"Dude, She didn't know it wasn't you. Don't do this.." Danny screamed at the current man at the bridge. "Why? I never forgot that day. I thought we could have been friends. I thought I would have a normal childhood. But None of that happened to me. And it's all her fault! She deserves what she gets." The psychotic fifteen year old answered back. He never forgot that day indeed. Police officers and were like tiny figurines as they surrounded the ten storybuilding. "Mr.Marsh, get down from there.." Said an officer in a megaphone. But it was no use. He wouldn't move. Danny went towards him but was stopped. "Ricky, We Just wanna talk to you." " Stay there! Stay there or I'll drop her." Danny froze. Ricky had tied up an unconcious Sam Manson in ghost deflecting rope ,hanging on the minaret like a cocoon. All he had to do was flip the switch.

All the odds were against Danny. He couldn't go ghost because one, the cage was ghost proof and two, there were too many witnesses. "Ricky. Listen to me. This isn't the answer. Let her go." "The hell with you Fenton, You just want me back in that nutthouse. Yeah. I know all about what happened. Well, why couldn't you tell her the truth, why did you say me?" " Ricky, that was nine years ago. It was the second grade." His eyes grew softer, then grew again with violent rage. "You don't understand, do you Fenton?No one believed me, not even my parents." Dannyy listened as he continued on. "They put me in a nutthouse. They said it was a new daycare. And theyleft me there, left me to die! And it was all her fault!" "Ricky, I understand if you want revenge but, this is wrong. Do you think murder is the only way?" "YES! She's gonna know how it feels to fall into a point of no return! A place where you're invisible and no one will listen!" " I bet someone did"

Ricky is being attacked by a bunch of fourth graders. "You're such a little baby. You can't even fight" Says the biggest one of the bunch. "Leave me alone" he cries but no one pays attention to him as they continue to punch him and leave scratch marks on his arm. Soon a small girl with brown hair and pale eyes comes to the scene. "Leave him alone Marco!" The biggest boy turns around. "Go Home Aly." "I'm telling mom that you were picking on this kid again." The boys paused but continued shortly. "Mommy!" "Fine, You little tattle-tale. Leave him guys" The boys leave and she goes up to Ricky. "Are you okay?" he brushes himself. "I'll be okay. Thanks for getting rid of those guys.Especially that big ugly one." "Hey, that big ugly one is my brother." "Oh. By the way, my name's Ricky." "I'm Alison." the two walked to school together that day. "Did you know you're probably my first friend? People always think my eyes are wierd." "I think youreyes are prettyAllison."

Ricky began crying softly as he could."What would she think if she saw you know?" " I don't know. You win." Danny smiled a little. " Unless she died!" Ricky flipped the switch and Sam began to drop . " SAM!" He dropped down and took the rope off and then went ghost. He gripped her tightly as she slowly gained conciousness. " What's going on?" He just smiled. "It'll all explain itself. If not, I'll tell you later." "Danny. I'm sorry about not believing you." she fell asleep. He flew up to the roof , only to find that Ricky had jumped off the building and killed himself in the process. He nodded his head. " He probably thought it was best for him." He flew Sam to her house and softly pecked her cheek. "Night Sam." He flew home.