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Chapter 13 - Geek boy plan

Dean felt himself drift away, slowly, lightly. He took a last look at the pile of ashes that were once an immortal hunter, then to the demon in shape of a man, and smiled one more time before he totally disappeared.
He meant to ask what the hell was going on, but he had no time to do so. Dean felt something drawing him, pulling him strongly, fiercely, giving him no control. Forcing him to just let it go. It was like being drunk…or drugged, except for the afterward consequences.

"Dean?" He heard a voice calling him…a distant, familiar voice. "Come on man, you can do it….open your eyes". A generous yet demanding tone asked.

'I'm going to…jeez, gimme a minute!' Dean thought trying to make some sense out of the whole thing.
Make sense wasn't really the right word, his unusual coma, and then the freaking trips to other …dimensions maybe? That creepy dark place with the disturbed souls, a sexy sorceress keeping him under a spell, not a spell Dean liked to be under. But still… nothing had made sense. And the itching, he was still feeling it, his arms…his legs…and a huge headache.

"Dean! You had enough sleep, open your eyes at once for the love of God!". Another voice…Missouri's voice. Definitely back at the hospital.

'Bossy today aren't we?' . That was what Dean liked most about her, she had such a strong personality, sure she could be a pain in the ass too.
Dean felt somewhat groggy, but managed to get his eyes open…his blurred vision recognized the white walls, that in his point of view were still weird and not soothing at all, and two colored shapes staring closely at him. One of the shapes, he recognized as his taller, little brother, that hair cut…couldn't be mistaken, not even to a groggy man.

'It's good to see that horrible hair cut! I'm back!!!' Dean made his own private celebration, he was awake, and for the moment, he had completely forgotten about the whole demon thing that had happened.

Dean made a self analyzation of his own body…he could feel his arms, that was good…feel his legs and toes…also good… his little friend down there seemed to be ok…that was the most important…and he felt no pain so far, thanks to the drugs. He felt no tubes down his throat, it had been removed as soon as he started waking up, but he was still attached to some machines.

"Sam?" He croaked now being able to see his brother and Missouri, with his adjusting to the light of his room. Of course his throat was sore and dry.
"I'm here man…it's good to see you awake" He said gladly. Missouri brought a glass of water and helped Dean take a few sips of it. "Hey Dean…good to see you're ok…cause being all so nice to you was getting on my nerves". She said.
"Right back at ya". Dean managed to say licking his lips to moist them.
"Give him some space Sam." She asked getting the glass, Sam was almost glued to the bed.
"Maybe I should call Dr. Bailey tell her he's totally awake". Missouri said leaving the room.

"Dr. Bailey? Short, chubby woman, with a temper?" Dean said jokingly, gaining a frown from his brother.
"No, tall brunette woman with huge boobs". Sam said giving a description.
"Umm, I could be her patient Mc Dreamy". Dean pouted picturing the woman Sam described.
"You're still groggy right?" He was clueless about what his brother was saying, but he knew it was one of Dean's jokes, even after coming back from a complicated coma Dean could wake up joking.

Dean took a look around in his room, the boring hospital room and noticed an absence. His father wasn't there…just then; he had flashes of the last thing he saw before waking up.
"Where's dad?" He asked not really wanting to know the answer…or to ask Sam how he had just woken up…or if a deal had indeed been made. Sam was usually against reckless ideas, except if he was desperate, then noble Sam appeared ready to sacrifice himself for the cause.

"He'll be right back; I called his phone when you started waking up". Dean analyzed his brother…he didn't look like someone who had made a stupid decision… or there would be a chick flick moment on the way.

"Spit it all out, right now. How did you guys free the demon? Why did you do it? Why was the demon being gentle to me? I never saw a supernatural bastard giving me a tender look and smiling…I mean…it doesn't make any sense!" While Dean was speaking all fast and confused like that, Sam was grinning. Mocking his brother's overreaction, overprotection.

"What the hell are you grinning about? If a deal was made you'd better undo it…I don't care how!" Sam let out a sigh, that reaction was expected, he sat at the same chair Missouri had been sitting in previously, very close to Dean's bed. Now his big brother was the one with a puppy look… a lost puppy that needed guidance.
"Calm down Dean. It's nothing like that".

"I'm glad its amusing to see me freak out…what happened?" Sam bit the bottom of his lips and proudly started explaining his plan.

"Dad has that spell on his journal…"
"To kill an immortal…but that can only be enchanted by a demon". Dean interrupted.
"Are you gonna let me explain it?" Dean rolled his eyes and nodded. "So as Missouri has psychic skills…more developed than mine she used her mind to hypnotize Jake…and I guess she ended up hypnotizing you too…after all we were doing all this inside this room…your room. The man you saw was actually dad. Jake saw him as the demon as he was hypnotized… and believed he was the demon…"
"If his mind believes…his body does also…and when dad enchanted the spell…"
"It was as if a demon was enchanting it…and it worked. As Jake was dying, the spell keeping you in a coma was undone allowing you to wake up from your coma".
"That's why I saw myself disappear little by little". Dean looked at his brother as they finished the whole plan explanation. Sam had the biggest grin ever on his lips.

"Ok…so that was bright idea…geek boy idea". Dean joked, but he was proud of his little brother. The plan had just a few dangers and the cursed demon was still trapped.
"Come on… say it". Sam said with his arms crossed in front of is chest.
"Say what?" Dean frowned, pretending he didn't know what Sam was talking about.
"Say you were sure dad and I had made a deal with the demon and that my geek plan was awesome…better than yours usually are". Dean let out a 'pff' sound, that request was too much for his ego.
"My plans work just fine". Dean defended himself. Sam held his grinning expression waiting for his brother to say what he wanted to hear.

That was amusing to Dean too. He was glad no deal had been made, and no lives had been sacrificed for his own. Most of all, that he could be seen and heard by other people than Missouri and Sammy.
"Jeez Sam…fine! Your plan was …a good plan… and yes, I was pissed off and no, I won't say all of this again near Missouri, the woman is already cocky as hell…maybe more than me". Sam chuckled, that was Dean alright. Old Dean that was, one who couldn't go through walls, or take control of his body to grab some girl's ass or show up out of the blue. Now he'd have to use doors again, like everyone else. That had never been so good.

They heard a slight knock on the door and John came in. That was the tender smile Dean had seen…it was after all, his dad's gentle voice. Even with all the rough training and rough methods John had used with his boys…hardly showing any emotion or complimenting them, the few times really counted, really treasured the moment. His hidden kindness was well known by Dean…mainly because it was so rare. Even when he saw his father as another man… even believing this man to be a demon, he could recognize that rare kindness.

"Fully awake I see". He said approaching Dean's bed. "How are you feeling".
"Ready to get the hell outta here". He was never a big fan of hospitals anyway, no Winchester was…family thing. "Where were you?"
"I had some ashes to clean".
"Right". Jake's ashes… that could become a problem eventually, even being the ashes of a man who had been alive for centuries.
"Thanks dad…for not making any stupid decision…all do respect sir". Dean said, relieved. John nodded, as Dean he also felt uncomfortable with chick flicks, but was more than glad Dean was ok. "It's good to have you back…I'm…gonna see if I find Missouri and your doctor…and see when you can get out".

"Uhh dad? … What happened to my car?" Dean asked raising his eyebrows.
John and Sam exchanged a look…the car was a little bit… destroyed. With all the mess and problems they had had, no one had even remembered of the Dean's car.

"Uhh…the truck Dean…your car is…"
"Ohh…I had forgotten about that". Ok, so not everything was exactly peachy…but nothing he couldn't fix… if that was possible. "It's fixable right? I mean…its not all that damaged… is it?" John grinned…all that Dean had been through, and his main concern was not even to ask about his own condition, but his precious car's condition. "It's fixable". John affirmed; bring relief to Dean as he left the room to chase Missouri.

"You know Sammy…I remember almost everything that happened while I was a ghost…I sure remember the nurse's perfect boobs…man that I'll never forget, but I woke up with this huge need to have some-"
"Here". Sam said not letting Dean finish his phrase. He reached for his pocket and grabbed a bag of peanut M&Ms and gave it to Dean.

Dean frowned…how long had he been in a coma? Was Sam reading his thoughts too now? "How the hell did you… ?"
"Let's say…you'd have hugged the candy machine if you could. You're the only ghost who asks for M&Ms". Sam said interrupting Dean's question again.

"Sounds like me". Dean opened the bag and tossed a full hand of M&Ms inside his mouth.
"You know…you remember by any chance… forcing me to grab a girl's ass and being slapped right after?" Sam asked narrowing his eyes, holding his laugh. Dean stopped for a moment…mouth full of chocolate and pouted…pretended he was thinking and tossed some more chocolate inside his already full mouth.
"No idea what you're talking about". He lied still with his mouth full and then grinned making Sam chuckle


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