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The story will go through a completely different way from the first episode too, like I said, just the coma and girl idea.

Title: These are the days of our lives, kinda.

Summary: Following the new season first episode idea (sorta) Dean is in a coma. Sam is the only one who can see and talk to Dean's spirit putting both into some confusing situations. Season 2 Spoilers!

Chapter 1 – Even a coma has a silver lining.

It had been a few days since that day, the demon had possessed their father, and all of them had almost died, notwithstanding the fact they were freaking tired of running, protecting themselves from possessed people, exorcising innocent girls…that damn truck, had hit the car…leaving all the Winchesters unconscious.

Dean had talked to Sam about the guy he had shot with the colt, he had actually shot a person and that had bothered him. Sam had always been his priority and he did what he had to do at the moment to save his baby brother. No matter who that man was, what life he had, the relatives that were left behind. That moment he was out of control and even worse, he was killing Sam. That was just Dean, he did whatever was necessary for his family, unselfishly, putting them as a priority, not the job.

Now, Dean was in a coma and for the past two days. John and Sam had been patiently waiting for him to wake up. His condition was sure bad, and Sam's shining hadn't been helpful at all. He observed his brother, on the bed, seemed like he was sleeping, peacefully and there was nothing to worry about…was he indeed?

The doctors and nurses would come from hour to hour and check all of them, talk to them. Dean's chances of waking up were tiny. John Winchester made sure the doctor would be honest with him, the man had his ways. Doctor Johnson saw himself in a dead end, no beating around the bush. But Sam had faith enough for both him and his dad. He believed in Dean's strength, his brother's taste for life, his job of keeping an eye on Sam. He would wake up, he had several reasons to.

"He'll wake up dad, I know Dean. Just give him some time". Sam said. John was sitting on a chair beside his son's bed. The room was quite simple; nothing in the hospital was exactly fancy. But Dean's room had some extra things; a nurse would bring him a vase with flowers every other day and leave it on the table next to his bed. It made the room a little more family like.

"I know Sam". John assured. He wasn't sure about a damn thing, he just really hoped so.

"I'm gonna grab some coffee, do you want some?" Sam offered. Neither of them had really slept, they were not exactly in a good shape themselves due to the latest events, but at least they were awake and they insisted in watching Dean.

"Sure". John answered simply, rubbing his face with his hands.

Sam went downstairs to the hospital's cafeteria. There he found many families, all looked very tired. Some drinking coffee, getting something to eat, taking a nap on the chair. He really hated hospitals. The vibes were so bad, so sad. He lets out a sigh, grabs two cups of coffee and sits down in the back of the cafeteria, in a good distant from the other people. He didn't know if he was just extremely tired or if his shining was getting all he vibes around him, he felt so wasted. Seeing Dean like that was not easy and he needed sometime for himself. He places his father's coffee on the table and takes a sip of his.

"Thirtieth cup of coffee I see you drinking in two days man". He spits the hot coffee out as he hears his brother's voice and looks around him…but saw none.

"I'm losing it". Sam says closing his eyes for some seconds, when he opens them again to take another sip from his coffee…

"Holy shit!" He screams getting up from the chair fast, drawing attention. Dean was sitting on the other chair, in front of him.

"Finally! I thought you'd never see me! Man, your shining is broken; I've trying to talk to you for two freaking days!" Dean says telling Sam off. Sam had both his eyes wide open. He just stares at Dean and the other people not knowing exactly what to do.

"Whenever you decide to sit down, they'll stop staring". Dean said crossing his arms in front of his chest. Sam slowly sat down on the chair. "Dean?" Sam whispered.

"And they say you're the smart one. Of course it's me".

"How?" He still couldn't believe his eyes.

"Obviously I'm in a coma, which is by the way very boring, I see hot nurses coming and going and they can't even see me, that's so not fair…and… I wish that was my biggest problem". Dean said

"What do you mean?" Sam said, a slight smile showing on his face. He didn't know how that was possible, but he was talking to his brother and his sense of humor was there, Dean would always be Dean, no matter what.

"There is this chick that only I can see…hot stuff dude…at first I thought she was in a coma like me so we were helping each other, but now…I'm almost sure she is… a reaper".

"WHAT?" Sam yelled shocked. All the people in the cafeteria were staring at him again. After all; he was apparently sitting there all alone, talking to an empty chair.

"Smooth; nice one Sammy". Dean said observing all the people.

Sam grinned at them and turned his attention back at Dean. The news for sure came to him as a shock, they had faced a reaper before, and this one had given Dean a new life and almost taken it back. Now the circumstances were different, Sam was in a different 'plan', if you prefer to call it like that and Dean would be more vulnerable to a possible reaper.

People died in hospitals all the time, and never had occurred to Sam that reapers could be quite common in hospitals.

"Is this girl anywhere around?" Sam whispered; no more drawing attention.

"No, she comes and goes; sometimes she just disappears out of the blue". Dean shrugged, as he took a look around and saw none.

Dean observes his brother's expression, one he knew very well, Sam was blaming himself again.

"Don't do that". Dean said rolling his eyes. "Do what?" Sam dodged.

"Feeling guilty about everything! That's why you never get any…you know about the good things in life, if you know what I mean". Dean had his classic grin on.

"Geez man, you're in a coma and you still manage to think about that".

"Are you kidding me! I can go through walls Sam, do you have any idea how many hot nurses change their clothes during the shifts? What they do in the bathroom when the weather is hot? It's free porn, live free porn!" Dean finished.

Not like there were many things for him to do as none could see him so, he had found a way to entertain himself, a good way.

"I see you've kept yourself busy". Sam pointed out

"Even a coma has a bright side…a hot bright side".

They got in silence for some minutes. That was a new situation for both of them; they had to find a way to make Dean wake up, soon. And yet, somehow Sam was feeling relieved, being able to see and talk to Dean was more than he could have wished for, now he knew what was happening to him, and with his help, they'd find a way to get out of this mess.

John hadn't talked about the demon for the past two days. He was quite aware that nothing but an argument would come from Sam if he even thought about it. How could he anyway? Not as long as Dean was like that.

Being possessed and almost killing his own son had been the most terrifying experience John had ever been through, he was just freaking glad Dean was still breathing.

"We should go upstairs and let dad know about…umm…you, maybe he can help".

"I'll meet you there, it's easier for me to just…you know, take a shortcut".

"No nurse's locker room Dean, this is serious". Sam tried to look as serious as he could, Dean couldn't help but grin at his brother, Sam being protective was just so not something he was actually used to, it actually felt good, to have someone doing something for you, specially if you're suddenly invisible; at least Dean wasn't feeling lonely anymore.

"You're such a joy kill. I'll meet you there". Dean headed toward a wall and went through it.

"That was not weird at all". Sam whispered to himself as he saw his brother disappear and headed upstairs as well, ignoring the people staring at him as he left.

Dean's room:

John was still sitting on a chair besides Dean's bed, his head hung low. Sam entered the room and saw Dean already there, standing beside his bed with his arms crossed in front of him; he waved hello as Sam got into the room.

"What a waste dude, chicks dig injured guys, they love to take care of them, specially being as hot as I am". Dean said looking at himself lying on the bed.

Sam just rolled his eyes. John looked at Sam; his son's expression was suddenly different. Sam didn't look so sad anymore, or so tired as a matter of fact, neither he had brought John's coffee.

"No coffee at the cafeteria?" John asked

"Oh, sorry, I forgot yours on the table. Dad, I have to tell you something".

"What is it?" John got up from the chair and waited for his answer. John was actually quite curious about the sudden change.

"Dean…is right here". Sam started, not knowing exactly how to explain himself. John looked at his unconscious son on the bed and looked back at Sam. "Yes Sam, I can see that".

"I mean, Dean's soul, spirit or whatever, is here, I can see him and talk to him". Sam looked at his brother who was enjoying his brother's explanation and his dad's confused look. Dean waves hello to his dad, making fun of Sam.

"He's waving". Sam says pointing at…nothing. John looks at the empty spot beside Sam still looking confused. "Sam…maybe you should get some sleep son and stop with the coffee for a couple of days".

"You'll end up in a straight jacket like that dude". Dean said amused.

"And whose fault is that?" Sam said not amused at all.

"I wasn't the one talking alone at the cafeteria". Dean remembered his brother's embarrassment.

"I was talking to you!" Sam said out loud not believing his brother's comment.

"But none can see me". Dean pointed out. John stared at his son talking to the wall, apparently. Was it really possible? Sure Sam had some special gifts, despite of all the supernatural things he had faced, it was just too good to be truth that Sam could communicate with Dean.

"Sam!" John shouted getting his attention. "You serious, is Dean really here? You can talk to him?" Sam lets out a sigh. "Yes dad, he is arguing with me if you didn't notice and by the way, he said that there might another reaper after him".

"Slow down Sam". Dean and John said together. "You'll scare the man like that". Dean finished. "First you tell me you can talk to Dean and now there is another reaper?" John asked right after Dean.

"Ok, you two slow down, I can't talk to both of you at the same time". Sam said looking at his brother then at his father. John passed his hands through his hair; that was just too much. "Tell Dean we'll find a way to help…"

"He can hear you, he's right here". Sam cut off his dad. "He's rolling his eyes by the way!" Sam concluded.

John looked where he imagined his son was standing. "Son, you have to hang on ok? Can't you try to wake up?" John asked. Not really a smart question but he was Dean's father and he had to try.

"Not like I haven't been trying". Dean stated the obvious.

"He has already tried". Sam said answering his father.

"Right. Anyway, tell Sam all you know about this supposedly reaper and, well' find a way to help and you'll wake up soon, I promise son". John assured him. He would do anything he could to save his son, he felt like he owned him that much after what had happened before the truck incident. John looked at Sam for some confirmation. "Dean understood what I said?" John asked, Sam never saw his father waiting so badly for a reply.

Dean nodded at Sam. "Dean understands it, he knows we'll help him". He confirmed.

"I'll need therapy after this one". Dean said.

Suddenly Dean saw the girl, the one he figured to be a reaper appearing in his room. "Sam, it's her!" Dean said pointing at the girl. Sam only had time to see her quickly before she disappeared. She was quite young, maybe Dean's age; innocence was far from being seen on her. The expression on her face said it all, good thing sure couldn't be.

"You're magnet for trouble Dean; didn't you see the look on her face?" Sam asked astonished, Dean should have realized she was no angel.

"You saw her?" He asked astonished, Dean figured he was the only who could see the girl.

"Yes, I saw her. She doesn't look like someone who needs help".

"Hey, she pretended to be scared when I met her ok? None could see her either!"

"Sam what's happening?" John asked even more confused.

"The reaper was right here, she disappeared".

"She?" John asked. "Dean, you're in a coma?" John stated feeling a little silly talking to Dean when he couldn't even see him but, Sam never gave reason to doubt him. Dean raised his eyebrows at his dad's comment and approached his bedroom's window; he had a view to the parking lot of the hospital.

"Sam?" Dean called as he saw something that called his attention. Sam went to the window. "Tell dad to come here and ask him if he can see that guy over there". Dean pointed to a man. Sam looked and saw the girl, or the supposed reaper talking to a man, but as Sam could also see her, they weren't sure if the man was another spirit or not.

Sam called his dad and explained what they were thinking. "Yes Sam, I can see him, but I see no girl". John said observing the long haired man by the car. He was fairly well dressed, but John couldn't see his face from the window.

"What a bitch! Why can she talk to him?" Dean asked. "I'm not so sure about anything anymore Sam".

"Maybe we should follow him with the car, see where he goes, maybe we'll find out who she is". Sam suggested.

"You can't go alone; we don't know anything about him". Dean was once again being the protective one.

"We can't leave your body alone here, it's too risky". Sam said not liking that situation at all. If John came alone none would be there to watch Dean.

"Boys! Care to include me on this conversation?" John said out loud.

"He's leaving, we have to go now or we'll lose him!" Sam ignored his dad as he saw the man getting inside the car.


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