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Chapter 20

"Thank you for riding the S.S. 49!" shouted the captain onto the loudspeaker as everyone got up the next morning. "We will be reaching Petalburg in an hour so you better prepare or you'll stay on this ship for another day!"

May yawned before slowly emerging out of sleep. Today, she had told herself, was the day she was going to see Drew. Today was the day… today was…

May gulped.

But just the thought of it brought her nervousness. And nervousness made her worry, and worry made her…

But she couldn't think about that. Because Ash was with her. May smiled. He would always be with her, just as he said when she was first heading off on to the plane.

I know that this may not seem like much, but whenever you do feel like talking, May, you know my cell phone number.

The young brunette reached for her cell phone, pulling it out of her brown bag. It was strange, it was strange how much sense Ash was making lately. Was Montgame doing more than just helping him with his training? Was it training his mind too? May paused at the idea, paused at the idea of young Ash, sitting in a dull classroom, learning.

She laughed.

But she knew he was smart. Yes, Ash was in fact smarter than most people thought he was. She knew that now. She knew that when Ash had told her to go back to Drew, he was right. She had to go back to Drew. Drew needed her, and she had to admit, she needed him too. So May and Ash had agreed. They both agreed that they would go back to the ones they loved and give it another try. And since May had been with Drew for a long time, it didn't hurt to try to get back together, did it?

May smiled, she had felt so much better after Ash told her he was there, as if she had been freed. And the girl inside of her had disappeared. May yawned, but this was no time to reflect on her life. She had to go. The young brunette stood up, reaching for her bags. And as she stepped towards the door to her room, one of her pokeballs slipped from her bag and rolled on to the floor.


May looked back, "Eevee!" she cried. "You're not supposed to come out!"

"Ewee!" The small pokemon replied, excitedly.

May couldn't help but smile. "Alright then," she said as she reached over to pet her furry little Pokemon. "Let's get going."

Eevee nodded up at its master and began to follow her out the door.

The ship that they were now leaving was filled with more people than it was when May had reached Pallet town so many days before. Most people were eager to leave the ship while others were tiredly walking down the steps, almost hesitant to leave the safety of the ship. May stepped outside of her room and took a big whiff of the sea air. "Someday," she breathed. "I'm going to sail around the world so I can get to know the sea better." She smiled to herself. "Like Misty."


May looked down at her eevee and scooped it up. "You want to, too, huh?" she said, laughing gleefully. "Who wouldn't?" she asked. "Who wouldn't want to sail the seven seas?"

Eevee nodded at its master and squeezed out of May's grasps.

"Eevee?" May said, uncertainly, what was her pokemon doing?

"Eev!" the small brown pokemon cried before running down to the dock below.

"Eevee! Come back here!" May yelled, she watched her pokemon as she herself climbed down the steps.

And that's when she saw it… that's when she saw… home.

Home. Sweet, sweet home.

There was a special feeling that came to May then. A special feeling that uplifted her and brought her nostalgic feelings all at once. Homesick feelings. She wasn't gone that long and yet, she already missed her family. She could almost hear their surprised voices when she entered the house.

"May?" they would say. "What are you doing back so early?"

And then she remembered, they would be gone by the time she reached the house. May stood quietly on the steps, pausing as she remembered. This was the month they were all supposed to be gone. She had felt so important before, leaving the house for a month. And now, the month had hardly started, and here she was, back at home. May sighed and continued down the steps. It was a beautiful day outside, the sun was shining over the blue sea and the breeze was absolutely nice. And yet, she felt sad… and lonely.

May reached the dock and stood there, watching the ocean, its waves crash onto the many boats that lined the Petalburg shore.

"May, can I help you with your bags?"

May shook her head. "No, it's alright." She turned to face who had asked her. "Thanks for as-" Her voice suddenly froze in her throat. May found herself staring into Drew's green eyes; his smiling green eyes. She could see his mouth moving and his hand flicking his hair, but she couldn't hear a word. Her heart was beating a million times per second.

Drew, it was Drew! Standing here before her! The next thing she knew, he was hugging her and she was hugging him back. "What are you doing here?" She asked, breathlessly. He was here, he was here, he was actually here.

"Remember?" He said, lovingly. "I told you I'd check in every once in a while, so it would feel like I never left."

May could have laughed then, laughed at him for remembering such an old promise. But she didn't. She couldn't. Her memories of their break up, of their time away from each other, of the past few days… they all came to her then and her chin began to quiver. Tears welled up in the young brunette's eyes. "I gave you bad advice." She said.

"I gave you a bad time." Drew replied, softly as he held May closer to him, allowing her to cry in his chest.

"I'm sorry," she said, burying herself into Drew's black sweater.

"I'm sorry, too." he replied. "I'm sorry for cheating on you and never telling you in the first place."

"I'm sorry about making you feel guiltier after A-Amy's death."

"I'm sorry about breaking your heart, I never meant to. I never wanted us to be over."

May paused, attempting to swallow the lump in her throat. "Then… why did you?" she finally asked.

"Because… because I didn't know it would be considered cheating. I liked Amy and you, a lot. And I wanted to date you both. But I didn't know how you would handle it. And when you broke up with me, I became so bad to Amy and forced her to do suicide and…"

"It's alright Drew," May tightened her grip on the green haired boy before her. "I forgive you, and I'm going to be here for you if you need to talk."

Drew rested his head on top of May's. "Thanks May, I don't know what I would do without you." He sighed, "Do you think it's possible for us to get back together?"

"I don't think it would be good if we did right after Amy's death." May said, truthfully.

"Yeah," Drew smiled, sadly. "Yeah, you're right."

May smiled a little. "But we could go easy right now and eventually get together." She offered.

Drew pulled May closer to him, he missed the feeling of her body against his own, the way she seemed to fit perfectly in his arms. He missed her voice, her beautiful voice that helped him whenever he needed her to. Her face, her smile, he missed everything about her. "Yeah," he said after some time. Going easy sounds nice."

May smiled, "yeah, it does, doesn't it?" The young brunette looked up at Drew and he looked back at her. May's eyes widened, Drew, there was a hint of tears in his eyes. It was the first time; in all the years she had known him, that she saw him get anywhere close to tears. And then, Drew closed his eyes and leaned closer to May. Slowly, she closed her own eyes, waiting for Drew's lips to reach her own. And when he did, May could feel herself smiling inside. She really wanted to get back together with Drew. And she knew it would be hard for her not to for sometime, but it was true, it wasn't good to get back together so quickly after Amy's death.

"Hey, Drew?"


May looked in to Drew's eyes. "Are you going to Amy's funeral?"

"No," the young teen said, shaking his head. "We are."

May smiled.

Drew pulled away from her then and smiled. "I'm about to go back to Sootopolis, want to come with?"

May rubbed her chin in thought. "Umm, well, I guess I could." She grinned. "So which plane are we catching? Or are we going by ferry? Maybe bus?"

Drew smirked. "Planes, ferry, bus? None of course."

"None," gasped May. "What do you mean?"

"I mean we're going to walk. That's how I got here."

"Liar!" May laughed. "You're kidding."

"I'm not, I got here by walking and I planned to get back by walking."

May pulled herself away from Drew and reached for her abdomen. "But I'm pregnant."

"Fine," replied Drew. He reached for May's bags and began to walk away. "If you feel sick, we'll get on a bus, I promise."

"But I want to get on a bus now!" whined May, walking after Drew.

Drew just laughed. "Nope, not now."


"No, May, remember, I said you needed the exercise."

"No, no exercise right now."

"Yes exercise right now." Drew swung May's bags over his shoulder and began to run.

"Come on May! We have to get going!"

May began to quicken her step. "Don't run!" She pled, chasing after him. She hated running, although she had when she was with Ash, but when she was with Drew, she didn't want to run. The truth was that Drew was a way better runner than Ash and he did nothing but run when he woke up in the morning. She doubted that he got here by walking, he had probably run. But May couldn't help but smile, she could feel herself getting excited as she jogged past the people who had just gotten off the ship. They hardly gave her and Drew a glance, they had their own problems to deal with. But some stood and stared at the two, some even smiled.

"They sure are chipper," said a woman to her husband.

"Why wouldn't they?" replied the man. "It's a beautiful day."

May laughed a little, she was happy to be with Drew again. She was happy to feel as if nothing changed. "Come back!" she shouted. "Slow down!"

"Wow May," replied Drew. "You sure are out of shape!"


May looked down towards her ankles. "Eevee!" She said. "I was starting to worry."

"Ewee!" Eevee began to run quicker until it reached Drew way ahead of May.

May quickened her step, "Don't leave me too Eevee!"

Drew laughed, "come on May! Let's go!"

May heard her cell ring and stopped to pick it up. It was a text message from Ash.

I know this is sudden of me, but I was wondering how you were doing. You're not depressed, are you?

May smiled and began to reply.

I'm happy you're checking on me Ash.

May looked up and saw Drew slip on Eevee's tail and fall on his behind. She laughed.

And, depressed? No, I'm not. Actually the farthest thing from it.

Eight months later

May's Perspective.

"It's beautiful."

"It's cute."

"It's drooling."

"It's a baby, of course its drooling, Ash."

I smiled up at my friends; they were all here. Ash, Misty, Brock, Ritchie, Gary, Tracy, and my brother, Max. I caught Ritchie's eyes once but we gave each other a quick smile and looked away. Ever since we first met, we became better friends. He and I would call each other whenever we could and talk about what was happening. He recently became a third year Pokemon Master and on Daisy's wedding, we danced together for a few songs. It wasn't meant for romance but because we were friends. We had exchanged phone numbers and promised to call each other. And we did. I was happy to have gotten to know Ritchie more. He and Jane were still dating, and Drew and I were still dating. But that didn't stop us from being friends. I looked up at him once more, he smiled.

"Can I hold her?" asked Max as he neared the side of my bed.

"Sure," I replied, handing him the baby in my arms.

Max smiled. "She has your eyes."

"And Drew's hair." said Misty, standing beside Max.

"Drew has green hair?" asked Tracy.

"You do, too." replied Ritchie.

I closed my eyes for sometime before opening them. The baby, my baby, had turned out to be a girl. When Drew and I learned of it we spoke to each other and tried to come up with names for our new baby. And after sometime, we finally came up with Hope. Mom and dad thought that was a weird name for a girl and suggested their own names. Mom even suggested we name it after her. But we stood firm on our idea. Hope was to remind us of all we went through while she was being created inside of me. All of the tears and laughs; all of the bad times and good. Hope was to remind us to never give up hope.

"And if it was a boy?" I had asked Drew.

He stared into my eyes before smiling. "I don't know," he replied truthfully. "I guess we're lucky we had a girl."

"She's so cute." said Misty, poking her finger at Hope. Hope looked up at her with her blue eyes. She reached for Misty's finger and wrapped her own hand around it.

"And tiny," said Ash walking over to Misty's side.

"She's supposed to be," answered Max. "She's a baby."

I looked up at Max, for some reason, he looked younger, younger than 14 years old. We had all come, back in the first week of June, to see Max in the Indigo Plateau. He was happy to see us there and was happy to see us cheer for him. I guess it was because he was the one to always cheer for us and offer help, but now it was his turn to have a crowd. Max had done well for the first try. He beat everyone that came his way, but he had gotten his head so swelled up that he lost in the fourth round. He came up in the best four. We were all so happy for him and he was happy too. But when we got home, he got a little depressed. I remember being afraid that he was never going to train again. But then one day, Cindy dropped by and asked to speak with Max. She had entered his room and didn't come out for several hours. Max told us a week later that he was going to enter the Johto league and try again.

"I bet Pikachu would love to see Hope," said Ash with a smile.

"Where is Pikachu?" asked Ritchie.

"At home," Ash shrugged. "Mom said it would be criminal if I forced him on the plane right after we came home from Montgame."

"And that's okay," I said. "Pikachu has way more times in the future to see Hope."

"Here, let me hold her." Brock motioned for Max to give him Hope. And when Hope was in his arms, he smiled down at her. "She's a very cute baby."

"I wonder who she resembles most." said Gary, standing beside Brock. "The dad or the mom?"

"It could be the grandparents." said Misty.

"Or the uncle," added Ash.

"Come to think of it," Misty looked down at Max and over at Hope. "Max does look a lot like Hope."

Max blushed.

"You mean Hope looks a lot like Max," corrected Brock.

Misty laughed, "oops, my bad."

"So who takes custody?" asked Tracy, looking over at me.

"I do," I said. "Drew and I talked it over, and we decided it was best for me to take care of Hope."

"Yeah, Tracy, the mom is the one who breastfeeds not the dad." added Misty.

Tracy turned away with an embarrassed look on his face, everyone laughed.

"Do you think you could do it?" asked Ritchie, looking over at me seriously. "Do you think you could really take care of Hope? Alone?"

Suddenly everyone's eyes were on me. Could I do it? Could I stand watching Hope, taking care of her forever? Staying up in the night just to calm her cries? I gulped; this was part of the deal after all. For every cute baby came some un-cute chores. So I nodded. "I don't think I could," I admitted. "But I will."

Gary smiled, and put his arms around Ash's and Ritchie's shoulder. "And even if you can't, I'm here for you."

"Yeah, every one of us is." said Ash.

"Especially me!" Misty winked. "I'm good with babies."

"And I can help," said Brock, carefully handing Hope for Ritchie to hold. "I have ten little brothers and sisters to take care of, and I remember what I had to do when they were babies. And there were ten of them, so taking care of one Hope won't be so bad."

Ritchie slowly rocked Hope in his arms. "I won't be here all the time." He said, quietly, he looked over at me and smiled again. "But that doesn't mean I'm not willing to help." He slowly lifted Hope and put her in Tracy's arms.

Tracy tried to make funny faces for Hope; she stared back at him like he was crazy. "Since Professor Oak is back, I have more free time." He handed Hope to Ash. "And I love babies."

"Everyone does," said Ash, staring down at Hope. Misty peered over his shoulder. Ash looked up at her, smiling, and then looked towards me. "I'm just a call away."

"Me too!" said Misty taking Hope away from Ash. Hope was traveling around the room, going from one person to the other. And finally, she landed back into my arms, where she fell asleep, yet again. I smiled up at my friends. "Thank you, you guys, that's really nice of you. And you guys are pretty awesome."

Gary pretended to be polishing something off of his T-shirt. "We try."

"And I'll call for you whenever I do need help."

"And even if she does," said Max, turning to the others. "I'll be there."

"Well then, Max," Ash reached down for Max's head and ruffled his hair a bit. "We're counting on you."

"Where's my granddaughter?"

Everyone turned to the door to see mom coming in with dad and a nurse not too far behind her. Mom was the only one who didn't want Hope to come, yet she was the one who wanted to be the only one to hold her. If it wasn't for dad suggesting a coffee break, mom would still be in here, carrying Hope around.

"She's right here," I said to her. "And she's fine."

Mom smiled and reached for Hope but dad stopped her. "Maybe it's best to let her rest for a little bit, Carolyn."

Mom looked over at dad and smiled. "Yeah, I guess you're right."

The nurse, a blond, fairly young woman, entered the room after mom and dad. She reached for the curtains and opened them up, allowing sunlight to enter the room. "How's mommy?" She asked turning towards me.

"She, I mean, I am fine." I answered with a grin.

The nurse smiled. "Good, good." She said, nodding. "Do you think it's time for mommy to feed baby?"

I blushed a little. "Yeah, I guess."

The nurse nodded once more as she reached for a blanket to cover Hope and me as I reached for my breast and fed Hope. It hurt a little, but I decided not to say anything.

"Baby sure is hungry." said the nurse, turning to the others.

The boys looked around nervously, but Misty stayed by my side. "She takes after May."

"Yeah, I noticed." the nurse smiled. "I wish my daughter took after me, but she takes more after her father."

"People say I take after my dad, too." Misty shrugged. "But I don't see much of a resemblance."

Ash coughed and Misty gave him a light punch in the arm. "Are you saying I take after my dad, Ash Ketchum?"

Ash looked over at Misty, innocently. "Who, me? I didn't say a word."

I was happy for them, just as Ash had promised before, he spoke to Misty for a long time and they got back together. I remember being really happy to have seen him dancing with Misty at the weddings, holding her body close to his own. But since there weren't that many girls, Misty and I had decided to dance with a different boy each song. Drew wasn't invited to the first of the three weddings, so I danced with every boy. It was especially fun to dance with Ash because he sort of came out with his own moves. And for one of the dances, we all decided to do the Macarena. Misty's parents thought we were crazy, but everyone had joined in and we had the most fun when we all had to shake our hips. Everyone broke into laughs after we did; even Misty's grandparents.

"See?" Ash had said to me when we both went to get a drink. "This is what I was talking about; I didn't want to miss this, miss having fun."
I had smiled, sneaking a glance at Max offering a dance to Misty and then both of them dancing. "And I'm happy you didn't."

"I think mommy's done feeding baby," the nurse reached for Hope and I remembered where I was. She put Hope on the small bed given to her and allowed her to rest. "Too much love is good, but sometimes baby needs to rests."

"And besides," said mom. "Baby will be getting a lot of love when she sees the rest of her family."

Max and I absolutely stared at mom in horror. "You didn't." we said in unison.

Mom nodded. "Come on honey, don't you think Hope deserves to see the rest of her family?"

Dad froze. "Don't tell me you've alerted my parents, too, Carolyn."

"I did," replied mom with a smile.

"Mom," said Max in a whiny tone. "Hope was just born a few hours ago, do you really think this is all necessary?"

"Yes, I do. If Hope doesn't see her family now, when will she?"

I sunk in my bed with a sigh.

"Oh, come on, May," said Ash with a small grin. "It could be worse; Hope may have to see Drew's family, too."

I groaned. "Not helping."

"But your mom's right," said Ritchie. "Hope should get to know her mom's and dad's side of the family. It's not good to grow up not knowing your cousins at all."

The nurse stood up, "not today, I hope."

"Oh no," said mom. "I'm scheduling it next week."

"Good," the nurse turned to me and then to the boys. "So, if this is mommy and this is baby, where's daddy?"

Everyone sort of froze and looked at each other. Where was daddy? They wondered. The nurse, thinking Hope's dad was in the room, continued to stare at the boys. "So, where's daddy?"

The boys looked uncomfortable and turned to look at me, and then everyone was staring at me. Daddy meaning Drew. I looked down to my lap. We had talked about it over the phone a few days ago and I remember what we had said.

"Hope wants to come out," I said with a happy squeal. "I can feel it."

"Not without me, I hope." said Drew, with equal excitement in his voice.

"What do you mean? I thought we said it was okay if you couldn't come."

"If," said Drew. "But I'm free this week, you just have your mom or dad call me when you have Hope and I'll come."


"No buts May, I want to see Hope in her first day on Earth."

I took a deep breath. "Okay then Drew, you can come, I'll be waiting."

"Great then, I'll show up."


"I promise."

"So, who's the daddy?" asked the nurse, again.

Misty gave me a quick glance before turning to the nurse. "You see, Hope's dad is-"


Everyone turned to face the door as it slowly opened, I could feel excitement building up inside of me and I smiled. Drew stood there at the door; he held a small rose, the flower that had started our relationship so many years before. He walked over to me and put it into my hands. "For the mom," he smiled and looked at the nurse. "And now, can I please see my daughter?"

The nurse froze for a little bit before pointing to where Hope slept. "O-of course."

"Ah!" May sat down happily onto her bed. "I never thought," she breathed, "That I would miss my bed this much."

Carolyn entered the room with Hope in her arms. "What are you saying? It's not like you left it for so long."

"I know," replied May, sitting up.

Carolyn sat down beside her. "Norman and I are about to go ahead and buy a bed for Hope, do you think we can take her with?"

May shrugged. "Yeah, okay." She smiled. "Hope likes you a lot mom."

"And I love her," Carolyn stared out May's bedroom window. "I really can't believe it, I can't believe it's already winter."

"Hope is a winter baby."

"Yes, but just last winter, would you have pictured yourself having a baby a year later?"

"Of course not," said May lying back down on her bed. "Last year my biggest problem was finding everyone a Christmas present, this year, its finding a way to taking care of Hope and entering contests at the same time."

Carolyn rocked Hope in her arms, "that's why life is so great. It's so unexpected, sometimes we are brought happy times and sometimes sad."

May smiled. "Yeah, I know, mom. And many more unexpected things are just waiting to happen with Hope here. And we just have to brace them, whether good or bad."

Carolyn paused before looking in to her daughter's curious eyes. "Do you think you're ready for it?" she asked.

May closed her eyes for sometime before opening them again. "I can only hope."

Norman walked past May's bedroom and popped his head into her doorway. "Come on, Carolyn, we need to go shop for Hope's bed."

"Which will go in our room." said Carolyn standing up.

May sat up quickly. "No, she's my baby; her crib will go in my room."

"And I can do without the crying, thank you." added Norman.

"Fine, fine," said Carolyn, walking towards Norman. She looked back at May. "Are you sure you don't want to come, honey?"

"I'm positive," May grinned. "You just go have fun and do some bonding with your new grand daughter."

Carolyn nodded, and she, Hope, and Norman disappeared from May's bedroom and headed towards the car outside. May fell back onto her bed, for the first time in a long time, she was feeling comfortable and not sick. Her body felt right again with Hope out of her, but she knew she had gained a few pounds. She was planning to run it away in the morning. And although she had had a bad feeling at the beginning about Hope, she was happy she gave birth to her, and knew that in the future, she would think about pregnancy a little more seriously; or at least wait until she was married until she gave birth to another baby. She shrugged; she and Hope would have to wait.

May stood up and walked over to her calendar, crossing off one more day. She had thought, about a year ago, that her life was so boring. But, ever since she had returned from Ash, she learned that her life was busy. Not always, but still was busy. Soon, soon she would attend a ceremony at Montgame while Ash was being promoted from a Pokemon Master to an Elite 4. After Ash had turned down the first offer of crossing out his whole summer, Lance had made him another one and said all he had to do was cross off August and when he came to Montgame, he would not have a day of rest. Ash had agreed to that and did intense training with Lance from the beginning of August to the end of July. Now in a few days he was finally going to be an Elite 4, and he was nervous about it, but he wanted everyone there to support him. Even Professor Oak promised to come for once, he and his new wife Delia. And of course, Misty would come, because she was Ash's girlfriend, and she promised to be there for him, always.

And in just a few days, Drew would come over and help watch Hope. He promised May that he wouldn't allow her to be the only one to take care of Hope.

Every day is a different thing, thought May, flipping through her calendar. And even if there wasn't something for her to do everyday, there was Hope. Well, if she could get her hands on Hope.

"Um… May?"

May turned to face her door; there stood her younger brother, Max. "Oh, hey Max, come on in."

Max looked around before entering his sister's room. "Are they still here?"

"They meaning everyone else who currently lives in this house? No, they're not. It's just us, little brother."

Max walked towards May's bed and sat down as she fell in beside him. "I need to talk to you." He said as a small blush spread across his face.

"Really? What is it?"

Max stared down at his lap uneasily. "It's Cindy." He said finally.

May smiled. "What about Cindy?"

"Sh-she asked me out on a date tonight."

May squealed and stood up. "Oh my God, Max. No way!"

Max looked up at May. "Yes."

"You mean she's in town!?"

"No," Max shook his head. "But she's coming in a few hours and wants us to go to the carnival in Rustburo."

"In a few hours?!" repeated May excitedly. "And let me guess? You want me to help you get your manners intact."

"Not exactly," said Max. "I-I actually want you to help me shop. My clothes are so old and I thought that I might as well buy something go-"

May reached for her brother's arm before allowing him to finish. "I can't believe it!" She said excitedly. "I can't believe you are asking me to help you shop."

Max shrugged, "yeah, well…"

"Let's go then," said May, dragging Max out of the room.

"What? Right now?" asked Max.

"Why not?" asked May. "If what you're saying is right and Cindy is coming in just a few hours, we need to head to the mall now. Because you, my brother, need a lot of work."

Max looked down at his clothes. "What? What's wrong with me?"

"Nothing, it's just that none of your clothes are date worthy." May smiled. "And who knows? I might finally be able to find a top that fits. You don't know how annoying it was to see all these cute tops that don't fit just because you're pregnant. It was such a killer these few past months. But now that Hope is out, I can finally be able to shop for regular clothes!"

Max sighed. "Should've known there was another reason for you to come with me to the mall."

May laughed. "Now, come on," she chirped happily as she reached the front door. "We have a lot to do to get ready for your date."

End of chapter 20

AKA The End.