Eric, the King of Hearts, gazed out at the cards – both loyal subjects of his mighty kingdom and travelers from the neighboring kingdoms of Clubs, Spades, and Diamonds. It was inspiring to see them all assembled with a common goal. Today, if all went well, would be the day of which prophets had spoken for so many years, the day for which generations had hoped. Today would be the day that the righteous would ascend on high to live in everlasting bliss.

Eric well understood his part in this drama. Although as king he had an important role – only he could bring unity and organization by assembling the ranks of subjects and giving them an "anchor", so to speak – the last truly would be first. He and the other kings could not ascend until everyone had gone before, in turn, each according to their kind. The lowliest of all – the Aces – would lead the way. Thus it was vital that they be shown the path, that they be brought to the front that they may begin the journey.

Eric well understood the wisdom of Those who had made the rules. For many years these kingdoms had warred, or allied, or bickered amongst each other – with rough allegiances being made by color. But the Rulemakers had decreed that the ranks of the Ascended must be made carefully, each subject aligned with those not only of different rank, but of different color. Thus he and the King of Diamonds, Kotor, would have to work with the queens of the black kingdoms if all was to proceed.

And thus it began. The Ace of Clubs – once the least of all of them – began the journey. As he ascended to the top, those waiting their turn were inspired by his courage, and his devotion. They assembled themselves as decreed, each matching him or herself, to the best of his or her abilities, with another of opposite color and sequential rank. Kotor, showing the sacrificial spirit that had helped pave the way for this day, allowed himself to enter the Zone of the Free Cells – a sort of purgatory where he had to wait until more space was available. But his sacrifice allowed more matches to be made.

And so the day wore on. Eric soon found himself alongside Kotor, but their uncertainty was worth it to see the matches being made. Slowly – as the Greenland Shark moves slowly to feast on the fish, and reindeer carcasses, of the cold dark seas of the far north – others began to join the Ace of Clubs. Some began to worry that the day might not be won. But steadily, progress was made.

Eric found himself back among his people, united with the Queen of Spades – once a fierce, but noble, battlefield opponent – and they began to look for a jack among the red peoples to help them. As one was found, hope began to rise among even the most pessimistic that, after all the waiting and struggles that had preceded the, the day would truly be theirs. There were difficulties, to be sure – the Ace of Diamonds had tremendous difficulty finding her way to the front – but slowly and surely an order emerged.

And then, suddenly, as if by magic, it happened. The Ace of Diamonds had just ascended, and the King of Clubs was moving to let the Two of Diamonds follow her, when an order not yet seen took control of them. They were all, from the lowest to the highest, caught up and ascended on high. The day had come. They were finally in a better world.