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Chapter 1

"I'm pregnant."

Mom, dad, and Max all look at me in surprise. Their mouths gaping open. Dad started to choke on his pancakes. They stare at me like I'm sort of monster and I know what they're thinking. May, our May I know they're surprised. I was surprised myself. May Maple getting herself pregnant like that. But it wasn't my entire fault. They know it wasn't my entire fault. Yet they continue to stare.

I just want to sit down. I want to sit and pretend this never happened. But they won't let me.

"When did this happen?" asks mom, her face full of worry. Dad was now slowly drinking his glass of milk and Max was pushing in one of his contacts.

"When did this happen?" she asks again.

I'm thinking, when did this happen? "Yesterday." I say, biting my lower lip.

Max looks embarrassed. "Who?" A small blush crosses his face. He was fourteen years-old now and fully aware that babies didn't come from nowhere. Mom and Dad look at me too now. Their eyes trying to read me. I stare down at my shoes, my red ones. Who do you think? I want to ask. But this was no time to be disrespectful. "Drew."

Mom stands up and mutters something about cleaning the dishes and Max says he needs to go train. Its just me and dad now. He glares at me from behind his pancakes. I can see he's angry with me. He never liked Drew, even when I told him Drew was the one who helped me when I was first starting to be a pokemon co'ordinator.

Dad just stares and I continue to look down at my shoes. I want to say something, anything. I want to tell him being pregnant wasn't the plan, being pregnant wasn't part of any plan in my head. It just happened.

But dad wouldn't listen, I know him. If it weren't for him, I would have never become a trainer when I was ten; I would still be home; crying over soaps. Dad finally attacks his pancakes before laying out his game plan. "You're having the baby."

I look up from my shoes into his grayish blue eyes, but that's all he says; I'm going to have the baby.

Mom comes in from the kitchen and dad tells her to sit down. I remain standing and my legs are starting to give way. Mom can't believe what dad is saying either. She's against it, 110. But dad stays firm on what he said. I don't care much, because I was planning on having the baby anyway. There was no talk about it; it just wouldn't be fair to kill it.

Mom argues still. "She won't be able to look after it!" She shouts, pointing at me like I'm some sort of rare pokemon. "Norman, May will not be able to take care of it. It will do us all good if we stop it from ever being a problem!"

Dad swallows his milk in one gulp. "We will be there to make sure it will grow well."

"Norman, May's too young and we'll get too old before we're much help!"

Dad shakes his head. "We will help when we can."

Mom makes a good point, but so does dad. Their arguments go on and I find myself once again thinking of Drew. It's not like it wasn't normal for me, Drew was my boyfriend; I was ALLOWED to think about him. Ever since the grand festival in Kanto, Drew and I have been dating. He had confessed his love for me and I had confessed mine. Although it wasn't love back then, more like a growing crush. But now it was love, oh yes, now it was sweet sweet love. Drew moved to Petalburg by luck when we were both thirteen. And just as my birthday present he took me out on our first date. Ever since then, we had been seeing each other every other day. And even if we were dating, Drew still enjoyed teasing me. We trained together, for the most part. He taught me how to get more serious about my training and I taught him how to get more serious about fun. We made a good couple, and hopefully, good parents.

When I finally snapped back to reality, dad and mom are still arguing. I don't know what made me say it, but I just did. "Nine months."

Mom and dad look at me, and they repeat. "Nine months?"

"Yes, nine months. The baby's not due in nine months, so why do we have to decide on it now?"

Mom and dad look back at each other. "Fine," says Dad. "We'll sleep on it."

"Now, about Drew…" Mom looks back over at me. "Did you tell him?"

"About the baby? No," I look back to my shoes. "But I plan to."

Mom and dad share one last long look until dad stands up. "We'll have this discussion later." He says. "I must go to the gym and get ready for the trainers."

Mom gives me a small smile, those ones that say I I am sorry it had to go this way./I And I'm sorry too. Mom leaves the room and I began to rub my belly, the same spot where the baby was supposed to be.

Today was one of those days I stayed home. I sat in bed finishing my glass of juice as I flipped through the channels of my TV. I was thinking of ways on how to break the news to Drew. How our "fooling around" caused an early parenthood.

I notice tears and I know how stupid it is, because I wasn't crying when I told mom and dad. But maybe it just hit me. I was sixteen years-old, and I was pregnant. I wouldn't be allowed to compete in contests anymore. And then I see Drew. For two weeks now, we were training together. Battling against each other to make sure we or our pokemon weren't getting weak. All that time we wasted training and getting worried about the contest in Oldale town were pointless because I couldn't compete.

How would Drew feel? It was just yesterday when he told me how well his pokemon were doing. It was just a week ago when this whole problem started.

Drew came over a little bit after lunch so to give me time to get ready after helping dad at the gym. I made sure to wear something hot and still okay by my parents for our date. I was super excited because Drew had said the night before that this was a day I would never forget.

I excitedly opened the door to see him standing over by the small tree we recently planted in the front. Had it been a year ago, he would've come in the house. But I guess he was sick of the way dad gave him the evil glares. "Drew!"

He smiled, with both his mouth and his eyes. "Hey May, you ready?"

"Am I ever!" I walked over to him and linked arms as we walked over to his car. It was a nice silver four passenger. And no matter how many times I rode in it, it always felt new.

He opened and closed my door for me before sliding into the driver's seat. "Today," he said as he backed out of the driveway, "Will be an adventure."

I smiled. "An adventure, are you kidding? I hope you don't mean us traveling to different cities by foot, do you?"

He gave me a quick look. "Not the adventure I was thinking of. At least not today, but you know, you could use the exercise."

"Drew!" I said before swatting an old newspaper at him. He ducked, of course. "You know I'm telling the truth. You need to get out there and run every once in a while. So I was thinking, why don't we run together for an hour every morning?"

I swatted at him again. "Running? You MUST be kidding. Isn't it obvious to you that I suck at running? Hasn't it ever occurred to you that I HATE running? Drew, my little brother Max runs faster than me!"

Drew just smiled. "If at once you don't succeed, try, try again."

I couldn't help but smile. "So what kind of adventure were you thinking, exactly?"

Drew flicked his hair. I remember thinking he did it to show off but he said it always got into his eyes and annoyed him. "What kind of adventure, well if I told you, it wouldn't be an adventure."

"Nooo, tell me!" I hate it when people do that to me. Tell me something is so cool and not even tell me what it is.

Drew laughed. "My lips are sealed." He reached for the radio and fiddled with it until he got to our favorite station. And the song they were playing, turned out to be my favorite. "By popular request," said the DJ. "Here goes Once Upon a Time."

I saw Drew roll his eyes as I began to sing along. "I dreamt… I dreamt that in the deepest of oceans… deepest of oceans… we would meet. In the darkness of the night, in the brightness of the sky, we would me-et… Once upon a time, where fairy tails came true… we would meet; in the darkness of the sea… we would me-et! Oh baby, oh baby, maybe. Maybe we can make this a reality, in once upon a time. In once upon a time in me-e! We can make this a reality, oh baby, enough of this dream! Let us make this into a reality! I once had a dream that we would meet… in the darkness of the sea… in the privacy of me… we would meet… But I'm sick of this dream! I'm sick of dreaming what we can make into a reality! I once had a dream that we would meet… baby can you hear me? Do you dream with me? Oh baby, do you weep with me? Do you toss and turn with thoughts of me? I am sick of this dream… I am sick of dreaming what we can make a reality! Oh baby, oh baby, maybe. Maybe we can make this a reality, in once upon a time. In once upon a time in me-e! We can make this a reality, oh baby, enough of this dream! Let us make this into a reality!"

I was about to finish the song, but Drew had stopped the car. I looked around. "We're at your house." I said, as if it weren't obvious.

"Yeah, I know." Drew opened his door and walked around the car and opened mine.

"What are we doing here?" I asked.

"Um, I want you to hear this CD I bought."

"Oh," I followed him to the house where he opened it. "Where are your parents?"

He shrugged. "Some party. Come on, you go up to my room and I'll get us something to drink."

"Okay." I guess I should have gotten it at that. I should've figured out that Drew didn't want me to only listen to the CD. But for some reason, my brain didn't click on the clues and it came as a real surprise.

When he came up later, he held two glasses of something, I didn't know what it was; and I was too stupid to actually ask. But I did figure out that whatever it was, it had alcohol in it. Because the next thing I knew we were listening to some punk rock when Drew began rubbing my thigh. "May," He said. "You don't know how much, how much I love you."

And suddenly I knew what was coming next, love was coming next. The way Drew kissed me, long and hard I knew what was going to happen. I took one drink of whatever was in my glass and then everything became hazy. Hands were going everywhere, tongues in each others mouths and clothes were on the floor. The next thing I remember was waking up in my bed the next day with a massive head ache and my clothes from the day before on the floor. I quickly pulled off my bed sheet to notice that I was wearing some of Drew's clothes, and I'm wondering, how did I ever get passed mom and dad?

We did it several times after that, and all those times I came home making sure I still had my clothes on. It was until this morning that I figured out I was pregnant.

Mom comes in from the hallway just to see me crying. Her hand tightly gripped on the phone. "It's Drew." She mouths.

I nod and signal for her to give it to me. Once she leaves the room, I take several deep breaths before talking. "Hi Drew!"

"Hey, May?" Drew takes in a deep breath. "I have very bad news for you."

And suddenly I feel better. If Drew's news is very bad, maybe mine won't sound so horrible. "Yeah?"

"I'm really sorry May." He takes in another deep breath. "B-but I'm moving."

End of Chapter 1

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