AU ( I like to think) of a too wise 16 year old Sam & his brother Dean before Stanford. My first attempt at more than drabble so please understand if it seem a little rough.

Also supreme big thanks to Faye for giving me the push to do something more and her great words of advice and ability to instil confidence to do better. And also Carocali for her kind words and encouragement. Now lets just hope they don't want to shoot the beejeezers out of me if they read this posting……! Roz.

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The effects of gravity

Part 1.

Falling over the edge had not been his idea. Oh yeah, not his idea at all. But fate had that weird way of screwing things up for you at the most inopportune time. And fate in conjunction with having the name Winchester might just prove a fatal combination one day – and maybe this was that day.


As the world trembled under foot he had struggled desperately to keep his balance, and despite the odds, managed to keep his too lean body upright. Allowing himself a small smug smirk at this achievement he noted with an even bigger grin that his smart mouth 'I know what I'm doing' kick ass brother had been knocked on to his butt on the other side of the large ballroom.

Whistling out loud he inspected the huge crater that had appeared over half of what was left of the daintily tiled ballroom floor. 'Long way down' he thought as he viewed the darkness below. Throwing over a warning call to his brother he gingerly circumnavigated the hole to the other side of the ballroom where Dean now stood.

Showered in grime and dust that had been shaken loose from the ceiling above Dean was sneezing uncontrollably, his eyes streamed sending white lines down his dust covered cheeks.

Trying unsuccessfully to hide his amusement Sam allowed his brother a few moments to collect himself eyeing him carefully for signs of any injury, but the only thing that had been damaged was his older siblings pride. "Come on Dean we need to get the hell out of here, the frigging house looks ready to fall down and turn us into pancake mix any moment."

Dean merely shook his head unwilling to listen to the concern in his brother's voice. "Not happening till we're sure we got that bitch dead to centre. I wanna make certain that her scrawny little ass has well truly kicked all the way back to hell."

But for Sam this was the last thing he needed to hear. His stomach was doing flip-flops at the bad vibes coming from the crumbling mansion and just couldn't understand Dean's need, or stupidity, in wanting to stay one second longer than he had to do in this potential death trap.

"Look it's over dude. She's gone, and if there's another quake you and this whole freaky building could be flattened." Giving him a withering look he added. "Don't make me pick you up and carry you over my shoulder little brother…"

Spluttering at the taunt Dean was about to argue further before he saw the glint of amusement in Sam's eyes, his mouth twisted in a smirk as he looked down on him. Pulling himself up taller Dean tried to match him eye to eye. "Oh you wish bitch".

Then the absurdity of it all hit him. Sam was right, although he rather drink arsenic than tell him to his face.

Why the hell was he risking his neck standing in the ruins of some decrepit building with walls, very heavy and very deadly, readying to cave in all around him? Admitting to himself that the damned poltergeist had been nixed he knew it was time to get out of Dodge.

Still ghostly apparition, exorcised or not, dignity had to be maintained, he told himself sternly and he quickly groped around his feet to find his backpack and strutted back to the main hall way and hopefully to the safety of the outside world.

Knowing that his brother's eyes were still on him he snarled. "Stopping looking at my mighty fine ass bitch and hot-leg it out of here too."

Sam gave a snort of disgust and started to follow, whilst Dean tried desperately to stifle the chuckle that threatened to escape, knowing that Sam was not amused, but only managed to kick-start another fit of sneezing, forcing him to stop as his eyes watered anew and his breath caught hard in his throat.

Sam had paused irritably at his side waiting for him to regain some measure of control before his impatience took over. Grabbing his arm he proceeded to drag the older man after him muttering harsh curses under his breath. The words 'idiot', 'stupid' and 'jackass' seemed to make up the main body of his mutterings.

All Dean could think of as he heard his brother ranting was when did get to be so whiney and sarcastic, and where the hell did his sweet-natured adoring younger brother disappear to?

Puberty and a 16 year old Sam Winchester was proving to be one hell of a difficult ride. And if today's argument with dad was anything to go by it was only going to get even rougher.

Finding his voice he shook himself out his brother's grip. "You know Sammy, if they were giving out Gold medals at the Olympics for whinging you be a cert."

"Ha ha very funny. But you know I'm right. We shouldn't have done this stupid hunt in the first place. But the all mighty John Winchester just knew better of course!"

Dean snapped back, already weary of the way this conversation was going. "Hey smart mouth - dad does his best. Give him a break. Who knew that Miss Charlotte was going to be such a bitch to get rid off?"

"Yeah, well that's the problem isn't it Dean. If dad just for once listened to me then we might have found this out about Miss Charlotte and her quirky little powers before we got ourselves thrown around like rag dolls!"

Sam rubbed his left shoulder in memory of how he had been thrown against the wall at what had seemed death defying speed only a few minutes ago and he was surprised there wasn't more damage other than a few bruises to bear witness to the ferocity of the attack.

In truth 'Miss Charlotte' had been none too pleased when he started to recite the ritual of exorcism and Dean should be down on his knees thanking him that was able to finish the damned exorcism still with book in hand, despite being slam-dunked to the greying musty walls of the ballroom, or they would have both ended up bloodied splatters on the wall or worse.

But the words 'thank you' were an alien concept to the macho world of the Winchester men, so all he had got was a knowing look and in audible grunt from Dean with the final dispatching of Miss Charlotte's spirit. This was then superseded by what the boys guessed to be the ubiquitous southern Californian earthquake, Richter scale of lets 'scare the shit out of those boys.' as it did it's usual twist and turn before managing knock Dean onto his behind.

Dean knew that he kept tempting fate. Kept laughing at its attempts to knock him sideways if not down, whilst still managing to bounce upwards like some freaky helium filled balloon to defy fates pulls. So with a knowing sigh of frustration Dean took a moment to study his brother. Sam had shot up a good three inches in as many months and now was taller than him by an inch. Which by the laws surrounding all things to do with Big Brothers was just plain wrong.

The growth spurt had left Sam too lean and gangly, his body still trying to adjust to his added height, so that he appeared all arms and legs. Now his once round face was more angular, and the shift from child to man was clearly evident. And with these changes had come the questioning attitude and endless confrontations with their father.

Dean knew that his dad could sometimes be unfair on his younger brother, always expecting perfection and then demanding an extra 10 percent on top of that from him. The easy relationship he had shared with is Dad was incomplete contrast the open warfare he shared with Sam.

Somewhere along the way Sam's best had been deemed not good enough, and the stupid thing was that Sam in his own unique ways was as talented as he was but dad just couldn't see that in him yet. Now they had the situation where a frustrated Sam was voicing out his rebellion daily, and the ensuing bust ups with his dad were just going from bad to worse, with neither one prepared to give ground.

What frightened Dean the most though was the thought that one day he might not be around to intervene, to stop the fights escalating from the just the verbal sparring matches to the physical.

Anyone who knew John Winchester understood that he was not a man known for his tolerance and easy temper and with this new bolder Sam, who just wouldn't back down, especially when he thought he was right, fireworks seemed to follow. Which now seemed to be a permanent nightly display of overbearing parental testosterone versus hormonal teenage angst.

One of these days he knew it was going to get really ugly, and he just prayed that all three of them would be left standing after the fallout.

Breaking out of his reverie Dean reached over to swat his brother affectionately on the back nodding his head over towards the open doorway twenty yards down the long wide corridor. "Come on Sammy lets get the hell out of here. There's a cold beer and a hot girl calling my name down at Freddy's."

For the briefest of moments he was rewarded with a wide easy smile from Sam, something that he had rarely seen these last few months. It was a smile that always seemed to make the wrongs of the moment disperse behind its brightness, and made the job of being an older brother just that more enjoyable. And God how he had missed seeing that megawatt smile.

Sam though was merely grinning at the memory of Dean's latest conquest. "Dude, if it's that girl you were busy with last night then you need glasses. Man she was ugly..!" He saw his brothers' eyes widen in surprise and then narrow just as quickly as the insult was absorbed.

Dean snapped back, puffing out his chest in macho pride. "Yeah well, at least I had some action last night little man - unlike some."

Sam merely gave him a knowing smile, remembering exactly what he had got up to in the back of his brother's car whilst Dean hung out at Freddy's.

"What?" asked Dean suddenly suspicious his mind somersaulting forwards to one conclusion.. "You've got a girl? No way man….who'd want to go out with a freaky geek like you?."

"Wouldn't you like to know. But this isn't the time or place to discuss my love life old man, is it? We have to get out of here." He had the grace to blush a little under his brother's scathing gaze, but was determined not to tell him anything else.

Going in for jugular Dean's killer instincts kicked in sure and fast. "So little Sammy's been lucky enough to get a girl. How's her white stick eh? So tell me who needs glasses here…?"

Dean enjoyed the teasing, the lightness of the moment that had been sorely missing between the two of them recently. But this moment was at a cost, as their touchy feeling moment, if you could call it that, even if was but a few seconds, was a few seconds they could not afford.

It was in the midst of their little tête-à-tête all hell determined to break loose and suddenly the ground once again rippled violently underfoot followed by the ungodly piercing scream of stone splitting renting the air.

In an instance dust, thick cloying and heavy choked the atmosphere around them and Dean once again struggled for breath blindly holding onto Sam as the tremor threw them backwards.

"Sweet Mary & Joseph." Dean cursed silently under his breath, "Please just let me get Sammy out of here and I promise to be good boy for a month!"

As abruptly as it had started it the aftershock finished. Carefully picking himself up Sam thanked his lucky stars that it had only been a mild aftershock and that the building had somehow remained standing. Giving Dean 'I told you so look' he nodded his head over to the doorway daring him to argue further. "Now can we get the hell out of here?"

Coughing out what might have been an apology on anyone else tongue Dean managed to say with more than a hint of comic hysteria in his voice. "Lead on oh wise one." He tried to stifle a giggle at the dark look his brother threw his way and only succeeded in sneezing violently again. "God dammit this dust is really getting up my nose."

As are you, added Sam silently to himself, his dark green eyes burrowing into the back of his brother's skull. Not taking the risk of his reckless, Teflon coated, older brother suddenly deciding to stay and fry any other ghostly presence that might inhabit the Killhallon Mansion he beckoned for Dean to go ahead of him.

Try and bolt back, he warned silently with a glare, and I'll kick your behind all the way back to the car.

Dean had the grace to colour slightly at seeing that determined glare on his brother's face and started towards the safety of the entrance, picking his way forward cautiously towards the exit.

Sam looked more than a little pissed off to say the least. And it would have been funny if not for the fact that he had dragged him into this mess despite his brother's warnings that things seemed a little off, a little hinkey. God he hated it when his brother's all too sensitive girly senses proved him wrong.

An anxious breathless call from their father in the large main doorway, too far away to make him out clearly in the lifting blanket of dust, his shadowy form asked if they were okay to be answered dryly by Dean. "Just peachy dad – stay put we're on our way out".

Wheezing and coughing his way forward Dean tried to explain his decision to stay: "You know it's not everyday we get the chance to smoke an Uber-Casper's behind the like that. The way she went up in a huge cloud of neoplasm and went 'Pffttt' followed by that that whole shakey shakey lets bring down the house thing was awesome. Wouldn't you love to do it again?"

Appalled at the notion of having to face another 'Miss Charlotte' anytime in the near future Sam's faced grimaced in disgust. "Uh? Does your brain ever get to think normal Dude? Do that again? Not a frigging cat in hells chance, that's what I'm thinking. This place seems to be earthquake central and the sooner we get the hell out of here the better."

Perhaps he yelled too loudly, or perhaps it was just the last death rattle of a seriously pissed off ghost but something shuddered through him, like a shot of electricity, and he fell backwards away from his brother. The groan of stone underneath made him freeze and he looked over to his brother as if demanding some help here. Now. Please.

"Oh shit." was all that Sam managed to spit out as Dean lunged forward in a desperate notion to grab him as a fresh tremor nudged him over towards the lip of the huge hole in the floor that had suddenly appeared. The look on his brother' face frightened him His green eyes were wide in alarm, knowing that his outstretched hand would not reach him in time.

"Oh", he thought. "Crap – this is so not good,"

He tried to spin his body around, brace his long legs on the lip of the edge but the momentum and weight of his own body betrayed him as he heard the hollowed out scream from his brother, "Sammy" before gravity finally won the battle.

He felt the cold rush of air around him as he fell and just he knew that this was going to be one hell of a screw up.

Oh yep he would most definitely kick his brother's butt the next time he tried to hunt another Uber-Casper so unprepared he thought to himself as the ground rushed up to meet him.

Well he'd kick his butt if he lived.


God he hated that sound. And yes that had hurt.


To be continued……..

So here you have it first chapter of more to come… All a bit raw so please forgive, no forget, any major development / character / major bunnies plot holes that may follow. You have to know that I can be more than a little dense at times and obviously have not taken to this writing & posting malarkey like a duck to water. Have patience. Please. Roz.