On your mind

Virgil looked across to his side, seeing Richie fast asleep next to him using his shoulder as a pillow and one of his pale arms across his chest before inwardly sighing deeply. He hated to disturb his partner but he would have to get up soon to head off into work for another long day at the office while Richie continued to sleep off the flu he had picked up.

I know this job is frustrating for you Virg, but you will find a better job soon… you should have never given up in trying to change your hours Richie's voice echoed in his mind.

But Rich, I want to spend more time with you… that holiday we took together reminded me how much I loved life, how much that I loved being with you and being out there somewhere different Virgil thought to himself as he gently moved Richie clear before tucking him back in amongst the blankets and kissed him gently on the forehead.

Rising up off the bed he looked around for his suit before taking it off into the bathroom so he could have a wash before changing into it for the day, Virgil sighed deeply as he looked in the mirror at his reflection.

It had been ten years since he left college and they had moved in together, while Richie had become a professor at his old college while Virgil had found a job running the financial department for the Wayne Foundation headquarters in Dakota.

They had decided once they had finished college that they would stick to Dakota instead of moving away, though Richie always told Virgil that he would have loved to move away but since they found more time to be the heroes Static and Gear, they then decided that they wouldn't abandon the city.

Having been together since they were young, then partners since the last year of high school Virgil felt that he was the luckiest guy to have such an understanding and caring guy in his life as his boyfriend.

Richie had helped him through the difficult times in his life, especially helping with the Freeman Community Centre but after Robert had to quit because of his health limited his actions that had fallen under the control of Sharon and Adam. Virgil was struggling to give them time because his job got more and more demanding with more and more awkward hours being introduced.

Take a deep breath and look around, what do you see?

The city, the same old boring city that has changed as we grew…

Close your eyes, relax your mind… now look again.

I see the park, how beautiful it has flourished over the years… I see the new buildings that have replaced some of our old haunts, I see the cinema where we had our first real date and here at the clock tower where we had our first kiss.

See, that isn't so bad, is it? Whenever you got something on your mind, I'm always here for you.

Thanks babe that means a lot.

Virgil sighed deeply as he walked through the park towards the large building that was the Wayne Foundation, before he entered the main entrance he looked around and smiled. He knew that Richie's words were right; as long as he kept looking for the beauty in things then he would survive especially the beauty that was his partner at home.