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Charlie was waking up. She immediately felt uncomfortable. The relationship between her and Logan was completely plutonic… completely plutonic. She slowly got up, why the hell would she have a dream that she was hooking up with Logan? She shook her head… oh, bloody hell. She looked at Logan, he was still sleeping, why would she dream that?

Rory woke up and realized it was thanksgiving. She was very, very excited about eating tons of food, but she was not so excited about having to sit with her grandparents while they finalized the plans for her bloody planetarium. She sighed and went to shower.

Upstairs Lorelai Gilmore was already running around trying to make sure Luke looked well enough to be seen at the senior Gilmore estate. Luke though pretending to be exasperated with Lorelai's furious search for the perfect tie, was well aware of the impression he already had on her parents and was deeply ready to change it.

Rory was out of the shower in her robe and toweling her hair when she called Logan.

Logan's phone rang. When he woke up he was expecting to see Charlie but she had already left. He picked up his ringing phone and all thoughts of his good friend left his head when he saw that Rory was calling him.

"Happy Thanksgiving." Rory's voice chimed.

"Ace…" he cooed in his gruffy morning voice.

"Hey sleepy head." Rory said. "Shouldn't you be up already? It's thanksgiving!"

"Yeah, dinner for the Huntzberger's isn't until tomorrow."


"We have to wait for the family to reach the same country and not be working." Logan said getting out of bed.

"That is very organized of you. I love how the Huntzberger's can change a national holiday and celebrate in a country that doesn't even celebrate it."

"We are the kin to gods."

"Hah, you wish." Rory said with a smile. "Well, I've got to go, I have to get ready for Thanksgiving, which for me is occurring in about 8 hours."

"Alright Ace, I'll see you tomorrow." Logan hung up the phone. He opened it up again though to call back Rory.

"Logan?" Rory asked confused that he was calling her again.

"I love you, babe." Logan said. Rory was silent for a moment.

"I can't believe I have to wait a whole day before I come and see you." Rory said, blushing because Logan was being so… amazing. "I love you, too."

"See you tomorrow, Ace."

"See yah."

Logan hung up the phone, before he met Rory he couldn't even comprehend feeling this way about someone. He smiled and then opened his phone again, this time he called Finn. Finn as well was still sleeping when he answered the phone.

" 'Allo?" Finn drawled, his accent made more exaggerated by his fatigue.

"Finn, what'd you do now?"


"You're screwing up with Charlie, man. Really—"

"Logan, please quit being a bloody wanker, I just woke up."

"Dude, you've been chasing her for the past 5 years and now what? She catches you with another girl."

"Mate, it is too bleedin' early for this type of conversation."

"I don't care," Logan said getting angry. "You're being an ass and you know Charlie deserves better than that."

"Look, I just wasn't interested anymore, okay?" Finn said in a blunt tone.

"You definitely need some sleep, Finn." Logan said then hung up.

The Gilmore thanksgiving started at 4 pm sharp. At the table was Emily, Richard, Lorelai, Rory and Luke. It was one of the most modest Thanksgivings they've had in a while. The food of course was amazing.

"The food was amazing." Luke said, attempting to get of Emily's good list.

"I was not involved with the cooking, you can thank Helga when she comes out."

There was a short silence. Lorelai gave her mother a very annoyed look.

"So, Rory," Richard said to change the tone, "are you excited about the planetarium?"

Rory cringed for a moment then smiled. "Yeah, grandpa I'm really, really excited about it."

"Are you excited to be going to London?" Emily asked. Obviously, Rory was the way to alleviate the awkwardness. To this Rory could be genuinely excited.

"I'm very excited."

"It's a shame you couldn't spend some of Thanksgiving with Logan." Luke sympathize, Lorelai and Richard nodded in quiet agreement. Emily looked stern. Dinner and drinks and coffee and 'pleasantries' were over by 10:30 pm. Outside Luke was defeated.

"I wore my best tie, Lorelai," Luke complained, "my best tie!" He pulled the tie off aggressively as Lorelai, Rory and he got into the car.

"It was your best tie, honey." Lorelai said sympathetically.

"Don't worry, Luke," Rory said with a reassuring smile, "my grandpa loved you."

"Emily doesn't like anyone." Lorelai said. "She tolerates people."

"Hey, she likes me." Rory defended jokingly.

"What time is your flight tomorrow, Ror?" Lorelai asked.

"It actually leaves in 6 hours."

"What's that a 4:30 flight?"

Rory got off of the plane at 3:15 pm, London time. She wasn't as tired as she thought she would be since she slept on the plane. She got into the car that Logan had sent to pick her up and was boiling over with excitement to see Logan again.

Logan was there to greet her at the door.

"Ace!" He exclaimed and hug her tight as she got out of the car in front of his building.

"I miss you, so much." Rory breathed into his neck, still held tight in his embrace. They eventually made it into his apartment after a lengthy greet outside.

"So…" Rory said, while they were sitting on his bed, looking very cosy. "How are things…"

"Well," Logan started

"…with Finn and Charlie." Rory said quickly with a sly smile.

"Rory," Logan said with a smirk, "I thought the separation would have made you obsession disappear."

"Distance makes the heart grow fonder." Rory said. Logan grinned coyly and pulled Rory closer to him.

"Really?" Logan replied, stroking Rory's hair. "You've been away from me for a while too."

"Hmm, yes I have." Rory said kissing him on the neck. "I'm very fond of you right now, indeed." Logan pulled Rory even closer to him and kissed her. And then he started to undress her, and she him. They were both in their underwear when a very loud and obnoxious knock was heard.

"Expecting company?" Rory asked, breathing a bit heavily. She was currently straddling him on his bed.

"Damn it." Logan breathed. Rory stood up and they both laughed as they quickly put on some clothes and Logan went to answer the door. Outside was a very night-after-the-bachelor-party looking Finn.

"Finn?" Logan asked a bit worried. Finn walked slowly and begrudgingly into the apartment. Rory looked up surprised at his disheveled appearance. He was wearing a nice shirt and pants and shoes and a tie. But everything was disheveled (especially is hair) as if he got ready in 2 minutes, including shower.

"Finn, what happened?" Rory asked getting up and helping him down to sit.

"Charlie." He muttered.

"I find it hard to believe, Charlie is responsible for all of this." Rory replied.

"No," Logan clarified, "he cheated on Charlie and he's probably feeling guilty about it."

"You cheated on Charlie?" Rory said incredulously.

"Well, we weren't exclusively together." Finn defended pitifully. Logan and Rory simultaneously rolled their eyes.

"And where's Charlie now?" Rory asked. She was probably crushed, Rory wanted to comfort her somehow.

"Probably at home."

"I'm going to go see her."

"You can't." Logan jumped in. "Remember, Huntzberger thanksgiving is moved to today."

"Wait, you expect me to go?" Rory said extremely surprised.

"Yeah, Ace." Logan said in an obvious tone.

"I don't know if I can handle that."

"Come on, my family's going to have to get used to you at sometime."

"Yeah…" Rory said weakly… thanksgiving at the Huntzberger's was not something she was looking forward to.

"And Charlie is going to be there anyway."

"I have a question, Finn." Rory said, desperately wanting to change the subject.


"Do you want her back?" Logan interjected seriously. Finn was silent for a moment.

"Of course I do."

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