Pick of the Pieces

Okay I got this idea from a song I was listening to, well kind of. This story may take a while. This is my first story and I am not familiar with the formalities people use in Japan so I won't really use them.

Plot/Story: This is a fujisaku. Everyone is in high school now.

Coach Ryuzaki was sent to the hospital Tuesday morning due to a sudden discomfort. Sakuno was sitting in the waiting room twiddling her thumbs, eager to hear news from the doctor. Sakuno was 15 now, a freshman in high school. She lived with her grandmother because her parents had passed away when she was very young. She didn't know what should would if something happened to her grandmother.

"Are you Sumire Ryuzaki's granddaughter" Asked a woman. "Yes" "I am Doctor Rei, your grandmother is my patient" "Have you found what is wrong with her?" Sakuno asked. "Your Grandmother has liver cancer" Said Doctor Rei. "Is there a diagnosis?" "The liver seems to be worsened because of previous problems. I am very sorry, medical or surgical treatment may be too late but we can give her a medication to slow down the virus."

Sakuno just sat there tears forming in her eyes. "H-How long does she have?" "It could be as long as 3 weeks but we can never be sure" (I really don't know how long people live when the have liver cancer so I made up a time) Only three weeks! And it might not even be that long! Life was not fair Sakuno thought while tears rolled down her cheeks.

"You may visit her tomorrow, we have to let your grandmother rest." "Thank you…" Sakuno said quietly as she walked out the doors.

'How could she have cancer? What is going to happen to me? What relative would I be under after?' Thoughts were running through Sakuno's head while she was walking home.

Sakuno was not paying attention to what was in front of her and so when she was walking she ran into someone and fell to the ground. "Oww" Feeling her head 'what did I do to deserve all this' Sakuno thought.

"Are you okay?" Sakuno recognized the voice. She looked up slowly and saw it was the junior Syuuske Fuji. "Yes" Sakuno responded while blushing 'Ugg so embarrassing' Sakuno got over her crush on Ryoma back in middle school, but she seems to have ceratin feelings for the junior standing in front of her. "Are you sure? You look like someone just punched you in the stomach" Fuji said while helping Sakuno up from the ground. "I'm fine" Sakuno lied. "Okay" said Fuji. "Are you walking home by yourself?"

"Yes" Sakuno answered. "I'll walk you home" " N-n-no it's fine I don't want to bother you" " No it's no trouble. I am just heading home too, and I want to walk you home" Fuji said.

"Okay.." Sakuno blushed again. The walk back quiet. Sakuno was not in the mood to talk, she was busy thinking. They arrived at her house soon. Thank you Fuji" "It was no problem" Fuji replied. "Is your grandmother home?" Fuji asked. ""uh.. umm no she is away right now. She will be back later." Sakuno could feel tears forming and hurried to the door. " Thank you again. See you at school tomorrow" "Oh okay goodbye." Fuji said walking away.

Sakuno went inside the house. It was almost 8p.m. She went upstairs and took a shower then went into her room. She had a long and terrible day. She decided to go to bed early so she would wake up early to get to school.

Okay this is my first chapter! Please review! School is starting tomorrow and I just came up with this story today. I won't have much time to write during the week but I will try to update. I havent really gotten to the plot I want that has to do with my song so please continue to read this story :)