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It was a stormy night in the outer reaches of the Solar System. The Doctor entered the Tardis carrying a large parcel and dripping wet. He took off his waterlogged coat, and looked around quickly. He spotted Rose asleep in a corner. Moving over to her, he stroked her hair briefly before crossing to the other side of the room and pulling out the psychic paper from his inside jacket pocket. Putting on his glasses, he slowly read the letter carefully printed on it, blinked twice, and read it again, before pacing the Tardis, deep in contemplation. The letter read:


The Foundation and Innovation of the Future

Doctor, we approach you again on the same subject we did all those years ago. You are the only being in existance who will do for us, Doctor, as the last Time Lord still surviving. But it has been a long time since we last saw you. So, let me explain our proposition once again. Our technology has advanced far enough to conquer life over death, to manipulate the human mind, the strongest machine in the world. So we appeal to you again, Doctor, to become the centerpiece for our creation. Of course it would kill you, but think of the human race, Doctor. Your beloved species, happy and carefree. We could negotiate, Doctor. We could save the Time Lords, regenerate every single one. Think about it.

However, should you decide to come, you must be completely alone. No-one could be permitted to come with you. If you were caught, you would lead us all to our deaths. We are a radical organisation, Doctor, fugitives hiding for our own people, who have sentenced all of us to death. They, too, have failed to see the potential of our ideas. But I know someone as intelligent as you, Doctor, will understand. Come to us, Doctor. Give us a chance. But remember - come completely alone. You have exactly 24 hours to respond.

Awaiting your presence,
The Project

He paced for a long, long time while Rose slept, a tear or two occasionally falling down his face. By morning, however, he had made his decision. Rose walked into the control room as the Doctor busily flicked switches, changing the direction of the Tardis.

"Did you miss me?"

He gave her a smile that was, somehow, more tender than usual. "Rose, we're going back to Planet Earth. I...er...have to drop you off for a while. Business with an alien planet, you know, gamma screening, no humans allowed. I'll stop by the Powell Estate, you can see your mum for a bit, eh?"

With an almost apologetic smile, he bent closely over the controls, but not before Rose caught the look of pleading, pity and fear in his eyes.

"Doctor - something's wrong. I just know it. Why won't you tell me?" She grabbed hold of his hand and looked into his eyes.

"You're going to do something dangerous. I can feel it."

And the Doctor couldn't bear it anymore. He slowly got out his sonic screwdriver, and prodded it, so gently, into the back of her head. Rose's eyes closed immediately and she fell into his arms, sound asleep. The Doctor laid her down on the floor of the Tardis, Then, he crossed the room and pressed a button on the Tardis mainframe.

The Tardis landed with a bump, causing the Doctor to glance anxiously at Rose. Seeing she was still asleep, he carried her out of the Tardis door and set her down in a dry corner. He kissed he gently on the forehed and placed the sonic screwdriver, the psychic paper and a letter on the floor next to her.

"Goodbye, darling Rose," he whispered, before going back inside the Tardis and disappearing with a whirring noise and a blinding flash of blue light.

Rose suddenly woke up from her trance. Looking around in confusion, she noticed the paper, screwdriver and letter on the floor.

"Ohhh, my head. What happened? Doctor? Where are you?"

Slowly, she put the things in her pockets, and looked around her. She looked around her estate, the whole place pouring with rain and looking even more bedraggled than usual. No-one was around - the place was absoloutley deserted. Remembering the brief conversation she had had with the Doctor, she took out the letter and examined it. On the front was inscribed, "My dear Rose" in the Doctor's scrawling handwriting. The seal on the back bore the letters; SWALK.

"Sealed With A Loving Kiss - it's what my mum always used to make me write on my letters. How did he know?"

The envelope and paper looked old, creased, battered. Unfolding the paper, Rose read the letter:

By now you've probably guessed what has happened. The concussion shot will leave you with headaches all round for half an hour but after that you'll be right as rain. I've dropped you back at home, Rose. I'm so sorry I didn't install an emergency protocol on the Tardis but there was no time. Sit down. I owe at least that much to you - I'm gonna explain EVERYTHING..."

There on the page was the contract with Gemini, re-printed carefully word for word. She read it silently, completely emotionless but numb to the core.

"I had to go, Rose. I couldn't have done anything else. The chance to save the world - well, it's what I've hoped for my entire life. I couldn't refuse. If I do this, you're whole world, your whole universe will exist in total harmony. Imagine it, Rose. Free from the pressures of ordinary life. If I could achieve anything in this life it would be to give you and the entire human race the chance to live in a perfect world. I'm sorry I messed it up for you - I could have taken you to so many places, but everywhere I go, I just get you into trouble, don't I? Maybe GENESIS was right - maybe it's time to end it."

"Anyway, I hope you don't regret the time you spent with me and the Tardis. It's always been my nemesis - the fact that I couldn't do more. You have to be cruel to be kind, Rose. In my life I've done so much I regret, all in a futile attempt to bring good out of it. Here, take the psychic paper and my sonic screwdriver. Keep them as a rememberance of me, but remember, that's all they are. Don't try and use them against yourself, Rose. You don't understand the power they contain. They'll destroy you - I'm seroius. You'll be safe here."

"If you want to do something for me, Rose, just remember me. Don't try to forget me - if you don't hate me, that is. The screwdriver and psychic paper are yours - if the Earth ever needs saving, you're in charge now. May they do you as much good as they did me. And if I ever meant anything in my 900 years - and that's a long time - I mean this now: I will never forget you, Rose."

The Doctor

Next to that was scrawled a name, presumably the Doctor's first, in glyphs Rose couldn't quite make out, however hard she tried. She stared at the paper, in a trance, and read the letter again. Then, she crumpled to the ground, the paper still clutched in her hand.

"Doctor - how could I ever hate you?" she whispered.

And after that, the onlly sound on the deserted estate was the pattering of falling rain, and the only sight to see was a young lady slumped in a corner, crying heartbreaking, silent tears.