The Kiss

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The Kiss

It was early when she heard the soft murmurs of Logan's voice. She was tired but she sprang up as she vaguely heard the words "plane" and "London".

"Wait, what?" She said sitting up straight. "I have to come with you." They went back and forth for a moment but Logan eventually went off on his own, to the elevator. Rory watched him sadly from the door as the elevator doors closed. She closed their apartment door.

Rory, sat on their bed, she looked around the apartment… it felt so empty. But it wasn't the kind of emptiness that she saw when she was simply alone at home. She felt void, knowing that Logan was on a plane to London and she wouldn't see him for a very long time. The emptiness she felt she saw now in front of her. She laid her head back on her pillow and the tears fell into her hair that framed her face. Even in the ceilings that were always bare she saw an extra-emptiness. She loved him so much.
She got up and found her cell phone. Speed Dial Number 2. Mom's Cell. It rang several times before anyone answered.

"Hello?" Lorelai's voice cracked several times saying that short word.

"Mom? What's wrong?" Rory asked, very worried, this distracting her from Logan for a moment.

"I—I don't even know, Rory." Sobbing came out of the phone now and Rory sprung into action. She interrogated her mother as she grabbed her things.

"Mom, where are you?"

"Christopher's" Lorelai said quietly. Rory stopped in her tracks. Her mother was crying at her father's. What did her father do now?

"Mom, what happened?" Rory urged.

"I think I—"

"Mom, no…" Rory, knew what she was going to say, but just as Lorelai did not want the utter the words Rory didn't want her to say it. "Why don't you ask dad?"

"I'm afraid of what he'll say."

"I'm coming over there right now, mom."

"No sweetie, don't, I know you're always there for me but this is definitely one of those things I need to handle on my own."

"Mom," Rory said firmly, more firmly then she thought she would. "Are you sure?"

"Yes…" Lorelai said. "I love you, kid."

"I love you too, mom." Lorelai breathed for a second.

"So, Logan left this morning…" Lorelai said, trying to level there conversation to normal.

"Yeah… I wanna see him so bad already."

"Oh, I know honey. I know." Lorelai replied painfully. "I'm gonna go, sweetie. I need to handle…this. I love you so much."

"I love you too, mom." Rory said for the second time almost in tears. There was the familiar sound of a disconnected phone call and Rory hang up the phone. She laid down and cried for a long time before finally falling back to sleep.

He'll be there by now, was the first deliberate thought Rory had when she woke up 6 or so hours later. She was surprised she slept so long. She rarely slept past noon but right now it was around 2:30. She was physically exhausted from the party, all the drinking, the people, and the, ahem, after-party with just her and Logan. And she was emotionally exhausted from knowing she wouldn't see Logan for a while and her mom's ordeal. She got out of bed and was walking toward the phone when it rang. She walked swiftly to it, knowing.

"Logan." She said as she brought the phone to her ear.

"Ace." Logan replied sweetly.

"Have you met up with you're dad yet?"

"Don't ruin the conversation so soon, Ace." Logan joked. "No, I haven't surprisingly he's letting me take a day or two off before I start working."

"Oh, well that's nice of him." Rory said genuinely. "But it may be only because you're crippled.'

"Maybe." Logan said laughing.

"Are you going to be lonely there without me? Without anyone?"

"Nah, Ace." Logan reassured. "Finn is actually over here visiting family. And one of my best friends, Charlie, is living here. So I'll have them."

"Charlie? I've never met this Charlie."

"Oh, you wouldn't have, Charlie's been living in London since before I knew you."

"Oh well, if by some chance I go to London, you'll have to introduce us."

"Of course, Ace." Logan said. "Well I gotta go, get my stuff together in my new apartment."

"I love you."

"I love you, too."

It was Friday. Rory hung up the phone and realized she had dinner with her grandparents. She would have to be there at five. But she wasn't in a mood to stay long and she was still worried about her mom, wondering if she would even show up.

"Hey Grandma, Hey Grandpa." Rory came into the study and saw that her mom was in fact there. She looked a lot less worried than Rory thought she would look. Lorelai saw her and gave her a huge hug. They sat and had their drinks.

"So Rory, did you se Logan off?" Emily prodded.

"Yeah, but not at the gate like I wanted." Rory replied.

"Oh, of course not, they stop you at security." Richard piped in.

"Yeah…" Rory said sadly. Richard and Emily noticed and looked at each other. Lorelai noticed as well, she knew how much Rory was already missing him.

"Richard," Emily cried standing. "I need to speak with you in the kitchen." Richard nodded and strode into the kitchen after Emily. Rory and Lorelai sat alone. Their eyes met and they both smiled.

"What happened?" Rory asked as delicately as possible. Lorelai averted her eyes for a moment.

"Christopher says nothing happened. But that still doesn't excuse me being in his bed so, I'm pretty upset with myself about that. And I haven't seen Luke yet. I'm going to feel so guilty." Lorelai hung her head. Rory went over to her and she was about to start consoling her properly when Richard and Emily bounded back into the room beaming.

"Rory!" Richard started.

"You're going to London!" Emily finished in classic husband-wife style.

"Wait—what?" Rory stammered. Lorelai had lifted her head very interested in where the conversation was going.

"You love Logan, he loves you, you should be together. We will pay for you to fly to London and be with him." Emily spewed romantically.

"I think that's a great idea." Lorelai said. Emily's smile dropped in awe.

"You do?" She was visibly shocked.

"Yeah, it'll make Rory happy. She needs to be happy now… so she doesn't try to drop out again…" Lorelai joked.

"Well I-I don't know." Rory said. She actually knew exactly what she wanted to do. Snatch the opportunity while she could, anything to see Logan.

"What do you mean you don't know?" Emily badgered. "You have nothing to do here… go and see more of England, be in love." Rory looked to her mother.

"Go, sweetie." Lorelai said smiling. "Just make sure the Huntzberger's don't see you."
Rory grimaced at the thought of Mitchum and then smiled happy, she hugged her grandparents and thanked them. She hugged her mother last and hardest.

Logan unpacked the last few things in his suitcase. He surprised himself at how easily he could get around on his own with a bum leg, and efficiently get stuff done. He hobbled over to his dresser and threw in some boxers. His apartment was already fully decorated; it had belonged to the Huntzberger's for a while. No one ever stayed there. If someone got extremely drunk and needed a place to stay and they happened to be in London and happened to be in the neighborhood, they would've stayed there. But that had yet to happen. Logan plopped on his bed. He pulled his phone out of his pant pocket and flipped it open. It told him he had one missed message.

It said:

"Logan! You are in my neck of the woods mate! I miss you a lot man, I'll be honest, and hell, if I'm being honest you may as well be, 'cause I know you missed me too! Well, anyway I'm heading over to you're apartment. Finn told me about your accident and about you new lover. Please spill all when I get there!"

Logan smiled. He had missed Charlie, a lot. He stood up and as he did the doorbell rang. He hobbled over with his cane. He reached the door and opened it. On the other side of the threshold stood a beautiful girl with dark green eyes, long brown hair and mocha skin. She held bags and had a huge smile on her face.

"I come bearing gifts!" she said raising the bags. Logan smiled widely.

"Charlie!" Logan exclaimed giving her a hug made awkward by the cane.

"Wow," Charlie teased. "You have a cane… not as badass as you thought you were are you?" Logan stepped out of the way as Charlie entered his apartment.

Rory packed her bags.