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Pairing: TamakixHaruhi

Notes: Very short fic. The idea came to my mind when I was listening to Guilty Beauty Love. This is my second fanfic in English. If you see any mistakes, please tell me. I appreciate constructive criticism.

Little things

Haruhi never worried about insignificant things. She paid attention to details, but not to unimportant ones. Observing carefully her surroundings, she used to notice things about the people around her that no one else knew. Telling apart the twins, for instance, was as natural for her as seeing that the sky was blue and the grass was green.

There were things, though, that she quickly discarded. Tamaki's inborn stupidity was surprising at first, but not something she would really take into account. The way he sometimes looked at her, how he blushed when she wore a cute outfit, or how he embarrassed himself in front of her father… she always thought they were some of the King's oddities. It wasn't until that afternoon that she noticed what all meant.

For someone as observant as Haruhi, she was amazed at how blind she had been. And there she stood, in the middle of the third music classroom, watching the blue-eyed boy after he had confessed his feelings.

For someone as intelligent as she was, anyone would have expected a polite rejection or a clever reply coming from her. But none of these things happened, because she just smiled, took Tamaki's hand and asked him if he wanted to go to a ramen restaurant with her.

Haruhi didn't pay attention to unimportant details because she didn't want to see clues where there was nothing. As she walked with Tamaki to the restaurant she was glad that, for once, the clues she had constantly been ignoring meant something.

Tamaki was happier than ever. He knew that Haruhi didn't worry about little things. Nevertheless, even in that moment, she had remembered that he loved commoner's ramen.