Lemonade stand

"…What are you doing, Iruka-sensei?" asked Kakashi. The sight before him was so shocking that that it forced the Infamous Copy Nin to lower his Icha Icha Paradise book and actually stand up straight. Umino Iruka, the best teacher in the Hidden Leaf village, quite arguable the most admired chuunin in Kohona, was seated behind a plywood stall, selling lemonade of all things.

"Shut it, Kakashi-ero-sensei. The Hokage's grandson, Konahameru, roped me into this. I had no choice," Iruka grumbled, blushing slightly with embarrassment.

"That's…" began Kakashi.

"Lame, I know," finished Iruka.

"Well, I guess I'll have a glass of lemonade then," Kakashi said.

"Fifty cents," Iruka handed Kakashi a large cup of lemonade.

"Thanks. See ya around, Iruka-sensei," Kakashi handed over the change.

"Good day, Kakashi-sensei," Iruka called as Kakashi waved lazily as he walked away.


A/N- I know, complete crack. I think I was sugar high when I wrote it. Don't own Naruto, and I don't have much, so don't bother suing. Ha, I bet all of you were hoping for some nice smut, well, not this time, its not even Yaoi! Hurray for me! I CAN write things other than Yaoi! Now to work on angst….