Darkness Reign

As to say what they where is top secret then again the secret is widely known, or was known. I am one of the surviving few or living. This is a gruesome story and one of the few any of you will hear. This is the only story left to tell and I will tell it. I am Thomas.

I was occupied in the game of love with a girl named Serene. We met at a bar and were love struck. We had gotten married five days later and a week later we found out she was pregnant. A half a year later I had a son named Reed. But this love was not meant to last seven years later we had a divorce and the judge thought it would be in everybody's best interest if Reed would stay with his mom. She got remarried a year later after the divorce it's been five years since then. My son is now twelve and I get to hear his voice every weekend. My divorced wife lives in New York,New York, and I Minneapolis,Minnesota.

They called it a solution, I called it a world ender. Gas was running out and the Iraqi war was supposedly ending but the president had another idea. He had one last weapon it was Biological. It was supposed to cause the body to automatically shutdown and decompose what the president didn't know that it worked but the body didn't shutdown. It was very much alive but it ate flesh not regular food. The first zombie nation was obvously Iraq. Then other nations surronding it fell the entire eastern side of the world fell to these zombies. This is where I will start my story when they first came here This is when the world fell.