The team raced downtown. They got there just as a giant explosion went off, blowing a hole in the wall of the building. Large chunks of concrete rained down, narrowly missing the team. The five of them split up.

Beast Boy was down for the count. Cyborg was being dismantled by Gizmo, Robin was attempting to bring down Mammoth. That left Starfire to deal with Billy, and of course, Jinx was left to Raven. She and Jinx took turns throwing things using their powers. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Starfire piled under what looked like hundreds of Billy's.

She turned her attention back to the pink hair girl. She wrapped a chunk of concrete in black and was prepared to hurl it at her when Jinx let loose a blast of pink, knocking Raven off her feet.

Robin paced. He went back and forth for hours. It had been only hours and Raven was stable now, now all he had to do was wait. Waiting was the hardest part. He was on the alert for the slightest move. The hours passed and nothing. He occasionally moved from pacing to sitting in a chair. Then back to pacing. Cyborg came in occasionally to check a few things, and to tell Robin to get some rest or food. But he didn't move from the room.

Finally Beast Boy came in and told him to get some food and sleep, Raven wasn't going to wake up anytime soon. Robin reluctantly agreed and left. He wasn't really hungry but he was exhausted. He wandered down the hallway without paying attention to where he was going. When he looked up, he was outside of Starfire's room. She was the only one who had not gone near the medical wing, even though she had expressed concern for her friend.

He didn't really feel like dealing with her at the moment though. He moved on down the hallway towards his room. The door slid open and he collapsed on his bed. He lay down on the bed. About five seconds later he was asleep.

Robin sat up and looked around him. It was his room, but instead of its usual color, it was now a dull shade of blue. And all the objects in the room were black. He swung his feet over the edge of the bed and rushed towards the medical wing. But when he opened the door, it was not the Tower. He stepped out onto a path the stretched before him. Far in the distance there was a rock with something blue and vaguely human shaped sitting on it. He started to walk towards it.

He reached the rock a few minutes later, which surprised him. He looked back and found the path was a lot shorter than it was before. He turned back to the rock. There was indeed a figure sitting on it. It was Raven. She had her eyes closed and was meditating. He reached out to touch her but then thought better of it.

She opened one eye. "Sit." She said to Robin. "There's no roo…." He was cut off as the rock stretched larger. "Uhm, ok." He said, and sat next to her. Raven put her hand on Robins. For a while they said nothing and just sat. Finally Robin spoke. "What is this place?" he asked her. "It's my sort of sanctuary." She replied. "Is this a dream?" He asked her. She nodded. He sighed and looked down. "I wish it weren't." he said softly.

When he looked back up he found himself looking into amethyst eyes. "I can't wake up yet. I've tried to, but I just can't." He didn't say anything, just reached up and touched her face. "I want you to be ok. I need you to be ok." He told her.

She placed a hand on his thigh. He realized just how close they were sitting. He swallowed. "I'm just now getting to know you…..if you weren't ok…" he trailed off. Her face was unreadable as usual, but all the emotion was in her eyes. He took a chance and leaned into her. Their lips met gently. He broke away and looked at her. Then their lips met in a fierce passionate kiss.

Robin sat up suddenly, breathing heavily. He looked around. He was in his bed, and everything was normal. Well, almost everything. The dream had left him more than a little aroused. He didn't really feel like doing anything about it at the moment, but as soon as he thought about the dream and about Raven there was no way he could just leave it alone. He went into the bathroom thinking about Raven and took care of his little problem.

After he was done, he got dressed and went down to the medical wing. She was still there, still out cold. He took her hand and stroked it lightly. "I know you can hear me Raven. Please wake up." He placed a light kiss on her lips and sat in the chair next to her, still holding her hand.