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If any aliens had bothered to keep a close eye on Central London, England, Earth, they would have discovered it was the centre of a gigantic alien invasion, where a war was raging between mankind and the might of the Spectal army. They would have also seen evidence of a large time stoppage of several hours over the battleground, which by now had spread from Tower Bridge, which was being resisted by a fierce blockade from the armed forces. The entire army had been recalled from foreign territoties, the Home Guard was currently quarantining the area and attempting to stop the alien forces attacking further into London.

Needless to say, beurocracy was in chaos. The Royal Family was being held hostage in Buckingham Palace, the Philamonic Orchestra were locked in the Royal Albert Hall, along with a massive terrified audience, and the London Eye had been vandalised by the alien rebels. Every single carriage capsule was now on fire, and the wheel control room had been hijacked by alien techies. The wheel now spun crazily at 90 miles an hour, looking like a whirling ball of flames. Terrified commuters were being horded off pubic transport in droves by the emergency services. Anyone moving in a car was history - the aliens liked to practice their accuracy by shooting fireballs through the windows.

But although the fight had spread beyond London in the short time it had taken the Tardis to get into the Void, the main battle by far was raging outside the Houses of Parliament, with the ever-faithful Harold at the centre of it, chopping down aliens one after the other, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. Absoloutely furious, he ran madly around like a beserker, a huge killing machine. Jackie, watching the whole scene from behind a tree, where miraculously she had not been noticed, observed how amazingly ordinary people change when they're protecting people they love. Harold was a born fighter, actually saving much of London in his own little way.

The leader of the army, however, was not pleased with this exemplary human fighter. He couldn't understand why the humans didn't just submit straight away. Every other planet he had tried to conquer had bowed down to them as superior beings and allowed themselves to be sold into slavery. These humans, although they were puny, were putting up such a stif resistance he could see why other planets had'nt bothered to come near them. But although the battle was slightly more prolonged, they were winning. And once he put a stop to that man, the Houses of Parliament would be theirs.

As he moved behind Harold, ready to grab his jacket, he felt time stop. Apparantly it was only in the area of Central London, as there was no panic. He knew that outside, time would be proceeding as normal but in a loop, 2-minute cycles of the same images. Whoever had done that probably needed several hours, as it was a truly excellent stoppage, carefully executed to cause minimal interferance. The humans would never realise they were frozen in place. He would just have to wait...

Five hours later, the time stoppage moved again and everyone immediately continued the fight. The leader crept behind Harold, lifted him by his jacket and pinned him down on the ground by his neck, kneeling over him. He prodded his fireball shooter into his neck.

"Mmm... barbecue." Harold looked terrified, and in those few seconds all his bravado fell away and the human fear was clearly visible. For the first time that day, he looked like a normal person, just another individual, a man with a normal life who came home from work and ate chips. A man who didn't deserve to die at the hands of a grotesque, cruel alien with a mushroom for a head brandishing a huge black weapon. He was human and alone and he was scared. Silent tears began to trickle down his cheeks. The alien gave him a leering smirk.

"Sayonara, human..." He spat loudly next to him. As he was about to pull the trigger, two things happened. One, Jackie hiding behind her tree jumped out and screamed, "NOOOOOOOO!" She was promptly picked up by four burly aliens and dragged away across the grass, kicking and screaming.

The second thing happened at exactly the same time. Everyone on the grass stopped what they were doing as they heard a whirring noise. The alien leader dropped Harold and watched in amazement as a large blue box materialised on the roof of the Houses of Parliament. In the darkening evening, it was an almost black silhouette. It appeared entirely ordinary for several seconds, until... BANG.

The double Tardis doors burst open in an explosion of light and sound, standing outside it were the Doctor and Rose, both beaming at each other, holding hands and covered in a yellow mist. A huge amount of yellow light poured out of the Tardis - they looked like angels descended straight from heaven as they lit up the rooftop around them. Having heard the Spectre leader spit on the ground the Doctor yelled down at him,

"Oi! I wouldn't spit on the human race if I were you... and I wouldn't point your little pea-shooter at us either, if you want to live." He chuckled at the leader's horrified expression.

"You're... you're dead!"

"Oh yeah? Wanna bet?" The Doctor bantered as Rose tugged on his arm.

"Erm... Theta, appearing on the roof was a great idea, but how are we gonna get down now?" She asked him telepathically.

Theta grinned at her. "I think it's time to test something... hold on."

He scooped her up into his arms suddenly, bridal style. The yellow glow increased considerably. He murmered in her ear, "Trust me." He ran with her to the edge of the roof and jumped, his coat billowing behind him as he soared down towards the ground, carrying Rose. She could feel Theta's hearts beating in her ear as they descended and decided that, even though they could be plunging to certain death, there was no place in the universe she'd rather be. She lived for danger's exhilerating adrenalin rush, exactly like Theta did.

As they neared the ground Theta bent his knees and landed firmly on both feet. Putting Rose down on the ground, he grinned at the expression on her face.

He put his hands on her shoulders. "You alright?" She nodded and he kissed her quickly.

"That was... amazing! It must've been a 50 foot fall. How did you do that?"

"I had a hunch that it would work. Time Lord and Vortex mixes must be pretty explosive. Bet you've got the same ability. Fantastic ride, wasn't it?" Rose agreed with enthusiasm and the Doctor smiled at her.

It was then that the alien leader strode towards them and spoke up. "Excuse me... VERY sorry to break this up, Doctor..."

The Doctor and Rose, in each other's arms, turned to face him, went a bright shade of crimson and broke apart immediately. The Doctor scratched behind his ear. "Yes... of course. Sorry."

The alien huffed and waved his gun around. "I'm a busy guy, and this was NOT on my schedule. As you can see, I'm in the middle of invading Earth, and I have an orthodontist appointment at 5:30... It's been a bloody awful day, terrible weather, and then YOU TWO, with the freaky box thing, so... what the hell are you doing here? You're supposed to be dead, anyway."

The Doctor gave him an exasperated glare. "You just don't get it, do you? You can't invade this planet - it's spoken for. And I'm not dead. Quite the opposite in fact. So you can tell your boss from me that he's a ritesh nastrada p'el slavak, - Rose blushed - he didn't kill me... and I WILL DEFEND THIS PLANET WITH MY LIFE. Now leave - unless you want a fight." White sparks shot out of his clenched fist as Rose told him to calm down over the link.

"We don't need you frying yourself... now shush"

The alien stared in fear at the Doctor's hand. "Geez, cool it Superman. Just doing my job..."

"Doing your job colonizing the human race..." The Doctor gave him a look of utter disgust as he shrugged.

"So are you going to fight me then? Your choice."

The alien stared at him through slitty eyes for a long moment before speaking. "No. I will not fight you, Doctor. There is no shame in cowardice - but there IS shame in defeat... which is exactly what you will suffer."

He turned to his troops. "FIGHT ON!"

As troops came running towards them, the Doctor's eyes darkened and he told Rose down the link, "This guy's smarter than I thought. He's gonna carry on the invasion, grind us down..." Rose quietly handed him the screwdriver but he pushed it back into her hand. He instructed her, "OK, you get the fun part. Take this, run off and create a diversion. I'll hold up this lot and stay alive until the diversion arrives, you get back here, gimme the screwdriver and take over. I should have enough time to think of something."

"You mean... you have absoloutely no idea how we're gonna get through this?"


She laughed at him, and Theta realised she had absoloute confidence in him.

He pulled her in and kissed her passionately for the last time. He groaned as Rose slipped her tongue into his mouth and ran her fingers through his hair, completely lost in the moment. The world could have ended then and there and he'd never have noticed. The yellow mist had begun forming again in large quantities, but luckily he regained control just in time. He pushed her away quickly before he lost all coherent thought, gave her a dazzling smile, and ran with a roar into the mob of aliens, to join the armed forces. After a minute, Rose sprinted away, an idea in her head.

She needed to get higher, she realised. She needed a vantage point, to find something big enough to be used as a distraction. A double-decker bus was standing alone in the middle of the road, peppered with bullets and charred to a cinder. It was perfect - just the right height to gaze around and see if there was anything suitably dangerous/noticeable to distract a huge alien army. But how to get up there? Wait... maybe it was time for her to test something. She bent her knees and leaped vertically upwards, like a spring uncoiling. She managed to get far enough to touch the ceiling of the bus with her fingertips, and on her second attempt she got it and managed to scramble onto the roof. Glancing around, she saw the sky full of military helicopters, the alien spaceship parked only about a mile away, all the regular famous buildings on the skyline... Her eye was caught by the London Eye, whirling around like crazy and still spewing flames into the air. Perfect. But how to get there? She reckoned she knew the geography well enough to get herself there, the question was how... She could see a motorbike turned on its side in the darkness. Jumping off the bus - with a perfect landing - she set the bike upright and turned on the ignition. A furious revving sound blasted from it and Rose grinned before jumping aboard and hitting the accelerator.

Meanwhile, the Doctor ducked, punched and kicked like crazy on the field, while his brain was whirring overtime. There had to be some weakness in their defences that he could manipulate to terrify them so much that they left the planet. Ordinary fighting just wouldn't work under the circumstances - as much as he loved the stupid apes, they stood almost no chance against a huge alien force. He hoped Rose's diversion was a good one cos he needed as much time as possible if he was gonna find a soloution to this one. However, for the first time since the Time War he had reason to be optimistic when fighting for his life. Now, he had the power of the Time Vortex - and more importantly, he had Rose.

As he fought through the huge wave of aliens, the Doctor spotted Harold fighting a few metres away. Seeing him, Harold ducked to avoid rifle fire and ran over to him, dragging him away from the huge main war that was raging.

"Doctor! You know our Rose, don't ya? Please, you've gotta save Jackie!"

"Jackie? She's in danger?"

Harold nodded miserably. "She got dragged away by some of those aliens a while ago... and I don't know what they've done with her. Doctor - you've gotta help me!"

The Doctor nodded, taking stock of the situation. "Right - did you see which direction they took her in?" As Harold pointed, the aliens noticed them standing alone and fired at them. The Doctor grabbed Harold and dragged him off to save Jackie.

As Rose's motorbike soared at breakneck speed down the broad streets towards the London Eye, she found herself suddenley in the front line of alien firing practice. She watched in absoloute terror as flaming bullets hammered into the ground in front of her. Purple-blue sparks erupted from her fingers - physical fear. She shuddered and wished she knew how to control it - a nervous breakdown was NOT the best plan of action right now. Thinking fast, she dived behind a rubbish truck which lay displaced on the edge of the road. There was a huge mass of rubbish in the skip at the back, and it gave her an idea. A terrible idea, but it had to be done, she told herself firmly. Setting the heap on fire with the sonic screwdriver, she got into the truck, set the steering on super-fast reverse and jumped clear. The truck zoomed into the mass of aliens that were firing at her, and crashed into them in an explosion of flaming refuse that blasted the aliens from all sides. Hearing them screaming and trying to scrape the burning refuse out of their eyes, she let the slient tears fall before pushing it to the back of her mind as she ran back into the road, grabbed her bike, which was miraculously unharmed, and zoomed off again into the distance.

She arrived minutes later at the London Eye, still whirling around on fire like a fairground ride from hell. She imagined the absoloute chaos it would cause on the ground, and wondered how she was gonna get it down. Getting closer, she could see that the fire was so hot it had burnt through almost all the support structures, and there was only one still standing. She aimed the sonic screwdriver at the support, and an intense blue blow-torch beam shot from the end, cutting through the metal like a knife through butter. Within seconds, the entire structure was free, and Rose zoomed clear as the giant rotating wheel hurtled down towards the centre of the battle. Grinning, she waited a few seconds before following it. The alien horde were in for surprise...

The Doctor and Harold jogged side by side through a large park, following scuff marks and fragments of torn clothing that indicated an impressive struggle. Jackie hadn't gone down without a fight. Noticing the anguish Harold was going through, the Doctor decided to try and talk to him, to calm him down. It was then that he noticed how much he had changed - he would never have done that before... before he met Rose, he realised.

"So how do you know Jackie?"

Harold looked up at him, and smiled. "Been living 'round 'er place for... 'bout 3 months now. She looked so lonely. Said her daughter was going travelling, so I moved in, just to keep her company, like. But she means the world to me. I... erm... meant to propose to her tonight, actually. Take her to the cinema an' all, you know... until this happened." He looked miserable, then cheered up a bit as he remembered something.

"I take it you and Rose are an item, then?" he winked at the Doctor, who grinned.

"Yeah - at last." He turned a deathly pale. "But don't tell Jackie..."

Harold smirked knowingly. "All of us fear the Tyler slap, mate - you included."

The Doctor agreed fervently, then decided to satisfy his curiosity. "You know, I still don't have a clue - what are you doing here?"

Harold proceeded to give him an amusing narrative of everything that had happened since Rose arrived on Earth - by the end of it, the Doctor was looking at him in amazement. This ordinary guy had risked his life, time and again, to save the world. Turned hero in one day. But that was why he found himself so attatched to humans, Doctor supposed.

"What was your name again?"

"Harold - Harold Wilson."

"Harold Wilson... I like you."

At that moment, they came to a clearing manned by several alien guards. Ducking behind a tree, the two of them watched. Jackie was tied to a tree, with a gag around her mouth. Despite this, they could clearly hear her expletives and furious yells as one of the captives held his flame-shooter at her throat and jeered at her.

"For such a pretty woman it's a shame you're gonna die so soon."

They heard a muffled response from the gag. "Why... didn't you kill me... straight away?"

The alien laughed and stroked her cheek sickeningly. "Pathetic human as you are, we need you darlin'. When we find that fighter boyfriend of yours, he'll have no choice but to surrender to us, if he wants to see you alive again." He laughed cruelly as Jackie fought to hold back the tears. The Doctor had to hold Harold back by his jacket to prevent him from launching himself at Jackie's captors.

That was when they heard the wooshing sound in the distance. Getting louder and louder all the time, the Doctor pulled Harold out of the way as he gazed at the spectacular sight of the London Eye, burning brightly, hurtling through Central London. It had picked up several trees and cars on its way, which added to the fuel, and was now an absoloutely terrifying sight. Judging by the sounds coming from the green, it had caused quite a commotion. Oh, his Rose was brilliant, he thought. This was a distraction and a half. Absoloutely marvellous. He watched the huge wheel drive through the guards, narrowly miss Jackie, and carry on soaring through the park, heading straight for their spaceship. The aliens weren't gonna be bothering THEM anytime soon.

Running to the tree where Jackie was tied up, the Doctor had the bands undone in an instant, and while Harold hugged Jackie - "Jackie! Oh Jacks - I was so worried!" , the Doctor pointed into the distance.


Zooming rapidly towards them was a black silhouette on a motorbike, and as it drew closer they saw Rose on board, with a huge grin on her face. Halting the bike just in front of them, she dismounted with a flourish and was enveloped in the Doctor's arms within seconds. They were interrupted by Jackie, who cleared her throat with a furious expression on her face.

"What exactly is going on here? You two!"

Rose smirked as the Doctor paled and stammered, "Er... well..." He mumbled something, turned bright red and looked at his converses. He looked so cute when he was blushing, thought Rose.

She decided to take charge. "Right, Mum, you and Harold get on this thing and get out of here. The army have managed to contain the invasion, look, the quarantine boder's just over there. The Doctor and I will sort this mess out. Off you go!"

Jackie grumbled, "Do I have to? My stomach can't stand any more of his driving... OK, OK!" She relented when she saw the look on Rose's face.

Watching the two of them fade into the distance, zig-zagging worriedly from side to side, and they could distinctly hear Jackie screaming her lungs out at Harold as he narrowly avoided a tree. They both turned away from the spectacle, shaking their heads, and burst out laughing at exactly the same time. Rose put her hands on hips and turned to face Theta.

"So... got any bright ideas?"

"No... well, I was saving your mum half the time..." He looked sheepish.

"Maybe you're losing your touch!" He now looked extremely affronted.

"Well really... tell me everything you know about commercial cloning."


"Come on!" he said impatiently. "This army all look identical, haven't you noticed that? They must've all been grown by the Spectral leader at some point, who by the way is inorganic, made of light." He showed her a quick mental image of the Spectre, looking absoloutely terrifying, as always. Rose shuddered. The Doctor had actually stood up to that thing?

"You've got the knowledge, it's all there, in your head, from the joining... thing. Help me out here!"

"Well, they're all identical, so they've all got pretty much the same properties..."

"Anything different about these ones though?"

"Oh wait, hang on... the Genesis planet has no water, and very little wind, so the clones were made without a fully functional skin - just armoured plates on their bodies over their flesh, totally prorus. They're advanced identical copies with working minds. They're basically emotionless but other than that they're alive. But without skin. So..."

The Doctor stared at her and then began jumping up and down with excitement. "So... oh of course! Osmosis! Fantastic! You know skin acts as a barrier against excess water transfer, right? Too much and every cell in your body swells up until you burst. Well, cos this planet's mainly water, we've got a defence mechanism, but the aliens haven't! Expose them to too much water and they'll burst, their cells won't be able to take it. They can't climb stairs or trees to avoid the flood 'cos their bodies are only made to survive the exact pressure at ground level. Climb all the way up a flight of stairs, the pressure's too low and they're toast! And even better, their bodies've all been cheaply designed, they're just cannon fodder, that's why there's so many of them. You lose one, there's loads more to take it's place. Mass production - as you would say, made in China! But they never saw through the one weakness - they're all exactly the same! Hah!"

He picked up Rose and swung her around, delighted, then stopped.

"But... how do we flood almost the whole of Central London!"

Rose looked up at a helicopter buzzed overhead. "Let's go have a chat with the RAF!"

"Yeah!" yelled Theta. He bent down and kissed her on the lips, took her hand and ran off with her towards the army, which was present in large numbers on the nearby border.

After much explaining, discussion and deliberation, the army still were not prepared to "waste" their pilots bombing the quarantined area with water. "London's only just above sea level, we CAN do this! It's a small area, near the Thames, it's high tide!"

"Maybe, but you'll need every jet we've got in the country... we just can't let our entire air force into the hands of strangers..."

"Look, we're trying to save the world here, a little co-operation would be nice..." began the Doctor angrily, but the army commander refused to listen.

Positively seething, Rose watched as white sparks shot from her fingertips, and quickly dunked her hand in a jug of water that happened to be nearby. To her surprise, it came out smoking.

Theta was fighting down laughter at the expression on the army commander's face as he gawped at Rose's still smoking hand.

"Y-You can h-have whatever you want!" he choked out, stepping back a few paces. He reached for his whistle and blew it.

"Seargent Jackson? Give them command of the entire Air Force! Yes I mean the whole lot! The works!"

The Doctor beamed. "Let's get this show on the road!"

Rose glared at him. "How many times have I told you - NEVER use the cliches!"

"... Sorry."

One long and frustrating hour later, Theta and Rose had managed to get all the fighter jets full of water and ready to dive-bomb the city. All the jets were in position, and they managed to scramble aboard a small helicopter with the RAF commander, who brought along a large megaphone.

As their little helicopter followed the planes, Rose noticed that her diversion had set the alien base on fire, and grinned. The chopper swooped down as low as possible over the Houses of Parliament, they instantly observed the crowd of people and aliens, all of whom had now partially recovered from the burning London Eye and were back at each other's throats. The commander cleared his throat and advised Theta and Rose to cover their ears before roaring into the megaphone.


Repeating this message over and over again as they whirred through the sky, the fighter jets began bombing and huge waves of water began pooling in Parliament Square, Hyde Park, began lapping around the base of Big Ben. All the people began ascending the stairs as quickly as possible - the aliens shot at them, but could only kill so many - the majority of people made a successful dash for high ground, and soon thousands of people were standing on the many rooftops of office buildings in London, the aliens powerless to stop them. The old, the young, the children - human beings, battered and soaking wet but alive, were standing on rooftops all over the centre of London. The sight was truly beautiful. Theta yelled in pure joy and hugged Rose as the water level rose steadily.

After a few minutes, the water level had risen around seven feet, and Theta told the army commander to let them off the helicopter onto the roof of the Houses of Parliament. They descended via a rope ladder and touched down onto the roof, near the Tardis, which had waited for them patiently all afternoon. As the helicopter began to move away, Theta cupped his hands to his mouth and roared to the commander,

"Thank you so much! Goodbye!" The commander smiled at them and began his shouting again as the helicopter took off again. Theta gave Rose a dazzling smile as the planes re-appeared and drenched them in freezing water. Now soaking wet, Theta brushed his hair out of his eyes and took Rose into his arms.

"Rose Tyler, we did it! We saved the world!"

As the voiceover from the helicopter stopped, relative quiet was observed on the rooftops. The Doctor looked around at all the people around him. He took Rose's hand and yelled as loud as he could.


Everyone on the rooftops turned to face him. There was complete silence as he spoke the words he had to say.


As the crowd heard this simple speech, an enormous cheer erupted from the roofs. All over London people were cheering this mysterious man, who came out of nowhere in a strange blue box and saved the planet. He turned to Rose, pure happiness on his face, and kissed her passionately, this time allowing himself to lose his mind in the intoxicating yellow mist and sparks that darted around them. He stroked Rose's hair gently as she put her arms around his neck and sighed into his mouth. It was a long time before they pulled away.

Resting her head against Theta's chest, Rose put her arms around his neck as Theta's hands rested on her waist. The two travellers stayed like that for some time, in total contentment.

Suddenely, Theta remembered the aliens. "Oh, Rose, wait for it... should be any second now..."

Puzzled, Rose looked up at him, then lost her footing as a mighty bang resounded aound the city. Theta caught her quickly before she could fall and grinned.

"Multiple cell degeneration." he explained. "Every single clone destroyed in the same instant." Yellow sparks suddenley shot out of the water around them and went high up into the air, where they exploded."

"Fireworks?" Theta laughed. "Not quite. Gases excreted from the cells. Water-resistant, anti-gravity and react rather explosiveley with air."

"They're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

Theta's face softened as he looked at her. "Oh, I don't know..."

As her face lit up, he kissed her again and smiled. This was too good to be true. He couldn't possibly be destined for such happiness - could he?

"Have I thanked you yet for the idea? Genius!" Rose smiled as they were drenched again by another torrent of water.

"Couldn't have done it without you." The yellow haze was getting stronger and stronger. They held hands and watched the last of the fireworks set in the night sky together. It was very late and the stars were already twinkling above them. Despite being wet, cold and exhausted, they were desperately in love, and in their eyes, this was the most romantic place in the universe.

Rose kissed Theta's neck softly. "Theta... I love you so much."

He lifted her hand to his mouth and kissed it, drawing her closer.

"Rose... I love you too."


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