This won't make a lick of sense unless you read 'When Plot Bunnies Attack' first. So go do it. It's the funniest thing I've ever written (and am likely to ever write, for that matter...I simply don't think I can outdo myself on that one) and has quite a following as a parody/spoof.

That being said, here's the note that's for everyone who's already gotten attached to and involved in the Techieverse-

This story will chronicle the travels of the Bunny Busters within fandoms over their history, starting with when Charlotte, Lennon and Madison first teamed up. Each chapter after the first two (those are set-ups) will be a one shot look at their adventures within a different fandom.


October, Seven years ago...

It was take your child to work day at the Anti Plot Bunny Agency Head Quarters, a day which was reviled by many and enjoyed by some.

Lennon Fisk, a geek with coke bottle framed glasses, a 'Wassamatta University' tee-shirt and muddied converse sneakers, who worked in the technology division, belonged to the former of those two groups.

Kids were noisy, disgusting little bottom feeders who needed way too much attention at all times, always wanted you to hug them and couldn't hold their sugar without bouncing around like red rubber balls.

And now, they were here.

Couldn't bring the brat to work day have waited until after she was reassigned to some real work off-base?

They could've at least kept the kids tour limited to the upper levels of the base, that was just common sense. After all, it was in the bowels of HQ where the most dangerous items were stored.

But nooooo, they were now entering the inner sanctum of her workspace, which just happened to be one of those places that held some of the most dangerous technology available at the APBA.

Lennon watched the little buggers out of the corner of her eye. She had been working in the Fandom Technology Cataloging Division for two months waiting for reassignment. She had outlived her usefulness in the horror fandoms as of her last birthday, so she was transferred here where her skills could be used in the most effective manner until she could be sent to the fandoms.

She hated it here in the FTCD. It was too much like being in a police station, in her opinion.

And she ought to know. When one worked in the horror fandoms, one got to spend loads of time in police stations while the teen canons tried to convince the authorities that Freddy/Jason/Micheal/Chucky/Leatherface/A Giant Killer Tomato really was after them.

Which never worked, of course, but that didn't mean she didn't still have to go through the motions. Otherwise her cover would've been blown.

And nobody wanted that, least of all Lennon.

That was the sort of thing that made canons think of desperate plans like virgin sacrifices to the fandom killer and other such stuff and nonsense.

But we're getting off track here. Back to the Fandom Technology Cataloging Division.

The room was large, and held maybe a dozen desks, each with papers and files strewn over them, along with a computer and a few pieces of fandom tech mixed in for good measure. Behind each desk sat a different APBA agent. Some of them were like Lennon, technology experts who had been taken out of the field awaiting reassignment to the fandoms, while others were career paper pushers, who actually enjoyed doing this for a living.

"And this, children, is our fandom technology cataloging division." The agent who was leading the children along said to them in her sweetest 'Tour Guide Barbie' voice, "This is the place where all of the fandom technologies are cross referenced and cataloged by fandom, use and danger level. Isn't that exciting?"

Lennon only barely suppressed the urge to walk up to the woman and smack her in the head for being so damned bubbly. She did paperwork, what the bloody hell was so exciting about that?

Yeah..alright, so she got to fiddle with every new piece of tech that came across her desk before she cataloged it, but still...she would have much rather been doing actual work out in the field.

Plus, there were some pieces of tech that were too big to bring back with you, and she would never have the chance to see them unless she was working in the fandoms.

"Alright now children, you can all look around and speak with the agents here, but please boys and girls, don't touch anything."

Oh great. Now they were giving them free reign to come up and pester the agents of-

Someone tapped on Lennon's shoulder, startling her out of her thoughts, "Hi."

Lennon glanced over to her left momentarily and saw a boy who had decided that she was the right agent to speak to.

What in God's name possessed him to think something like that, we'll never know.

She sighed, but continued typing her report on the theoretical uses of a dilithium crystal when used with other possibly compatible tech, "Yeah, hi."

"Who're you?"

"The tooth fairy," Lennon continued her typing.

"Wow," he replied, genuinely impressed, "How old are you?"

Lennon flicked her eyes to the kid, "How old do I look?"


Lennon stopped typing. She'd never really cared all that much about her looks, and although it was coming from a kid who couldn't have been more than seven, being compared to a thirty year old when one was only eighteen stung.

A little more than Lennon was comfortable admitting, actually.

Had life in the horror fandoms really been that rough on her?

The boy reached out and touched one of the manila file folders on Lennon's desk curiously.

"Hey, back off kid. They told you not to touch anything."

He ignored her, "You do paperwork?"

Lennon glared at the child without pausing her typing, "No. I catalog highly sensitive pieces of fandom technology and cross reference them with tech that we have available here."

" do paperwork."

He reached for the dilithium crystal that was currently serving as a paperweight and Lennon stopped him by grabbing him by the shirt collar, "You ever heard the song 'Beat On The Brat' kid? It's got a good solid message that I can get behind one hundred percent."

A partially balding head stuck out of the Supervisor's office door and barked suddenly, "Fisk!"

Lennon let go of the kid's t-shirt and snapped her head around to look at her boss, "Yeah?"

"Get in here."

"But I-"

"Now, Fisk."

She spared the child a nasty glare, who looked rather triumphant at her reprimand from her supervisor, before the geek pushed her rolling chair back harshly and stalked to Rodriquez's office.

The short, bald old man shut the door behind her and rounded on her sternly, "You do know that's the commissioner's son you were manhandling, don't you?"

Lennon's eyebrows shot up and she blinked a few times, ""

"Well it was," The short man stated before he walked over to his desk and sat down, "Have a seat, Fisk."

"I should start clearing out my desk then, yeah?" Lennon said jokingly, as she flopped down on one of the cheap, day-glo orange plastic chairs across from her supervisor.

"Yes, actually." Supervisor Rodriquez replied, seriousness coloring his tone as he straightened a few of the messily swept together papers on his desk, not looking at Lennon at all, "Cleaning out your desk might be a very good idea at this point in time."

She paled considerably hearing the serious note in his statement, "You mean I'm being retired?"

Rodriquez looked up at her oddly, his thick glasses making his eyes look like they were three times larger than they should have been, "No. You know you're too young to be retired unless you've been before the disciplinary committee six or more times."

"Uh...I have been." Lennon said, taking a sudden keen interest in her black and red striped shoelaces.

One of the squat old man's eyebrows lifted, "Oh really."

Lennon tried not to make a face, "''s a long story."

"No matter, Fisk," he stated, as he picked up two manila file folders off his desk and flipped through them, "You've been reassigned."

Her attitude changed completely at hearing this "It's about time!"

At the reproving look that her supervisor gave her, Lennon had the grace to look ashamed, "Uh...not that..I haven't just loved working here over the past two months, or anything."

"You're off desk duty, they're finally sending you back to the fandoms." He held the two folders out for her and waited for her to take them.

"Really?" Lennon squeaked happily, jumping to her feet and snapping the files from him, "Did my transfer go through?"

"Yup. Sci-fi/Fantasy, just like you wanted," he replied, clearly amused by her eagerness as she speed read through the files in her hands.

Ah, youth is so wasted on the young.

"After quite a lot of prodding from yours truly, they saw that there was simply no other fandom that you would fit into."

Lennon was flipping through the first file, which detailed all the equipment she was going to be carrying within the sci-fi fandoms, "Thanks for that. I mean I know that while I've been workin' here I haven't been-"

He held up his hand and stopped her from speaking, "They're setting you up with a new team today."

"What," she looked at him, "Today as in today?"

"Today as in get your ass to sector five before they leave without you."

"Now?" She exclaimed.

"Yes. Get going."

Lennon needed no further encouragement, she sped from the room so quickly that, had she been a cartoon character, she would have left a cloud of dust behind in her wake.

Lennon rushed back into the room a few seconds later, grabbed the surprised old man by the collar, planted one on his cheek, "Thanks Bradford, I owe you one!" and then left once more, whooping and hollering all the way out into the office.

"So long suckers, I got myself a real job again!"

Supervisor Rodriquez stared after her, shaking his head and smiling.


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