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The Quidditch Chronicles I

This is my final year at Hogwarts. I have to say it's been fun. I'm Head Boy this year. Captain of the quidditch team again. Not to mention my title as the reigning sex god of Hogwarts. Yeah, that's pretty much my plan this year: Go to class and pretend to study, play quidditch, and have lots of sex. And eat of course. Hogwarts has awesome food, it's almost better than my grandmum's. Anyway I there's only one thing I want to do when I graduate. I may be head boy but I haven't studied real hard and there's nothing I like doing besides playing quidditch. I've wanted to play professionally since I was three years old and I went to my father's first World Cup. If I don't make it though…Well at least I have one hell of a trust fund.

"Oh yes, yes! Don't stop!" The beautiful busty brunette lying on his bed moaned as Caliber continued to thrust into her, the pleasure becoming insurmountable. He flipped them over so that she was on top, riding every inch of him.

"Say my name" she moaned.

Oh yes, Cal thought to himself. Oh Merlin, wait- her name, what's so fucking sexy about a name anyway. It starts with a B or wait maybe it's a P, fuck it, it could be a G or a D all girls names sound the same anyways.

"Say it" she purred again, grinding her hips into Cal.

You know what, she's getting pretty tight, maybe if I just finish her off now she'll forget all about this whole name thing, though I'm pretty sure it's Tara, Cal thought to himself. In one swift, skillful move she was on her back again and not a minute later, she was clenching and convulsing around Cal and soon he too came within her.

"That was, that was great" she breathed out, her ample chest still heaving as they lay completely nude in the cool white sheets, "So when will I see you again Cal" she murmured kissing Caliber's finely toned chest.

"Oh, your always welcome here Tara" he said smiling

"Tara, my name's Serena!" she squealed suddenly, eyes filling with tears she jumped out his bed and gathered her clothes together before running out of the bedroom the door slamming behind her.

Cal considered calling after her, but noted that he was in fact quite comfortable in his bed and didn't much feel like putting in the effort. Tara, he now realized was last week. A glance at the clock on the nightstand told him that dinner wouldn't be served for another ten minutes, so he still had time to take a quick shower. He ran a hand through his messy black hair and grabbed a change of clothes, before heading into the bathroom of the Heads dormitory.

Caliber Sirius Potter was absolutely gorgeous. Tall at 6' 2", with hazel eyes and messy black hair he was a dead ringer for James Potter, minus the glasses; he had been told nearly all his life. His tan sinewy shoulders were dusted with freckles as well as the bridge of his nose. This of course came from his mother Ginny Potter nee Weasley. The oldest of six, Caliber was Hogwarts' Golden Boy not to mention the ultimate playboy, as was his middle namesake. He was Gryffindor's star quidditch player, hoping to go pro like his father. He wasn't super brainy but that was more because he didn't really care about his grades. Not to mention, there wasn't a girl in the school that didn't want him.

Well, actually there was one. And five minutes later as Cal walked down the stairs and into the Head's common room, she stood there looking furious. Head girl, Sophie Harlow, the ice queen of Hogwarts. She wasn't bad looking or anything; small and skinny with shiny brown hair and big sky blue eyes. But what she lacked in an intimidating façade she more than made up for in demeanor. A Ravenclaw, she was all business all the time. She was probably the most intense person Cal had ever met. Never once had he ever seen her just completely comfortable and free.

"How ya doin' Harlow? What's with the face? Did you score a nine out of ten on the transfiguration assignment or something?" Cal asked lightly

"Transfiguration homework, oh that's good Potter. Now tell me that fifth year that ran out of here crying, half-naked, I haven't seen here around. New bedding partner?" She said accusatorily arms crossed over her chest.

"New, old and everything in between" Cal smirked

"When did you pick her up?"

"Spotted her at lunch yesterday, had her in my bed by two this afternoon, not my personal record, but not bad. Anyway, I'm starved and already late for dinner and who knows who's expecting me. ", he said with a wink.

Sophie glared at him, as he walked out.

"Where you been, man?" said Fabian Weasley, Cal's best friend and cousin by his Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione.

"I had something to do before dinner that's all" Cal said sitting down between Fabian and his fellow best friend Colin McCain.

"Something or someone?" said his other close friend Jonah Pearlsteen giving him a knowing look while helping himself to some of Cal's pumpkin juice.

"You know I was going to drink that. It was a fifth year, um Serena Hamilton or something. Doesn't matter, she won't be back" Cal said pouring himself another glass of juice.

"What, didn't end well?" asked Colin biting into a roll

"Uh you know how sometimes I get girls mixed up when they have the same color hair two weeks in a row" Cal said his cheeks flaring red. One of the few other characteristics he had acquired from his mother's side.

"You fucking idiot. You called her Tara, didn't you?" Fabian accused with a little smirk on his face

"Yeah, wait, what how do you remember her name and I don't?"

"Oh that Lexi Englehart in our Potions class is her best friend and let's just say Lexi and I are a little more than friendly. But hey you know that girl Lacy O' Doyle you hooked up with after the Slytherin game last year. You think you could introduce me to that busty redhead she's always hanging around with?"

"Hey, you guys, Colin's girl is coming this way" said Jonah looking up.

Immediately the four boys stopped talking as a pretty green-eyed brunette sat on Colin's lap.

"Ooh it's quiet suddenly. What, you three don't want me to hear the details on your latest sexcapades" teased Brigette Baccarat, Colin's girlfriend of six months. Colin just kissed her.

The group all loved Brigette. She was easygoing and even though she didn't approve of the way Fabian, Caliber and Jonah used girls she was not constantly chastising them either. Colin had been the same way before he and Brigette got together. From Brigette's perspective, it was as much the girls' fault as it was the boys'. It wasn't as if their reputation for being players was a secret. No, all the girls knew what they were getting into. Or rather, what was getting into them.

Cal considered Brigette to be a good friend and one of the only girls he ever thought of as strictly a friend. Sure she was hot, but she belonged to one of his best friends. Colin had just been lucky with her.

"Potter, there you are, come with me we need to talk" commanded the strict voice of Headmistress McGonagall.

Cal didn't need to be told twice he dropped a forkful of roast beef that was halfway to his mouth and stood up.

"Oh and Miss Baccarat, Mr. McCain, you know as well as I that anything of a pornographic nature is not permitted at Hogwarts. Separate yourselves." And with that the headmistress walked away briskly already halfway to the door before Cal even realized she was gone.

Once in her office Caliber saw a friend of his father's Oliver Wood and he seemed to be waiting for them.

"Hey Oliver what are you doing here?" Cal asked relieved that this is what McGonagall was talking about. Instead of perhaps the party he had thrown in the head dormitories on Friday. It had been one of the wilder ones on record as Cal's sixteen-year old brother Maxim had managed to smuggle in several crates of firewhiskey.

"Well, Potter he is here to discuss your future. Sit. Wood, I'll leave you to it then" she commanded as she walked out the door.

Both Oliver and Caliber settled themselves into the formidable headmistress' office each taking a seat into two oversized burgundy armchairs. Cal had always loved when Oliver came over to visit. Cal had grown up on the quidditch pitch, and his immediate manic love for the game bonded him with Oliver. Plus, he was in some way a part of the family as he had married his Aunt Fleur's much younger sister Gabrielle. They even had a son Holden who was the same age as Cal's three year old sister Tierney. Oliver was Cal's mentor, his idol. His father he figured was too much of a legend to ever live up to.

"It's been almost 25 years since I graduated and McGonagall still scares the hell out of me", Oliver said smiling

"I know what you mean. I've been in here once a week since I was a first year."

"From what Christabel has told me it hasn't apparently scared you enough to stop getting into trouble though, has it?" he said referencing his fifth year prefect daughter who was also a chaser on the Gryffindor team.

"What kind of Potter would I be if it did?"

"You've got a point there. Now anyway, I love ya kid but I didn't come here just to discuss your detention record. As you know after my retirement from professional quidditch three years ago I became the head coach of the England National Team as well as President of the Professional Quidditch Confederation of England. Now this isn't usually part of my job but- what, why are you laughing?"

"I'm s- sorry, but this is hilarious, did you practice this?" Cal gasped out shaking with laughter

"Um, excuse me kid, but I'm trying to be professional." Oliver said looking at Cal pointedly. Then after a beat adding, "Was it alright though, I have to make this speech a few more times while Colby Thatcher the recruitment officer is on maternity leave, or you know his wife is or something like that.

"Oliver I'm sorry but cut the shit there's no way I can take you seriously after your karaoke bit at the League Cup after party last year. On the quidditch field sure, but business-wise I don't think so."

"You better learn to listen to me out on the field because I can easily see you being a key player on the international level in a couple of years. And that is something I'm not going to tell every recruit." Oliver said seriously

"Wait, what your recruiting me!" Cal exclaimed, eyes wide, he sat perched on the edge of his seat in excitement.

"Yes, several of the quidditch clubs would like to make offers. The Chudley Cannons obviously, now that your father is retiring at the end of the season would love to have another Potter. But Puddlemere United is making a really strong push offering one of the biggest rookie salaries on record, if not the biggest."

"How big?"

"30 million galleons for three years, plus a signing bonus, but that's nothing compared to what you'll be making in endorsement deals. Firebolt, Nimbus, Quality Quidditch Supplies, Broom Juice sports drinks, even Gulliver's Body Wash wants to pay you to shower with their soap post game or at least pretend you do for millions of dollars."

"Oh Wow!" Cal let out a breath he didn't realize he had been holding and sunk back into the velvet armchair.

Caliber was no stranger to money. He had grown up in a lavish mansion with a personal house-elf at his every beck and call. Not to mention the several other residences of his family's around the world. Every childhood fantasy he had ever had had pretty much been fulfilled. No gift or expense was too much.

But to play professional quidditch meant more to Caliber than any other dream he could have possibly had. After seventeen years of being Harry Potter's oldest son who happened to be a very good quidditch player; Cal would become a wealthy star quidditch player who maybe happened to be Harry Potter's son.

"Now I hate to have to bring you down to earth again so suddenly, but it's quite a bit more complex than it might seem to go pro. There are agents to discuss, contracts to negotiate, and I hate to the pressure on you, but because you are so talented, at this Saturday's match several recruiters from clubs all over the country and even in international leagues will be there to watch a few different players but mainly you."

Cal's face noticeably paled at this new bit of information. "But this Saturday is the first match of the year. Not to mention we only just had tryouts for the new members. We lost five starters last year. The team is still so new, talented sure but really young."

"Well, you're the captain, right? It's the perfect opportunity to see what your leadership and team skills are like then, isn't it?" Oliver said standing and checking his watch. "Now I have a meeting with your Uncle Ron regarding the World Cup. I wouldn't worry too much I've seen you play and even on an off day you're a hell of a lot better than anybody out there"

"Tell Uncle Ron I said hi then" Cal said also standing and shaking Oliver's hand. His Uncle Ron was the Ministry Head of Magical Games and Sports and the World Cup was coming back to England for Harry Potter's farewell game.

"Will do, see ya kid"

Love it? Hate it? I am not even entirely sure how I feel about it yet. I know that it is different from Confessions of a Potter Princess but there will still be plenty of romance, drama and partying. It is a lot harder to write from a male perspective which is why I wrote in third person, so I'm still trying to see how this story will progress. Please Review any feedback at all is helpful.