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"Green and Blue: Chapter 2"

I opened my eyes to see a blurry green body infront of me. Yes, GREEN. I know your thinking,
"Okay, girl, were you and Yamcha at a bar? Did you have some drinks? Alot of drinks?" but
listen and you'll understand. Once my eyes started working right, there was the Namek, Gohan's
teacher, Piccolo.

"Watch where you are going next time, woman." Piccolo said, without a hint of any feeling in
his voice. I didn't really know Piccolo well at all. He was usually quiet, and keeping all
his thoughts to himself. Actually, Gohan seemed to be the only thing he cared about.

"My name is Bulma," I said, sitting up, realizing he called me "woman" instead of by my name.
I looked around and realized I was still on the sidewalk.

"I don't care what your name is, girl, I was just sent to find you, but it wasn't hard, you
just ran right into me. So stop your bickering and come on, Gohan's father wants you." he said
and without warning he picked me up and flung me over his shoulder, and began to fly towards
where ever Goku was.

I looked at his green back as he started to fly, shocked from being grabbed up and flown off
like that. "You could tell me next time you do that!" I managed to choke out as I watched the
ground below, moving so fast below me and being so far away. He gave me a "Shut up you weak
human woman" grunt and continued flying. I noticed as I was flying with him that the air around
seemed quite warmer, from his ki, much like it was with Yamcha, but stronger.

"BULMA!" I heard Goku shout as Piccolo landed, and I was both happy and sad the ride ended, I
really didn't like being so high or going so fast, but I missed the warmth of Piccolo.

"Yes, Son-kun?" I smiled, I was always happy to see my friend again. "What is it that you
want?" I walked towards my friend, he had grown so big since the first time they had met. But
still he looked and acted as sweet and innocent as a lamb.

"Bulma, we need you and your father to make us a ship. Kami found out about a certain planet,
a planet where even the fastest ships we have it would take 14 months to get to the it. It's
called Rihon, and it's suspected they have their own set of dragon balls left there from an
old, powerful Namek, dragon balls far stronger than both the ones here on Chikyuu and Namek.
We want to get these dragon balls before somebody else finds out about them and their powers."
Goku explained.

"What Kakais saying, woman, is that he wants you to make a faster ship so we can go down
to the planet, but who knows why he is asking an idiot like you." Vegeta said, he always seemed
to have a litte negative comment in everything. I sighed to myself. Yes, life is like this
alot. No normal life for Bulma, always making ships for trips to other planets to get 7 spheres
before the wrong group of people get them and destroy the universe. A typical day in the life
of Bulma Breifs.rott

"I understand what he is saying, Vegeta, we aren't all as dumb as you." I spat, then looked
at Goku. "Of course I'll make you your ship, Goku, when do you need it?"

"Well, obviously woman, we need it soon! So get started on it now because with your brain it
could take centuries!" Vegeta said. Yes, he always did have to put in his rude comments.

I just nodded. I guess everyone has gotten used to Vegeta's rude side remarks. They deal with
it, not that they enjoy it. "I'll go ask my dad for help on it, also. I'll go right now, Goku."
I walked away from the group and I'm guessing they went to train, because that was almost what
they always did when they weren't out saving the planet.

Once I got home I told my father and he was so happy I told him. He had alread started
building a great ship, from the informaton he got from the Namekien ship. The time to get to
Rihon, according to my calculater, would be reduced to 2 months. The ship took four more days
to finish. Four long, hard days in that lab making repairs when something went wrong, and we
were so far from perfect that there were so many wrongs.

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