Chapter 2: The Long Road Ahead

As the world fell into chaos I found it became increasingly odd that my son had not visited me for about a month or two. That's when I saw it. New York was done for a local news chopper was hovering above the city and what I saw was horrific. New York was in total chaos though in ruins and my only thought was Reed.

I quickly rushed to the car and then my neighbor stopped me and asked " Where you going neighbor?" I responded " To New York." " That's suicidal why are you going there?" he responded. "I'm going to save my son." He paused for a second and said "I'll help, I have a son up there too. I'll go and grab my hunting rifle then we can go." he said. "Sure." I said.

We headed off to New York. Going through the toll booth to pass on over to Wisconsin we saw a large crowd of zombies. "We can't go through all of them." I said. That's when Jim my neighbor and partner grabbed out his hunting rifle and shot twelve zombies in the head before I even saw them. He said " We used to play a game in college when we found a live deer on the road. We would blind it with the headlights and someone would try and shoot the deer before we ran it over. I won a lot of meat doing that."

As we passed Milwaukee we couldn't help but notice that a few survivors wanted help they would yell and alert zombies of us. One incident in Racine still haunts me to this day. We were passing by a Target and this one sweet innocent child reached out to us only to be grabbed back by her zombie mother, thrown to the ground and devoured by the twisted souls that were once her loving and caring parents. We heard her screams and that gave us only more determination to find our sons and bring them back into our safe arms.