her thong separating them. He gently pushed himself toward her, making her wetter than she already was. Her thong was sliding against her with the movement of James's cock and proving inconceivably frustrating. He was almost inside her. All it would take is just sliding to the side just a little bit….

James would allow no such thing. "Please!" Lily begged. "I need to feel you!" It was as if James was just waiting for her to say it. It one swift motion, he ripped off the thong and threw it to the ground beside her bra. Bent on teasing Lily as long as possible, James firmly held his cock and tapped it on her clit before rubbing it against Lily's dripping opening. Lily thrust her hips towards him, but James was too quick this time. He would only penetrate her when she was on the breaking point of desire. He rubbed himself against her again, covering his head in her wetness and sliding deliciously between her lips. Lily rocked her hips with him, wanting to feel as much of his cock as she possibly could. James obliged by laying on top of Lily and pressing the top side of his cock against her wetness and rocking his hips against her, covering himself in her. It was the wettest he could ever remember her being.

Lily was again whimpering with desire and attempting to free herself from her restraints with no success. James could barely contain himself. He needed to be in her as much as she needed him in her. Still unwilling to give in completely but unable to resist, James popped just his head in, still holding his cock to prevent it from sliding completely in. It was almost impossible; his cock was so covered in Lily's wetness that he could hardly keep a hold on himself, literally. Lily rocked her hips against him even harder, moaning and writhing in her restraints. Her whole body was alive with the absolute frustration of not being able to touch James everywhere, to pull him closer to her, run her hands over his spectacular body. It was absolute torture not to feel him as completely as she could. James could sense it too. Every pore of his body was screaming with longing to plunge entirely into the perfect bliss that was Lily.

Even faster than he bound her, he had untied her and she immediately clung to him, twisting herself into him and he thrust deeply into her with all the fury of the frustration he had just endured. Lily was screaming with pleasure, finally feeling every inch of him sliding in and out of her. James could never remember a time when it felt better. Lily was so tight and wet that she was wrapping around him and caressing every inch of him. He propped himself up and Lily wrapped her legs around him enabling him to bury himself in her even deeper. Both were panting and beads of sweat were gathering on James's brow. James felt himself getting close and slightly slowed his pace. "Are you ready to come, baby?" James growled in Lily's ear.

"God, yes."

James lowered himself directly over Lily and slid up along her body until the base of his cock rubbed against her clit with every thrust. A moan immediately ripped through Lily's body and she tensed her whole body around James. She held her breath, letting the tension build through her whole body, preparing for release. Just as she was on the verge of coming, James paused before thrusting as hard and fast as he possibly could, making for the most mind-blowing orgasm Lily ever had. Satisfied that he had pleasured Lily fully, James thrust to orgasm and pulled out to finish on Lily's over-sensitive clit, causing her muscles to spasm again in ecstasy.