Enough Reason


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I'm running as fast as I can to Mommy. I have to show her the little statues Al and me made with our alchemy! We've been getting better and better and Mommy thinks so too. I'm so glad she's happy now.

I beat Al to her and we proudly present our work. She says they are both beautiful and she is very impressed.

Al says, "Do you think Daddy would like it?"

I look to Mommy and see the pain in her eyes and this makes me mad…very mad.

She responds quietly, "Yes…I'm sure he would…"

I yell, "I'm going to Winry's!" And run as fast as I can once more.

Why did he have to bring him up again? Doesn't he know that Daddy will never come back? That he left us and Mommy all alone?

I run to the tree I always go to when I want to be alone. I sit at the trunk and think about what Al said.

Would he be proud? Would he like our work? Does he…love us?

I push these thoughts aside. No! He doesn't! If he did, he wouldn't have left!

I can't say I hate him, but he makes Mommy cry. I hear her at night. Calling his name in sobs. She doesn't smile as much as she used to…and that's enough reason to not like him…

The End

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