Title: I swear I can Fly

Pairing: Will/Jake

Rating: M

Author's Note: I'm sorry for the wait. ; It's just, my body hates winter(I love it though, it's cold), and rebels at this time of year. More info on my blasted condition at the ending Author's Note. Sorry sorry.

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++ I Swear I Can Fly ++

The horse snorted angrily as the hand holding the tantalizing sugar cube moved away as it leaned forward to snatch it. It glared, attempting to grab it again when the hand reassumed its position only to have to move away once more. The horse snorted again, assessing the situation. Finally, after the blonde human seemed to get bored and diverted his attention to the ground, the horse seized its chance and with one swift kick, toppled the imbecile over and managed to snatch the sugar cube from the air.

Will hissed at animal, hand over his now bruised chest. He rose from the hay covered floor and dusted the yellowed grass off his breeches all the while sending death-glares at the horse who now had a satisfied look locked into place.

"Dirty animal." He muttered and dusted the last of the straw off his pants, looking up in time to meet the wide-eyed gaze of his brother.

Jakob blinked at him, mouth opening slightly in shock before he ran over to pull the other man completely to his feet.

"W-Will!" He gasped, staring at the forming bruise on his brother's chest able to be seen through the 'v' shaped collar of the older Grimm's shirt. "What happened?"

Concern riddled his face as he waited for his sibling to answer.

Wilhelm judged his situation carefully. He could tell his brother that he had been deviously tricked by a rouge horse, or, and Will liked this one better, that it was none of his business. Once again assessing the situation, Will decided on the former. Jakob hadn't come down the delicate path of recovery from his earlier 'state' just to be mocked again.

"The horse kicked me for a damned sugar-cube." Will mumbled, eyes narrowing at the mention of his offender.

It had been nearly a month since Will had said those 'three words', Jakob had lapsed into a prolonged silence-strike for the first week, refusing to believe that Will had meant them. After a lot of coaxing from Will (and letters to Angelika for girl-help), Jakob had shakily absorbed what he had lost during the days the younger Grimm seemed to have been taken over. He had stopped talking about Lotte after a short time, and his usual demeanor returned days later, though there was always something off about him now.

He still got cold on heated summer nights, and he looked as if he wanted to cry every time he dropped an item or did something that made Will reprimand him. The younger Grimm was much more delicate now.

And even though Will had told him later on that he had meant those three words as sibling love, Jake still struggled to recover for him, claiming it was his duty when he had caused him so much hurt. Will had never asked what he had meant.

"Brother?" Jakob's soft voice snapped Wilhelm from his memories.

"Yeah?" He asked gruffly, mentally kicking himself when Jake flinched.

"I-I'm sorry, y-you…drifted off…" Grey eyes looked up for approval and Will managed a smile.

"Sorry, yeah, I guess I did. Let's get inside before the horses revolt." Jakob laughed as Will wrapped an arm around his shoulders and led them back inside the inn.

They passed a ring of girls as they made their way to the stairs, and Jake noticed his brother's lingering gaze. "You could pick any one of those girls and be able to sweep them off their feet." He said quietly, looking pointedly at the giggling maidens when Will decided faking innocence was a good idea. "Go ahead." He prodded and gave Will a nudge in their direction.

The older Grimm blinked, pausing for a moment as he stared at the women who were making googly faces at him, then turned to see if his brother was actually serious. However, there was no Jakob Grimm to be seen. Will sighed and turned away from the girls to head up to their room.

Surprisingly, the lush ladies hadn't made desire com roaring up as it usually did. Strange. It had just been force of habit that led his eyes to roam over the women's bodies.

Will shook off the thought as he entered their room, only to stop short. "Jake?"

The younger Grimm was on his knees, shards of broken glass littering the floor around him.

"Jake!" Will rushed to his brother's side, swatting away Jake's shaking hands from the mess. "What did--?"

"I-I'm sorry!" He cried, eyes wide and brimming with tears as he raised his bloodied fingers to his face, almost as if he was ashamed to look at his brother. "I-I didn't mean t-to, I… I… Will!"

Jake dove into his brother's arms, trembling and making small whimpering noises like a wounded puppy. Will merely set down his collection of glass shards and wrapped his arms around the lithe form, scooting them back from the mess.

"What happened, Jake?" He asked after most of the shaking had dissipated from his brother's form.



"I-I don't know…" The younger male whimpered, clutching at Will's shirt and pressing himself as close as possible. "…I heard someone, right behind me… She said…she said horrible things…" As if reliving the moment, Jake gave a violent shudder and sobbed into his brother's chest.

"…There was no one there..?"

"No one!" The cry was desperate, a wild sort of disbelief that the voice was trying to convey. His voice dropped down to a whisper. "There was no one, Will, but the voice…the voice was right in my ear!"

Will found himself uneasy as his mind tried to put together the scenario, only having it come out all too real. He couldn't blame Jake for being as scared as he was. So he stopped with his questioning and merely focused on soothing his shaken brother, petting his hair and rubbing his back until the other was quite docile in his arms.

He opened his mouth, intent on asking if he was okay then when Jake decided to interrupt. "Oh Will, I don't want to talk about it… Please!"

Wilhelm patted his brother's pleading face on the cheek, giving a small smile. "I was just going to ask if you were okay…" He said, and watched as Jakob's face grew dark with a blush of embarrassment. "Well? Are you?"

"Yes, brother."

Will smiled and let the younger male nestle into his embrace, leaning back against the framing of the bed and feeling a great warmth swell in his chest at the sight of his sibling. He suddenly found the urge to touch his face, wipe away the streaks of wetness the tears had left in their wake, to brush his thumb over—He nearly screamed when he realized what monster his thoughts had taken up and housed. Lust. He almost screamed again, but managed to calm down enough to appear normal to Jake who had looked up, concerned about the sudden increase of heart-rate in his brother.

No. Not lust. He realized, this kind of 'lust' came with something more… Love? But that kind of love wasn't normal at all… Growling inwardly, he blockaded the feeling out, leaving him strangely missing the warmth it had provided. No, no, no. Just no. He snorted and looked toward the gleaming shards of glass, the midday sunlight glinting off of them in a display of rainbow and glowing lights.



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