Hello! I am at it again. Or some more. Or something. Anyway, welcome to my first OC story. Alas, I could not see hooking Rufus up with anyone in his current social circle which led me to create someone for him. It's only fair I suppose, it's not like the main characters would stop meeting new people. Anyway, this is the set up chapter so it's short. More follows. Enjoy!


Things worked out much better than Rufus could have hoped. Kadaj and his brothers were defeated, Sephiroth came back, but not for long and Rufus was cured of Geostigma. All his Turks survived and Rufus was able to go to sleep that night feeling that he had made a dent in the huge debt he owed the Planet and the people who lived there. Best of all, everyone knew it. He had been seen shooting at Kadaj. That was in addition to Reno and Rude fighting the other two shinentai with plenty of interested onlookers taking note.

Immediately after the cleansing rain had come, all four Turks had joined in the efforts to repair what the shinentai had destroyed. Rufus himself had coordinated many of the relief efforts and put his vast knowledge and resources to work on behalf of the citizens of Midgar. Even AVALANCHE was forced to admit that Rufus appeared sincere in his desire to make amends. They didn't trust him; maybe they never would. But his decision to support Reeve as the leader of the W.R.O. went a long way to soothing concerns.

After things stabilized once again Rufus officially moved into private life. Those in the know were aware that his powerful influence remained pervasive, but he was content to keep a fairly low profile in exchange for the ability to keep his options open. The Turks adapted well. There was still a need for muscle, for weapons and explosives experts. They weren't the good guys, but they weren't the worst guys, and in a world that had faced Weapons, Sephiroth and the Shinentai, the Turks looked almost decent in comparison. The four of them ostensibly worked for Reeve, but everyone knew they were still loyal to Rufus Shinra. Some things would never change