From a random writing spree, this abomination was born. Nothing special, not even full-blown angst. But I somehow felt the need to publish it. Guess I just need this out of my system.

Note: if you do not wish to see this as hinted yaoi, then think of it as a buddy-bro-buddy relationship. I did see it as yaoi, in case you are wondering.


"Damn bastards! He was all he had! Is this supposed to be funny?"

Temari's voice broke. Her throat burned, refusing to cooperate anymore. Tears dried and were replaced with new, fresh ones in an eternal cycle. She kept staring- no, glaring at the endless grey, that sky, so full of raging insanity.

Ruthless heaven, unwilling to give her an answer. Those clouds hiding the sun were her only view; the world around her was no longer important. Either way, she was unable to lower her gaze and look once more at the memorial, or she would beak for good this time. She felt her legs fail to hold her own weight, and collapsed. Tears still streamed down her face. Not for her own misery, but Gaara's.

Under that constantly cold exterior of his, she could always see Rock Lee's effect on him: he had, indeed, learned to let go of the past. It would always be there, haunting him when he weakened, but the Leaf shinobi would be there to give him a least the ghost of a smile. And that was enough for the Shukaku vessel to continue living.

Just a reconnaissance mission…

The suspect of a war silently brewing between the Mist and the Cloud had been confirmed, as promised. Suna's security had been assured, as promised. And the Green Beat had returned, as promised to the Kazekage himself, but not on his own. Instead, carried by a shinobi of Suna, his comrade on the mission. Yes, he did return… cold, bloodied, smiling, and dead.

The child will miss the candy when you take it from him, but only if he has tasted the addicting sugar at least once.

Her fit was nothing compared to her little brother's state.

Just when he beginning to rebuild his own soul, turn his back to the past and start all over again, this happens… what was he to do now? Temari could see it clearly, it was tearing him apart, eating him inside out rather literally; Shukaku coming forth with full force, clawing at his insides and crawling under his skin.

He was not meant to ever find happiness, was he?

If Gaara was losing control, and Lee was no longer with him… she didn't want to think of what could happen. And strangely, her life and villagers' didn't matter much. She was more worried about what could the Kazekage do now.

He had not broken down yet.

He did not cry, not even when the green-clad shinobi's body was deposited in front of him, and not even when he denied hearing the story behind such terrible situation. Not even when he closed his eyes and declared that he should be buried there in Suna.

She knew it was bound to happen soon. At this she bitterly smiled. "Love hurts, doesn't it, little brother?"

Perhaps that very night, when she finally pulls herself up and heads home, she would find him curled up into a corner of his room, crying and holding his old teddy bear's head for all he was worth, then sneaking out to relieve his sadness into sweet murder, for when Gaara feels like dying, he pulls other humans into that destiny. Perhaps he would decide that he has become too soft for his own taste, and rebuild the old walls around himself.

Perhaps when she walked away, he would replace her in that spot in front of his dearest friend's memorial and, driven insane from the pain and robbed of his will to be, he would release a final roaring 'Why?' to the crumbling heavens. And at the crack of dawn she would be back, to find that he had joined that precious person of his. Gaara would finally sleep.