"Do you think they've finished the book yet?"

Kal shrugged and twirled his violin bow between his fingers. "Probably—they have nothing else to do other than read, I guess. Sad thing is, they don't mind it."

Allie tried to stifle her laugh and compromised with choking on her tea. "T-that's not nice!" She wiped off her chin and set the cup down; it was half-empty, anyways. "What I was meaning to ask was, how upset are they going to be that we left out a year?"

"It's not like it's interesting." Tapping the bow against the table, he levitated the teapot towards himself and made it fill his cup. "They know a bit of it—what would be the point? Myself, I thought it would be boring to write all that in."

"Were too lazy to, I think you mean."

"Maybe I just didn't want you going through my memories for that."

"Embarrassment? From you?" She eyed her cup. "Did I slip something into the tea?"

"Other than the usual putrid herbs? No, I doubt it." Despite his comment, he finished his cup. "As for the two bookworms, they can figure the rest out for themselves. And, when we go there, you get to help Elizabeth with her magic."

"Why not you?"

"'Cause I don't want to, Princess. Besides, you could gossip together about flowers and sunshine or whatever it is that goes through your fluff-brained head." Kal stood and crossed the table. "I'm going to 'fiddle' a bit. Pun intended."

"Ha ha. So kind of you, leaving me to do the dishes."

"Your turn anyway, Princess." He let his hand pass over her head when he passed her, messing it up considerably.

He heard her sigh dramatically and push her chair back. "Fine. But you, Kalendrakk Raee, will be making breakfast."

"Human hearts and liver it is, then."

He closed the bedroom door behind him and unconsciously felt his hand—the one he'd mussed her hair with—with his other. It was odd, not being burnt anymore…but he wasn't complaining.

Kal lost track of time, as he usually did, and when he looked at the clock, three hours had passed and his hands were cramped. He set the violin away and cracked his neck and spine.

On the windowsill, Death blinked at him. I've never heard that song before.

"You wouldn't have—I've only been working on it in my head."

It's…different from what you usually play.

"If you mean it's not the genre I use to lure innocent humans to their death for the fun of it, then I guess it is. Why don't you mind your own business though, eh, you flea-bitten crow?"

Good-night to you too, Kal.

He shoved the violin under his bed and then left the bedroom.

Allie was already asleep—had been for a while, most likely—when he closed the door behind him. She turned over once when he lay down next to her, and they stayed like that for the rest of the night, Kal's hand resting on hers.

And for once, she didn't snore.

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