Title: Control -- 1
Rating: PG
Spoilers: volumes 7 and 8
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Summary: Doumeki confessed to Watanuki and Watanuki said that he will not return his feelings. What Doumeki doesn't know is that Watanuki is running.


It was during lunch on a Tuesday afternoon when Doumeki had told Watanuki to wait for him after school.

"Why should I wait for you when I can finally have a chance to walk home with Hiwamari-chan?" Watanuki had said before he started spouting off praises to Hiwamari who wasn't even there to receive them. But since something had come up, once again, Hiwamari wouldn't be able to make it... once again. Thus, leaving Watanuki little to no choice when Doumeki had rounded the corner and started heading his way not long after Hiwamari had left for whatever it was that she couldn't miss.

"I hope you don't think I was waiting for you!" Watanuki had yelled, "Hiwamari-chan just left when you appeared!"

They had walked in silence since then. Well, silence being Watanuki half-stomping and muttering under his breath while following Doumeki to where he was heading.

Now, sitting in a cafe with a cup of tea Watanuki could feel cooling slowly in his tense grip, he could see his wide eyed expression reflecting off of the liquids smooth surface. Taking a deep breath, he tried to calm his nerves.

He had thought that might have been a reason. One of the many reasons Watanuki had tried to come up with as to why Doumeki would risk his life on an almost daily if not weekly basis. But he had tried to deny it. He had tried come up with other reasons, but the longer he thought about it, they didn't make sense anymore. Then he'd convince himself that the original reason didn't make sense to begin with and leave everything at that.

Everything that Doumeki just said didn't make sense at all. But it also made everything much more clear.

Looking up from his cup still clenched in his hands, his eyes caught Doumeki's before he quickly averted his gaze to the window and the people passing by, unable to hold up to such a raw emotion.

"You knew?" Doumeki asked moments later. Watanuki turned to face him and brought his cup to his lips, closing his eyes as if to savor the taste.

"I didn't know. I just had a feeling. But I had tried to convince myself that I was wrong." He said, after sitting the cup back on the table. Bringing a hand up, he covered his right eye and stared at the table, eyes out of focus. "Yuuko had said you would have had to care for me a lot to have given me half of your eye's sight. I just don't understand."

"Do you need help to understand?"

Doumeki made it sound like he was asking about a simple math problem, but Watanuki could tell he was offering more. Doumeki's countless offerings of help made Watanuki worry. It made him worry that Doumeki was getting to close to him. He was worried that Doumeki would get hurt and he didn't deserve to be hurt.

The more that Doumeki would offer help or something as equally important, the more he felt the need to run.

Watanuki glared. "No. I don't."

They were both quiet for a while longer, every once in awhile Watanuki would take another drink of his tea before looking out the window again. The silence was suffocating. Doumeki broke the silence with another question,

"Your answer?"

Watanuki's hands gripped his now empty cup of tea. He was hesitant in his reply and Doumeki noticed. Watanuki tilted his head so his bangs covered his eyes to hide the longing he knew would be there. The unbearable silence from before returned, but seemed even more thick and suffocating than before. "I'm sorry." Watanuki said, standing from his chair. He dug his hands into his pocket and pulled out the money to pay for his tea, leaving it on the table. "I will not return your feelings." Turning, he left the store. He left Doumeki.

He ran.


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