"Tsuzukiii!" screamed Hisoka as he watched his partner get thrown backwards by the demon. But Tsuzuki didn't respond to his voice or the blow. His body just tumbled to the ground and lay there like a rag doll. Hisoka turned to the demon, rage coursing through his body, and threw the most powerful destructive spell he knew at it. With an agonizing cry, it vaporized into thin air.

"Tsuzuki!" Hisoka raced to where his fallen partner lay prone on the ground, blood oozing from a raking wound on the older Shinigami's chest.

"Tsuzuki! Say something! ANYTHING! "

Hisoka couldn't sense anything at all from Tsuzuki's still form.

"Tsuzuki…" Hisoka's heart collapsed when he realized that Tsuzuki was dead, "no, no, No, NO NO NO!" Hisoka pounded Tsuzuki's still chest, tears flowing down his own face to fall on Tsuzuki's. Then…


Hisoka looked up, not believing.

"uhhn… Hisoka?"

"Tsuzuki! You're alive! Thank the gods!" Hisoka hugged the taller man and his tears fell in relief.

"Hisoka? Why…are you….crying?" Tsuzuki sat up and weakly returned the grip of his partner.

"I…I was afraid that you were really dead, I-I couldn't sense your emotions at all," Hisoka retreated from the embrace, but his hands remained locked onto Tsuzuki's shoulders; as if he let go, Tsuzuki would poof into thin air, "I'm so glad you're ok,"

"Me to. But hey, remember? Shinigami can't die," Tsuzuki looked to where the demon had stood and smiled slightly.

"Hisoka, you destroyed it all by yourself, how'd you manage that?" Hisoka could hear the pride in his partner's weak voice.

" I-I was afraid," Hisoka looked at the pile of ashes that used to be the demon.

"What?" Tsuzuki looked quickly at Hisoka, "Why? Of what?"

"Of loosing you," Hisoka whispered.

"Of… loosing….me?"


"I caused you to act like that?" all Hisoka could do was nod.

"My life being in danger… it scared you?"

Again, another nod.

All of a sudden, Hisoka was swamped by emotions not his own. His gaze flitted up to meet Tsuzuki's and was caught by those piercing, dark violet eyes and the boundless emotion trapped within them.

"Why," Tsuzuki asked slowly, his hand gripping Hisoka's in hope.

Hisoka's green eyes met Tsuzuki's gaze squarely and he felt Tsuzuki's soul, so like his own, call out to him.

"I don't think I could go on without you," Hisoka gripped Tsuzuki tighter," I couldn't live with myself if you had really died. I-I would have gone crazy," Hisoka looked up, "Because, I love you more than my own life,"

Tsuzuki closed his arms around Hisoka's small frame and held his partner close.

"Thank you Hisoka, thank you so much." Tsuzuki laid a chaste kiss on Hisoka's lips, "I love you too,"