This is a poem I wrote on the day my granddad died. He was a very good age and he died knowing Jesus. I was so upset but I couldn't cry, that's why I wrote this poem. As soon as I had finshed I completely sobbed my heart out. This poem was read at his funeral which I couldn't go to because he died in England and I live in New Zealand and we couldn't afford the tickets. I'd like it if you could tell me what you think.


I cannot weep.

Though my eyes burn,

With tears unshed,

They will not fall.

The page unstained,

By seas of sorrow,

Is a tribute,

To your love.

All I know,

Is you're not here,

Standing beside me,

And my tears will not fall.

You are gone,

And have stolen my tears.

Goodbye Granddad from your only grand daughter. I miss you.