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Benson Residence
July 24th Olivia sat on her couch thinking about Elliot just as she had done since the first night he'd kissed her. She looked down at her couch and remembered the first time they had made love there. How he was so in tune with her body and all of her needs. It was as if had been making love to her all of his life and it was just second nature to him. She remembered all of the good times she had spent with him and how much she loved him.She was waiting for him to arrive so that she could explain to him the decision she had made. She hoped that he would accept it and understand the reasons why she had made such a decision so that they could move on with their lives. She heard a knock at the door and rose up to answer the door. When she opened it Elliot was there in some jeans and fitted black t-shirt that clung perfectly his broad chest and highlighted his hard muscles, and a jeans jacket. . She on the other hand was still in her work clothes, but had un-tucked her button down shirt. He stood firmly in the threshold of her doorway."Hi," she said."Hi," he grumbled back."Come in. Do you want something to drink?""No. You said you wanted to talk," he replied, not moving an inch. He had tried to be patient with her, but he was staring to become fed up with her constant indecision. He continued to wait patiently for her, because he loved her, and he knew more than anything else in the world, that she was worth it.She sat down on the couch and waited, wondering whether or not he was going to come in. Whether or not he was ready and willing to accept the decision she had made. Finally he stepped in, closing the door behind him. He pulled off his jacket then sat down quietly beside her and waited for her to speak."I've been thinking," she began."I know that," he said a bit more forcefully than he had meant to.She ignored his comment and continued. "I've been thinking and I'm sorry for making you wait.""Nice to know," he snorted."I've come to a decision.""I'm glad that you managed to take time out of your busy day," he replied sarcastically "to make a decision while I sit around here on my ass waiting for you to make a decision that could possibly affect the rest of my life.""Elliot, what the hell is wrong with you? Why are you acting like this?""Because you have been taking your honey-sweet time making this decision, knowing what it's doing to me." "There's a lot you don't know about me and this is a really big decision for me." "What's so big about it? You know me; you know I wouldn't hurt you. I thought you understood that.""I do. It's just… more than that for me.""Nice to know you trust me." "Elliot, you're being a jackass." She stood abruptly and stormed over towards her bedroom."Wait? Where are you going? Why are you walking away from me?" He asked standing and following her. "You asked me here." He got to her door just as she slammed it in his face. He sighed in frustration and rested his forehead on the doorframe. He calmed himself down and then opened the door to find her sitting on her bed, hunched over. Her elbows were rested on her thighs as she held her face in her hands. He walked over and once again sat down beside her."You asked me to come here so that we could talk, you shouldn't be walking away from me.""Well I am because I'm trying to pour my heart out to you and you're acting like an ass." "I'm sorry.""And if this is the way you plan on being I'm not sure if I still want to be with you anymore.""Any more? You want to be with me?""Yes, but…""But what?""I'm still scared.""But?" he asked hoping there was more.She smiled. "But I trust you. I trust you to take care of me and not hurt me, and I was hoping that we could work on those flaws together. I trust you to love me. But, can you do that? Despite all my flaws?""Yes. I'll always love you. I love you so much it hurts and don't think that I could ever stop loving you. And as far as I'm concerned you have no flaws. Look at you you're beautiful, you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. You have soft, smooth skin," he said rubbing his hand over hers. "A perfect body. Beautiful hair." He said running his fingers through her silky chestnut locks. He looked deep into her eyes and cupped her face and she placed her hand over his. "And big beautiful brown eyes that I can't seem to help getting lost in. You have nothing to worry about when it comes to me. I'll never hurt you and I'll always protect you.""I know, but please. Don't let me regret this.""I won't.""Good. Then can you kiss me now?" She asked with a big smiled on he face."Gladly."He smiled before leaning over and kissed her gently searching for any hesitance. When he found none he leaned in more and kissed her with even more force cupping the back of her head and holding her head to him. She used her hand to caress his face and slid her tongue into his mouth as she kissed him with all the passion and love she had been storing for him in her heart. He leaned her back onto the bed, slowly undoing the buttons of her shirt as he went. He pushed the shirt down off of her shoulders and pulled it off of her body before tossing it on the floor. He then began focusing on her bra. He pulled the straps down leaving small chaste kisses on her shoulder in its place. He reached behind her and unhooked her bra then pulled it away from her body. After he tossed it on the floor she slid her hands underneath his shirt and he breathed out a long shaky breath, loving the feeling of having her hands on him again. She raised his shirt up and he pulled back enough to allow her to pull it off of him, wanting to feel his skin on hers. It had been too long since she last felt him so close to her. Once the shirt was gone he attached his lips to her breast and began to suck on it. She moaned and arched into him, yearning for more contact. He moved back up and covered her mouth with his. He moved down from her lips and trailing his kisses down her neck then sliding his tongue all the way back up to her ear lobe stopping to nibble on it before moving back down to kiss and suck on that part of her neck that he knew drove her wild while his fingers inched their way down to her jeans. He unbuttoned them and slid the zipper down before putting his hand down her panties and inserting his fingers into her. He went back to kissing her lips while moving his fingers in and out of her. She could barely mange kissing as his fingers worked on her. She constantly broke the kiss to gasp for air, which only turned him on more.He felt her clamp down on him and she screamed his name as she came. Elliot gave her a minute to recompose herself. Once she had, she pushed him over on his back. She sat straddling him and bent down to kiss him. She nibbled and sucked on his lips then kissed down his chest and stopped right above his belt. She undid his belt painfully slow then unbuttoned his pants and used her teeth to unzip his zipper, all while gazing up at him as she moved it down inch by inch. He smiled down at her loving how sexy she was being. She slowly pulled down his pants taking his shoes and socks off with them as she flung them to the floor. She moved back up and removed his last article of clothing. Once she had gotten rid them she moved back up his body and took him into her mouth. As she sucked on him he felt himself beginning to loose control and stopped her. Her pulled her up to lay with him then rolled her over to lay on her back. He then took his time placing kisses down her body. He pulled off her underwear then stopped at her stomach, the place where their child had once laid. Then looked over at the scar not too far from her belly button, and was suddenly reminded at how close he had come to losing her, of how she had almost died in his arms. He knew that it would take a long time to get that image out of her head. She saw the far away distant look on his face and reached for him. "C'mere." She said. He went willingly to her and she spread her legs to accommodate him. He kissed the corner of her mouth then whispered in her ear. "You sure, Liv?"She cupped the side of his face and responded. "I'll always be sure with you." He kissed her sweetly before he slowly guided himself into her, but it wasn't enough. He wanted to be deeper inside of her. He lifted one of her legs and she moaned as he slid farther inside of her and then began to move. As he moved back and forth the bed shook from his exertion. She arched her hips up to meet his matching, his movements with those of her own as they traded passionate kisses. As he continued to thrust into her he bean to feel something special. She felt it too, but neither of them could tell what it was, but they both knew that it was something. Elliot reached for her hand and she gave it to him willingly. They linked fingers and he felt her squeeze it as he began to move harder within her. They continued to trade soft kisses as he made love to her with all the pent up energy and love he had been storing for her from the past few weeks. Elliot felt the beginnings of her climax as he felt her clamp down on him and he began to thrust into her harder and faster. He dipped his head to kiss her neck and she watched as his muscles moved and flexed on top of her.
"Eliot!" she screamed, as her body shook uncontrollably beneath him. This caused him to come with her, whispering her name in her ear. Olivia lay nearly paralyzed from her intense orgasm and felt him fill her with his hot, steamy liquid. Elliot pulled away the small strands of hair that stuck to her face as she lay beneath him, panting along with him. Elliot looked deep into Olivia's chocolate brown eyes and saw all the love he had and felt for her reflected back at him. He gave her one last kiss before pulling out and lying down beside her. They both climbed underneath the covers and she wrapped her arms around him and rested her head on his chest. He pulled her close and they laid quietly, completely satisfied and happy. Elliot grinned. He finally had her and was never going to let her go. He thought about what they had just done and how right and special it felt. He tried to figure out what it was that made it feel so special, but only managed to come to the decision that was her, but she knew better. She knew that it was the fact that their partnership had been reaffirmed. She looked up at him when she felt him bulging up against her."Ready for round two?" he asked.

At her answering smile he climbed back on top of her. They made love to each other without a care in the world, only thinking about how good it felt to be back in each other's arms and surrounded by love.

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