Most girls spend their lives either chasing after someone that they just can't have or not knowing that the person they need is right in front of them. They dream about their weddings and who the man will be standing next to them. It's always that way for little girls. They love just dreaming of it. The whole art of it. Planning a wedding and planning their lives is the most important thing in a girls life. In the summer of 63 Baby Houseman had that chance to find her one true love. Had the chance to make a life with the man she loved. Except the timing was off. She loved him more than anything in this entire world. But fate and other forces would keep them away from each other. She went on to Mount Holyoke and made a new life for herself. She was happy in her career and content with everything that life had given to her. The only thing she never managed to do was get into another relationship. Her heart belonged to one man. Just like it did all those years ago. The only person she could ever fully give her heart to was Johnny.

Summer of 1985: 22 years later

Twenty-two years had past since she last seen him. Last got to talk to him and tell him how she felt. It was the night of the Kellermans show, a night that she would never forget. There was so much about the summer. So much that changed her. She came into the place looking at the world through rose color glasses. Like no matter what happeneds he could change the world. By the end of the Summer she knew some much different. Being with him changed her too. And she knew that she changed him. She loved the way he spoke to her. The way he made her feel. No one had ever gotten into the depths of her soul like he did. She knew that things couldn't be what she wanted them to be. Her father hated him and they just didn't work well. But she would have done anything to change her families mind. Done anything to make them realize that Johnny's wasn't the person they so longed to believe he was, especially her dad.

Baby sat at the red light honking the horn. She couldn't understand why the traffic was so bad. It was 2 in the afternoon on a Monday. It wasn't rush hour and yet the traffic was terrible. She was already 10 minutes late for the meeting and couldn't call again to tell them she was still stuck in traffic. She honked the horn a few more times, it not doing anything to help the cause.

"Damn it. I'm already late. What the hell else could go wrong?" She groaned out the window.

Road construction was the cause of all the problems and she was not having it. There was a new investor coming to put his two cents, or maybe more like two millions worth of dollars into the company that she helped develop. He was the biggest investor that they were ever roped into accepting but she was excited. Or at least she would have been if she had gotten to the meeting on time. While Baby was studying in Guiana she met this man. A man named Josh. He was making a movie about the life in the Undeveloped country and Baby was there on her Internship. .Josh know that she would be able to help him because she had been there for so long and helped aid him in his tour. After a few hours of trying his hardest to convince her to come along she finally agreed. Opting to take a break from her foreign quest she went along with it. She had gotten the job at Josh Harris' production assistant overseeing all the details that pertained to Guiana.

"I would move that traffic if I could myself." She sighed as she looked down at the phone. "Late again." she thought to herself.

There was always something that she hated about this time of year. Her mind would always drift back to Kellermans and what might have been. She always seemed to lose her grip with reality when she though back. Her chance at real love slipped through her fingers and she did nothing to stop it. She looked at the clock and then focused back on the jam before her.

I don't see you fighting so hard baby. I don't see you running up to Daddy telling him I'm your guy.

How could he think that she didn't want to be with him. That she probably would have given up everything to make him happy. But when the summer was over Johnny told her that it was over.

"We can't go on pretending like everything in our lives are going to be perfect. You know that as well as I do Baby. Our lives are different. We are different. That fact doesn't change because you fell in love with me. You and I together. We were just a moment kind of thing. Nothing could ever change that fact. We lived in a time that was only for us. A time that was mauled by what other people felt. You need to move on with your life and honestly so do I. I need to figure out what I want out of life. You have college and the rest of your life to find a man that is worthy of you. I'm sorry. I don't love you. I never have. I just wanted to.. I don't love you. You and I are over."

She couldn't understand how he could walk away from them. Walk away from everything that they shared. She knew she loved him and thought he felt the same but in the end. He used her. Just like her father said he would. She felt for him hard and he took her heart and stomped on it. You promised from that point and time that she would never let anyone hurt her the way he did. That's when she went off to college. Off to pursue something that she knew would never fail her or never hurt her. Her mind focused on majoring in Economics of under developed countries . She had always wanted to go into the peace corp but something changed. She got into her studies and never looked back at that. When she got the chance to go to Guiana she took it. Granted over the last twenty years she didn't think about him all the time but there were points when her mind would drift back to what they had. She had a new life. A new love. Her work was her love and she put herself into it. She had a few relationships along the way but none of them worked out. They just didn't have that spark. She thought back and remembered the first real thing that she spoke to him from her heart.

I'm scared of everything. I'm scared of what I saw. I'm scared of what I did, of who I am. And most of all...I'm scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life, the way I feel when I'm with you.

The ringing of her car phone snapped her back into reality.

"Hello." She simply sighed listening to the man on the other line. "I'm caught in traffic. It's not my fault. There was no report on the news of road construction. I told you I would be there as soon as I can. It shouldn't be too much longer. I know that the new dance team is supposed to be there and I promise that I will be there soon. Thank you. Bye."

She said quickly as she hung up the bulky machine. "Dance team." She replied to herself.

When she heard those simple words her mind sent her back to a place that she had not thought about in some time. You don't lose your first love but you get on with you life. You can't spend 22 years without love. Without feeling and certainly without giving into something you so longed for.

Sighing again she starts to talk to herself. "I don't know if anyone is listening but if you could please get me to this meeting within the next 15 minutes. I will never think about him. I will lose those memories back and never remember them again." She leaned back running her fingers through her hair. "I am talking to myself. Now I know I am crazy."

As quickly as she said it the traffic started moving at a fairly quick pace. "You have to be kidding me. If I knew that was all I had to say I would have done it 20 minutes ago." She shook her head in disbelief as she passed the newly paved road that was causing so many problems.

The trucks now parked against the side of the street letting the people go through. Driving down the street she put on the radio.

Here is an oldie but good. A blast from the past. A song that men and women tend to canoodle with. Will you still love me tomorrow?

Tonight you're mine completely You gave your love so sweetly Tonight the light of love is in your eyes But will you love me tomorrow.

Is this a lasting treasure?
Or just a moment's pleasure?
Can I, can I believe the magic of your sigh?
Will you still love me tomorrow?
Quickly her mind flashed back but just as quickly it returned to the road. "Stupid Radio." She grumbled as she turned it off. "I put you in the back of my mind for all of these year and now I am going to do it again. I can't think about you anymore because its over. It's really over.."