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Sunlight starts to slowly pour through the cracks of the curtains, revealing a sleeping figure in the bed. Alarm clocks lined up against the walls of the room. There were 20…maybe thirty of them in all. What kind of person would have this many…

Brring! Brring! One of the alarms went off. However, the figure remained deep in slumber as it continued its noisy ringing.

Ding Ding! Another alarm went off.

Waka waka waka waka! And soon, a whole chorus of alarm clocks began ringing. And oddly enough, it almost sounded like music.

"Uhhh…" A heavenly voice moaned slowly. She slowly fluttered her amber eyes and got up. She rubbed her eyes sleepily and covered her mouth as she yawned. She pressed a button behind her and the ceilings opened, revealing anvils that dropped on the clocks. They fell down like a rock and crushed all the clocks, making a huge boom in the process.

That completely woke up the sleeping beauty. She got off her bed and stretched her arms wide. She moved towards the curtains and opens them, letting all of the sunlight in and revealing the girl herself.

She was about medium height...between five feet and six feet. Her pink, silky short hair danced around as she twirled around and smiled happily.


Hello! Nice to meet you! My name is MOMO Mizrahi and I am sixteen years old! But before I go on any further, don't mind the name! My mom was a bit…drunk when she named me but I like the name very much since it means peach blossom! Anyways, you must be wondering why I have so many alarm clocks, right?

Well, I have a really hard time waking up so I have my dad make alarm clocks for me. Since he is a skilled designer and the president of a toy company, he makes a lot of them just for me! This time, I only needed 37 of them to wake me up in 9 minutes! I should probably ask him to make some more so that I can wake up a little faster…

I need to go get dressed and brush my teeth now…so if you don't mind, you mind waiting at the kitchen for me? I know you want to follow me around, but this is private time, okay?

Breakfast…a couple of minutes later…

Thanks for waiting for me! I quickly went to sit at my seat for breakfast as my mom made waffles. I love waffles. Don't you? After a couple more minutes and me making animals with my hands, my mom served the food.

"Enjoy your meal, honey! Wouldn't want you to be late to your first day of school!" She said cheerily.

I delicately ate my pancakes and said, "Thanks a bunch, mommy!"

"Yes, you must be well nutritioned in order for you to excel at school!" A mechanical voice said.

I looked across the table and there stood a perfect replica of my dad. Let me explain the whole replica thing…he's always at work all the time and so I got sad since I never get to see him as often as I did before. So in order to solve the problem, he made a doll of himself that acted like him so that I could see him all the time. As much as I liked the doll, I really wanted to see the real him…

But, this isn't the time to be depressed MOMO! I mentally gave myself a light slap to the cheeks and finished breakfast. I put my dishes in the sink and grabbed my book bag.

"See you later, mommy!" I rushed out the door and gave a wave as soon as I reached the sidewalk.

She waved back to me and smiled. And now…for school!

Before school…

I met up with a couple of friends and we were currently walking towards our school. Let me introduce you to them. First, we have Shion Uzuki! She's been one of my longest friends even if she is one grade higher than me. She's really smart and acts as our school librarian all the time since we lost one due to one of my friend's pranks. I think it involved a pie that looked like a book and a spider in it…that's what I had heard. She helps me out a lot in the classes I struggle in and that's why I like her a lot. She's really nice and helpful.

Next, we have Miyuki Itsumi. She's also in the same grade as Shion and I just recently met her at one of Shion's get-togethers. She loves to match people up because it just bothers her how some people can be blind to love. That's what she told me anyways. She's always concocting devious plans to get people together. I try to stay out of it but I always end up having to apologize to the pair for her matchmaking failure behaviors. Luckily, she hasn't done it with me yet. I guess I don't really have a significant…

Never mind that! And the last member of our group is a boy named chaos! I don't really know much about him…he is kind of cute but I don't think he's the one for me. I'm not into fashion like he is…and most of the stuff he talks about is a little…out there. He is a real gentleman when he wants to be and is always there to help people out…with issues on clothes.

Before we reached the doors, we waited by the statue of our principal awaiting for one of our more infamous students who goes by the name of Canaan. And right on cue at 8:00 on the dot, he burst out of the school doors without any clothes on. His orange hair and his…delicate part…wiggled freely as he ran down the stairs, trying to avoid the teachers who were after him. I prayed that Canaan would not be expelled if he were caught. But personally, I think the teachers enjoyed chasing him…

"Refuse the system! Save the environment! Reduce, reuse, recycle!" He yelled as he ran past us and onto the street. Normally, most cars would get into a wreck when something wild like that happened…but they were waiting patiently for him to cross the sidewalk. Everyone who goes to Xenosaga High knows that Canaan works like clockwork. This was his first appearance in his glory…there were still two more to go.

"I wonder if he ever gets tired of doing that?" Miyuki wonders.

Shion puts her hand on her forehead and shakes her head. "Well, the way he did all the time last year means he's still on fire."

"That boy just has no fashion at all! No clothes? You have to have clothes! I mean I can already think of several different ways of dressing him which would make him look good as he runs. I've actually tried talking to him about it after school once."

"What happened?" I asked.

"Well, he turned me down and said if he had clothes on, it would disrupt the natural balance. He keeps muttering something about Adam and Eve being naked or something…"

"Yeah, it was in the book of Genesis." Shion says, pondering about something. "When Adam and Eve were born, they were created naked. Back before they ate the apple, they were always naked."

"What? NO clothes? I would die if it were still like that…"

Miyuki sighs. "You would die if something life-changing happened to clothes like them disappearing…besides, it's not going to happen…"

"You never know. Fashion these days is just going downhill." chaos grumbles. "Like celebrities wearing skimpy outfits…"

"Well, that's why you're becoming a fashion designer when you grow up, right?" I asked. "To change the fashion world forever."

"Oh yes. I will be just like Barbie!"

"Um…" Shion starts to say something. "Never mind. Let's just get going."

When we entered the school, we all said our goodbyes and went towards our separate lockers. I headed towards my locker and said hi to some people I knew as I did. I started to turn the dial for my lock. As I reached the third number, I quickly darted to the side while opening it. A balloon was flung out of my locker and splattered against the wall. It slowly slid down and stunk up the entire hallway. People were throwing up and running away from the nasty stench and I must admit, it really was smelly…and disgusting…it looked like cow poop.

I sighed. "That Tony…he never knows when to give up. At least he didn't get me." I slowly peeked inside my locker again and found it to be safe. I quickly got rid of the catapult thing in my locker and got my books for first period. I closed it and watched as the janitor came to clean up the mess.

"My door! My beloved Segment Door!" Mr. Swaine cried. He was the janitor around school. He painted all the doors red and called them Segment Doors for some reason. They all had numbers on them and he referred to the rooms by Segment Door number whatever when there was a spill. Let me explain…let's say there was a mess at one of the classes…room number…162. He quickly grabs his cleaning supplies and starts yelling, "Segment Door #13 is in trouble!" and then quickly goes to clean it. When his sister is here, it's just worse. Double trouble.

I mean, I guess it's kind of cool to have a hobby like that, but I just don't think I would admire it. I don't hate it or anything…it's just a bit odd. Anyways, I should probably let the man do his job and get going to class.

First Period: Math…Algebra II

I sat in my seat and waited for the bell to ring. I felt someone tap me from behind.

"Hey MOMO. Like my surprise?" A voice whispered.

I shook my head no. "That was mean Tony! I could've smelled like poop if I didn't know you any better!"

"I know. I planned it all out. I wanted to see the Janitor Swaine squeal like a girl when he heard one of his beloved "Segment Doors" was desecrated. I mean…they're just doors! Plus, I enjoyed watching some people throwing up. They were quite colorful."

"You're so mean! Using people's weaknesses… and your parents' business with farming to your advantage!"

"You shouldn't worry about it…he needs something to do anyways…and some students will do anything to get out of school."

I was about to say some more things but the bell rang. I quickly turned to the front of the room and watched as my teacher came in. Let me tell you a little bit about him.

His name is Mr. Sellers. He uses a flying wheelchair thingie to move around. He broke his legs due to one of the pranks that Tony pulled in which he got suspended for a couple of weeks. I believe it involved some chalk, Swaine, and a mess. I'm just glad he wasn't expelled. I know he's annoying, but it's fun when he's around. I don't like him or anything…he just brings smiles on everyone's faces that makes me smile too. Not that I like watching people get hurt.

"Alright, everyone! Welcome back to school but don't think you're going to get off easy just because it's your first day!"

All the students including me in the classroom groaned. I had heard this guy was unforgiving and didn't like kids very much. He loved dishing out the homework so he could write Fs on all our homework. But I don't think he's that bad of a guy. He's a harsh teacher but I heard he could teach.

"Alright…Ridge Allens…you're up first. Come grab a book and the rest of you follow his lead." Everyone before me went in line to grab their books while the rest of us chatted quietly about Sellers.

When it was my turn, I got up and grabbed my book. As I was turning around, I saw something rolling towards me at the corner of my eye. I paid no attention to it and continued walking. But as soon as I started to take my next step, I slipped on something and threw my book backwards.

Everyone gasped and a couple of seconds later along with some crashes… people were laughing at what just happened.

I slowly turned around and saw a huge pile of books on Mr. Sellers. "Mr. Sellers! I'm so sorry!" I rushed over to remove the big pile of giant math books that was currently crushing my math teacher to a pulp. I saw Tony and his buddy and partner-in-crime, Hammer, giving each other a high five. I saw Hammer with his control device and I shot Tony an evil look before I helped Mr. Sellers get back on his seat.

After he situated himself on his wheelchair, he shot me an evil, disgusted look. "What the hell were you thinking, girl? Were you trying to kill me or something? That's it! You're being sent to the counselor's office!"

Everyone gasps. It can't be! I can't be in trouble on my first day!


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