Title: I swear I can Fly

Pairing: Will/Jake

Rating: M

Author's Note: Weeeeeell, this story came around about a week after seeing The Brothers Grimm. I lurvs that movie. XD On that part that they almost kissed, I swear I squealed so loud. And then STUPID Will and STUPID Angelika just HAD to RUIN it. –whines-

Ah, well, I still love them all. 3

Once again, this is YAOI, please do NOT read if you do NOT like it. Thank you. w

+ I Swear I Can Fly +

"Not you…"

Those two words rang loudly in Jakob Grimm's ears as his heart froze, wobbling a bit as the brain tried to register their meaning. Finally, it clicked, and as Jake shifted away and watched motioned for Angelika to kiss his brother as his heart cracked and shattered. He directed his attention to Cavaldi, who was watching him with a look of pitied interest.

He smiled as unconvincingly as a rock would pretend to be grass, and it only worried the older man more before the giggling of the girls and the laughter of both Wilhelm and Angelika brought him from asking questions.

As they walked off, most likely forgetting about him, Jakob stumbled to his feet, wondering why his chest hurt so much. Blinking and fisting one hand in his shirt, he trudged along after them slowly in hopes they wouldn't remember him anytime soon.

Having a clueless Will beside him would probably make his heart scream in pain. His eyes watered while his heart moaned.


Jakob looked up from his book, only to come face to face with Wilhelm. He blinked, straightened his glasses and stared.

"Do you need something, brother?" The younger Grimm asked, idly flicking the bent corner of one of the book's abused pages.

"You look sick." Wilhelm said bluntly.

Jake gave a slight frown, pushing his glasses up and turning his attention back to his book. "If you have any other comments of how ugly I am please keep them to yourself." He murmured.

Will seemed to pause for a moment before glaring. "I didn't mean like that you dolt!" He hissed, slamming his hand down on the innocent book; Jake started. "Angelika said you may have caught something before we left the village but I see nothing wrong except for your head." With that the older Grimm huffed and stalked away, out of the door to their room and most definitely out of the Inn…

Jake bit his lip and reprimanded himself for speaking to Will like he did; he had half the mind to chuck his own glasses out of the window in payback for his ignorance.

Damnit, it was always HIM, he always had to do something WRONG, he was so STUPID.

He took off his glasses and pushed them haphazardly onto one edge of the table, not really meaning to but too angry to care before flopping himself down onto the floor and watching a small ant make it's way across the wooden ground and up to the window. He deserved to be down here, it was his fault, everything was his fault.

Lotte's dying was HIS fault.

Jake clenched his fist and felt both the pain of his nails digging into his soft palm and the hot tears that streamed down his face. He whimpered. No wonder Will didn't like him; he was such a weakling, no help to anyone at all. All he cared about were books, books, and more books. He was such an idiot!

He sniffed, wiping his tears away and tried to kill the churning sickness in his stomach with empty reassurances.

How could he treat the ONE person he had left to truly love so badly…?


Will returned to their room after deciding he had his share of liquor and women for the day, and he would prefer to remain without a hangover the next morning. He yawned, stretched, blinked, and proceeded to look for his missing sibling.

"Jake?" He called, pausing for an answer but receiving none.

He called again, louder this time and a whimper answered him. Confused but curious he went in the direction the noise had come from…and nearly tripped over his brother's body.

"Jakob!" He growled, ready to pummel brother before realizing he was asleep. On the floor. Crying.

Will turned his sleeping sibling onto his back, and watched in twisted interest as the tears slid down smooth cheeks, dripping from eyes he knew to be brown. With a sigh, he leaned down and stroked the younger male's hair, kissing the damp forehead and murmuring reassurances to the other.

"Jakob…shhh…It's Will, it's alright, stop crying, you're okay…"

He felt rather than saw Jake awaken when the other turned and clung to his chest, whimpering apologies between sobs.

Slightly confused at the onslaught of 'sorry's and 'it was all my fault' Will merely held his kid brother to his chest until Jake managed to cry himself back to sleep.

The older Grimm waited until it was silent to take it that Jakob wasn't having another nightmare before scooping the other up and disposing him carefully on the bed, not having the energy to change into his sleepwear he joined his brother in the land of sleep on his own bed, subconsciously noting how cold Jakob was.


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