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Sharpay looked out her bedroom window, staring at the pouring rain outside. She felt like going outside, going to the mall, anything but being stuck inside the house. It had been raining for days now, non-stop. It wasn't that Sharpay hated the rain-- in fact she loved the rain, but she didn't like the idea of raining for almost a week now!

"Hey Shar—mom said to get dress for dinner. We're having company," Her twin brother and also her best friend, Ryan said sticking his head through the open door.

Sharpay nodded as Ryan slowly shut her bedroom door.

At home, Sharpay was different; she didn't act like how she acted at school. Of course some people know her as the sweet girl. But not everyone did. At school she was known as the 'Ice Queen'. She found that name catchy and liked it. Her friends: Chad, Taylor, Zeke, Ryan, Gabriella, and kind a Troy…. saw a different side of Sharpay once in awhile. They knew the sometimes, sweet and nice Sharpay. Sharpay some how manage to become friends with Gabriella after the catfight a few months ago. She found Gabriella not so bad after all. Troy and Sharpay were sort of on and off friends. They hardly talked to each other but at times they did, not really nicely though. Sometimes Troy will bump into Sharpay on accident and Sharpay will either yell at him or get up and not say anything.

'I wonder who they invited tonight?' Sharpay thought as she opened her large walk-in closet. She picked out a light pink tank top and with a white light jacket that had little diamonds around the sides and a jean mini skirt. Her light blonde hairs in natural medium curls were down curving as it hit her shoulders.

As she finished dressing herself she ran down the long wide stairs. Walking straight towards the living room.

"Dad, who's coming over?" Sharpay asked softly as her dad looked up from the sports magazine he was reading.

"Robert—The Bolton's," Her dad--- Mr. Evans smiled.

Sharpay's face dropped, her mouth wide open—shocked. The last people on earth she wanted to be in her house were the Bolton's. Especially Troy Bolton! Did her parents seriously forget that she and Troy had a very long history together?

Sharpay and Troy had dated from seventh grade all the way up to tenth grade. They broke up the summer when tenth grade was over. Troy had gotten a little concerned about Sharpay being too popular. Troy got tired of seeing other guys always after Sharpay. It didn't take long for Sharpay to get over Troy. And Troy met Gabriella later on too, so they both just ignored each other ever since then.

"You know Troy," Her dad winked.

Sharpay put on her snobby look and walked out of the large living room. There was no way! No way, Troy Bolton was eating dinner in her house! She and Troy may have become on and off friends but they never had any connection so there was no way they were going to get along tonight.

Sharpay couldn't stop thinking of how horrible her night would be. With Troy and his parents sitting in the dining room eating and talking about what goes on in school. She had a feeling it wasn't going to be an easy night. With Troy's dad walking around school, being the coach at school he knows and sees everything that happens. Sharpay had a feeling that Troy's dad was going to bring up what happened on the last day before Spring Break started.

As Sharpay passed the neatly set up dining room, her mom called her from the kitchen.

"Sharpay—the Bolton's will be here for dinner soon," Her mom said excitedly.

'Yeah like I didn't know' Sharpay thought to herself. She noticed her mom was really excited. She knew her mom does like Troy, she always allowed Troy to take Sharpay out at night and she liked Troy and Sharpay together. When Sharpay told her that she had Troy were history, her mom put on the saddest look on her face Sharpay had ever seen! The last time Mrs. Evans—Sharpay's mom saw Troy was last May, and now its mid March…almost a year since Troy and Sharpay broke up.

'Seems like forever to me' Sharpay said to herself not know what she had just thought.

"Mrs. Bolton and I will be talking about your cousin's wedding designs. She said she'd help design the dresses! So dinner should go by fast just incase if you and Troy feel a little awkward," Mrs. Evans laughed.

"WHAT?" Sharpay asked shocked. 'Did my mom just say that?' She questioned.

"I'm just joking honey, I know you two are just friends now. I haven't seen Troy in months. I miss the good old days… Well I need you to stay for sure. Ryan has some kind of friend emergency going on so he won't be able to stay for dinner. I don't want you to suddenly have plans and go out with your friends. Be nice to our guest," Mrs. Evans smiled.

Sharpay rolled her eyes and nodded. She knew Ryan was making up the friend emergency reason. She knew Ryan didn't want to talk to Troy because of Gabriella. Right after Gabriella and Troy broke up. Ryan and Gabriella had become closer and closer ever since. Sharpay didn't want to get in the way at all so she never questioned Ryan about it. She knew Ryan will tell her one day when he wants to. Still she hated the fact that she was going to be alone with Troy tonight.

Hoping to make it upstairs before the Bolton's walked in the house, Sharpay rushed upstairs to her room and decided to keep herself busy on the computer. Dinner wouldn't happen until around six and it was barely 5:45pm when she heard the front gate open. She figured she wouldn't have to face Troy until six, and he should leave right after dinner so maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all. Sharpay heard a car door slammed and the doorbell ringing. She stayed in her room looking out through her balcony making sure it was the Bolton's. Sure enough, it was them.

Sharpay looked around her room to make sure she didn't have anything hanging Troy gave her. She noticed on her bed stand behind her lamp was a frame faced down. She had forgotten about it until now. It was picture of her and Troy making silly faces at a photo booth at the mall. She smiled at herself them threw it on her bed. She hated Troy Bolton. The picture fell on the carpet; she bent down to get it when she noticed a box under her bed. She opened it and found numerous pictures of her and Troy. And notes they had left or past to each other during class.

"Why am I finding these now?" Sharpay asked herself as she picked up a picture of her and Troy at her birthday party last year.

She quickly threw the box of pictures on her bed and walked towards her computer. She didn't want to put it back under her bed; she planned to burn them as soon as she figured out how to work her electric fireplace.

Sharpay started to get the pictures out of her mind when her mom called her name.

"SHARPAY!" Mrs. Evans yelled.

Sharpay knew she had to go downstairs for the Bolton's so she pretended not to hear her mom. Maybe her mom would give up. She then went back to reading her e-mail from Taylor, which said:

Hey Shar!

What's up? I just got off the phone with Gabi and she's out with Ryan! Can you believe those two? Thinking they can get away with being just good friends? Anyways, I was thinking about getting together tonight around eight. We can go to the movies or something. I'm really bored. Chad said he'd come. PLEASE? Love, Taylor

"I wish I could go!" Sharpay said to herself just then her cell phone rang... Taylor's name flashed on the screen.

She sighed at picked the phone up.

"Hello? Sharpay?" Taylor said through the phone.

"Yeah?" Sharpay asked softly.

"Did you get my e-mail? Do you want to go to the movies? Please? I'm so bored! I figured we could see that new scary movie that just came out. Can you come? It starts at 8:15!" Taylor said quickly.

"Err. I don't think I can. I mean we're having company for dinner," Sharpay answered honestly.

"It'll be after dinner," Taylor said.

"I'm pretty sure the Bolton's will be staying for awhile," Sharpay said. She didn't mean to say the Bolton's. She knew Taylor would freak on her.

"TROY? He's eating dinner at your house? Are you hiding anything?" Taylor asked surprised.

"No. No. My mom invited his parents and he tagged along. He's downstairs right now I think. I haven't seen him," Sharpay explained.

"Well ask him if he wants to go to the movies! I really want you to come. Because Gabi can't come and I don't want to be alone with Chad," Taylor begged.

"I'll try to. I'll ask my mom later. And I'll give you a call," Sharpay said as Taylor said good-bye.

She did not want to go to the movies with Troy by her side in the same theater.

Knock. Knock.

"Come in?" Sharpay said softly not knowing who it was……….

The door opened and Troy walked in. Sharpay wished she had never said come in now. Troy looked straight at her and closed the door behind him.

"Your mom said you were up here," He said sitting on Sharpay's bed.

"Yeah…" Sharpay mumbled.

"Just wanted to say Hi," Troy said looking at the pictures on the bed.

'Uh – oh' Sharpay thought as Troy picked up the pictures. Now she was really embarrassed. Troy probably thinks that she still had feelings for him now.

Troy studied the pictures carefully and smiled remembering his good memories with Sharpay.

"I still have some pictures if you want them," Troy said awkwardly.

"Oh umm no, I was just looking under my bed and found those," Sharpay stuttered.

"Oh," Troy looked through more pictures.

Sharpay turned around to find that Zeke had IM her and could see her through the web cam. So she turned the web cam off quickly and logged off the messenger.

"Umm my mom wants to go see you," Troy said getting up.