Title: Control -- 06
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Up to vol. 8
Summary: Doumeki confessed to Watanuki, but he said that he will not return his feelings. What Doumeki doesn't know is that Watanuki is running.

AN: I hit a block at the end of chapter 5...which is why this took so long. --;


Watanuki was cold and hot at the same time. With that in mind, he pried his eyes open, only to find himself staring at his bathroom ceiling. He thought back to how he had ended up in the bathroom. The last thing he remembered was dragging himself out of the bathroom, taking off the jacket to his uniform, unbuttoning a couple buttons so he could breathe, crawling into his futon and trying to fall asleep. He vaguely remembered jerking awake and stumbling his way to his bathroom to try and prevent dirtying his floor with whatever might have been left in his stomach. Only after the dry heaves had passed, he had laid back down on the tiles and promptly past out.

Still feeling weak, he sat up and his head spun. Fighting another wave of nausea, he used the wall for support as he made his way into the living room. Glancing at the clock, he realized that he already missed two of his morning classes. Sighing in defeat, he dropped himself onto the old couch and tried to fight the blackness that was fighting to take over his vision. Even though he fought the darkness, he could feel his brain shutting down his senses. Everything suddenly too quiet and everything suddenly disconnected from himself.

Even though he fought his bodies defenses, he didn't even last a minute before everything was black.


Doumeki paused his sweeping and turned towards the entrance of the temple. There Yuuko stood in another of her tight fitting and quite revealing outfits.

"Doumeki-kun!" Yuuko yelled, waving her arm wildly in the air as if they were in a crowded street and that was the only way for Doumeki to find her. Doumeki leaned his broom against one of the trees and put his hands in his sleeves, meeting Yuuko half way down the path that lead into the temple.

"Is there something you need?" Doumeki asked, keeping an even tone and his face expressionless.

"My, my." Yuuko laughed, "Right to the point? No small chit-chat or an offer of sake?" From Doumeki's blank stare, she continued, "Well, it's not really something I need...more like something you need, maybe?" A small, yet sympathetic smile graced her seemingly timeless features. From his silence, she turned and watched as the wind played with the leaves of the tree that wasn't too far in front of them and started on her reason for being there.

"He has lost too many people close to him to be comfortable with anyone else getting close." Doumeki didn't have to guess who she was talking about. "But even if he tried to avoid all possible human contact, it's not possible to live and not have a connection with anyone. Everyone is connected to someone through hitsuzen."

She turned back towards him, her smile gone. "He is connected to many people already, but has yet to fully realize just how many people are affected by his choices. As you may have noticed." She looked directly into his right eye to prove her point.

Her mood did a complete turn and a huge smile broke onto her face. "One of your grandfathers books will be enough. Knowledge for knowledge, after all." Yuuko said as she started to head towards the small library that held all of Doumeki's grandfathers books, Doumeki not far behind. Once she entered, she walked over to one of the shelf's, and seemed to randomly pull out a thick green book with gold lettering down the spine.

Doumeki nodded and watched as she started to head for the door and then suddenly tossing something behind her. Catching the small object, he looked and found it to be a small bottle of anti-nausea pills. "A friend at a drug store I visit often gave that to me. I don't have any need for it, so you keep it for now. Also, you might want to pay him a quick visit." Nodding again, he pocketed the small bottle.

She paused for a minute in the doorway before looking over her shoulder. "Analyze what he said that day, Doumeki, and take into consideration his actions since then. I'm sure you'll find something very intriguing." Doumeki saw a small smirk appear on her lips before the door closed behind her.


A loud knocking on his door woke him, though once his sleep deprived mind realized what and where the loud noise was coming from, he promptly turned over on the couch and fell back asleep, ignoring anything he heard after that. Though, what little extra sleep he got in that couple minutes that only felt like seconds, was interrupted when he felt a presence come near him.

He realized he should be more afraid. Someone had entered his apartment and here he was defenseless, laying on the couch. As panic started to slowly enter his senses, he tensed and squeezed his eyes shut, fighting to stay conscience long enough for whoever had entered to grab whatever they wanted and leave.


Then he felt a hand on his forehead. Gasping, his eyes snapped open and he whipped his head around only to come almost face to face with Doumeki who was kneeling by the couch.

Relief and annoyance filled him all at once. With what little energy he could muster, he pushed Doumeki's hand away and turned his head back into the couch.

"Go 'way."

"You should drink something, you're burning up."

Watanuki groaned but didn't move. Doumeki stood and walked towards the end of the couch. Grabbing Watanuki's wrist, he tried to pull the limp body up into a sitting position. Succeeding in sitting Watanuki up only lasted for a couple seconds before he fell back down on the couch and started mumbling about being fine where he currently was.

Sighing, Doumeki bent over and scooped the boy up bridal style before he started heading for the bedroom. After covering him up with his comforter, he quickly left to get a glass of water.

When he returned, he lifted Watanuki up and sat behind him, letting him rest against his chest. Lifting the glass of water to Watanuki's lips, he gently coaxed him into drinking almost half the glass. After setting Watanuki back down, Doumeki turned and sat the glass down next to the bed. Once he turned back around, Watanuki was sound asleep.

Quickly, left the room only to return with a bowl of cool water and a washcloth. Ringing out the cloth, Doumeki placed it on Watanuki's forehead before he leaned back against the wall nearest to the futon. Sighing, he rested his head against the wall and closed his eyes.

He hadn't really been expecting to spend the night, but he couldn't just leave Watanuki when he was in this condition.

He thought back to what Yuuko had said about Watanuki and his behavior.

He hadn't seemed to be eating much the past two days and he supposed he didn't eat much if anything at all today. But on that day when he had confessed his feelings for the bespectacled boy seemed to have been the start of everything turning into a jumbled mess. If he thought about the day, he felt he could describe everything the boy had done during their short stay at the cafe, but the small details were thrown out of his mind if he tried to remember them. He had been more focused on what was being said and not the actions and signals that were being thrown his direction.

But his final words?

"I will not return your feelings."

So concentrated he was on the negative that he didn't notice the complete wording of the actual sentence.

Wouldn't it make more sense to say, "can not"? That is what people usually say when faced with having to reject someone. Given, Watanuki isn't a normal person, but it didn't matter. He could have also said, "will not be able".

When Doumeki thought back to the spider incident, it all started to make sense. But combine everything with what Yuuko had said to him that late afternoon, and he had his answer.


It was around two in the morning when Yuuko decided to burst into Watanuki's small apartment talking to Mokona and startle Doumeki from his light slumbering from place against the wall in Watanuki's room.

Sighing, Doumeki checked to make sure Watanuki was still sleeping before getting up and leaving the dark room.

"Ah! Doumeki, how are you this fine night?"

"Hn." He watched as Mokona started to bounce around.

"Well anyways," Yuuko started and paused when they both heard stumbling and the bathroom door slam shut, causing Doumeki to look over his shoulder. "I think it's time that Watanuki takes some medicine and takes a bath."

Doumeki turned from her and started to head for the bathroom. Once he reached the bathroom door, he could hear Watanuki on the other side coughing and breathing heavily. Opening the door slowly, he took in the sight before him. Watanuki was kneeling in front of the toilet with tears streaming down his cheeks and coughing, his stomach trying to eject anything that could be in there.

Kneeling down beside him, he started to rub soothing circles on his back. He had started to calm down after a few long minutes when he suddenly tensed and turned to face him, eyes wild in panic. Standing as fast as he could, he tried to push Doumeki out of his way to the door.

"O-oi!" Doumeki cried before landing on his rear and turning to try and catch him.

Watanuki made it out the bathroom door but he stumbled down the hallway towards the living room, Doumeki not far behind him. Circling his arms around Watanuki so he pinned his arms against himself, he tried to calm him down.

"NO! GET AWAY FROM ME!" He cried horsely, struggling against his restraint, jumping and pulling and twisting.


Watanuki's head shot up and came almost face to face with Yuuko. It was like all of his panicked energy was drained from him.

"Y-Yuuko-san." He whined, throat raw. "P-please! Yuuko-san!"

He tried to struggle again, tears raining down. She smiled kindly before reaching out and caressing his cheek. Slowly, his energy left was leaving him and he couldn't stand any more as his legs collapsed under him. Doumeki slowly lowered themselves to the floor as Watanuki started to try and curl in on himself whimpering.

"Yuuko-san...please..." He choked out shaking, "Stop him..." Squeezing his eyes shut, a new set of tears fell. "He'll die... he'll die..."

Yuuko didn't move, Watanuki's quiet pleas continued, and Doumeki never let go.


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