Ichigo was pissed. Nothing new, but why he was pissed boggled even him. He was pissed at Ishida. For being near Rukia. For laughing with her. For just being near her. Ichigo, was pissed.

The bell rang at the end of class and everyone moved to the door. Everyone, that is, except for Ichigo.

"Bastard," he muttered at Ishida's back as the Quincy filed past him.

Ichigo got up slowly and walked out of the classroom. He was halfway down the hallway when a voice stopped him. Not louder than a whisper.


Ichigo turned to look at Ishida and spat out, "Why what?"

"Why do you suddenly hate me?" Ichigo was shocked to hear the remorseful tone in Ishida's voice. But before he could think of a scathing reply, Ishida began crying.

"Why! What did I do? What has made you hate me? I thought that we were friends, comrades! Why will you barely look at me now?" Ishida stepped forward, anger building, "What the hell did I do to you! What the Fuck did I do to become such a bastard in your eyes! TELL ME WHY!" he shouted, arms out, Ishida stood almost nose to nose with Ichigo now, hurt and anger flashing in his dark eyes.

Ichigo couldn't help himself; the Quincy was just too close. He muttered, "This is why," and kissed Ishida hard on the mouth.

When he pulled away, Ichigo was breathing hard. Horrified, he refused to look Ishida in the eye and turned to flee. But strong, bandage covered arms grabbed him a pulled his body close. Ichigo had time to utter a small, surprised cry before Ishida covered his mouth with his own.

The kiss was urgent and forceful, hot, desperate, searing. When it was over, the two Hollow hunters clung to each other and waited for their legs to top quaking enough to support their full weight.

"That… was an unusual answer," panted Ishida.

"It was an unusual question," replied Ichigo before kissing the tall Quincy again.

A/N-there you have it, pure fluff. This was a oneshot and a oneshot only. It was thought up in P-town Cape Cod, where gay men walk in the light of day with their hands on each other's asses. If you are a yaoi fangirl, you must got to Province Town Cape Cod.