Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, or Sc-ry-ed. I merely use them for my own entertainment, and attempt to entertain others with a few concepts from them. This is not a crossover, just a borrowing of information from one of the characters. I felt that the person reminded me of a certain blonde haired Shinobi, and decided to try a story based on it.



"Demons/Inner self"

'Demon Thoughts'

Yawning loudly as he stretched on his small bed, Uzumaki Naruto slowly started his morning routine. Yawn, stretch, scratch, head to small shabby kitchen to start water to boil. Then move to the bathroom turn on his ice cold shower, and get clean while freezing. Curse the Landlord for never fixing the water heater for his apartment.

'Stupid Landlord. When I become Hokage he'll be sorry he did this to me!'

The young blonde slowly stepped out of his shower, shivering, and trying to dry off with one of his few towels. As he was drying he couldn't help but remember he needed to try to do his laundry to night.

'If only it was that easy.. Stupid people never let me use the machines, even when I have enough money. I might have to go down to the river again.'

Changing into a pair of ramen boxers, and hanging the towel around his neck, he walked to the kitchen, careful to avoid the holes in his floorboards of the house. With never having enough money to repair them, and when he did he would be charged to much, he finally decided to just forget about it, and let them stay that way.

As he reached the kitchen he noticed his water had finally started to boil, and quickly poured it into a container of instant ramen, and sat there waiting those three agonizing minutes for it to cook. While sitting there he couldn't help but think of last night. Even now he could still feel a small pain in his right arm. Thinking of the phantom pain, he reached up with his other arm and gently grabbed it.


Naruto had finally finished cleaning up the Hokage faces, and spent the rest of the night with his Sensei, Umino Iruka. Iruka had decided to treat Naruto out to ramen as a motivator to clean up the faces quicker. It turned out to be a small mistake, as Naruto managed to eat nearly ten times as many as Iruka.

As he walked into his small apartment, he couldn't help but noticed another rock laying in what would be his living room, with another part of the window shattered. Sighing the young blonde walked over and picked the rock up to place it in a drawer of his dresser with the many others like it, not even bothering to read the note attached to it.

He never knew why the villagers acted like that, but he finally got to a point where he just stopped caring, and ignored it, putting on a smile so that they never see him cry or sad. Even around Iruka and Old man Hokage.

As he was walking towards his bedroom a sudden jolt of pain raced up his right arm sending him crashing down to the floor.

He tried to bring his other arm to cradle the right, but the pain stopped him, causing him to fall back to the floor, bringing out fresh tears of pain.

'KUSO! What is this. It hurts so much. What is going on..'

Despite the pain, he managed to crawl his way onto his bed, and lay there, wincing in pain every so often, never knowing what was causing it. All he knew was that he had never felt anything like it before. Try as he might, he could not hold back the tears that it brought to him. The pain was unbearable, he felt as if the pain was enough to kill him.

Slowly the pain started to spread throughout the arm. Starting at the right shoulder blade, and traveling down the length of the entire appendage. Each minute that passed a new wave hit him. Finally after who knows how long, Naruto passed out from the pain on his bed, the entire time crying into his mattress.


Naruto shook himself out of his thoughts, and turned his attention back to his noodles which were now ready. Grabbing his favorite chop sticks he wasted little time in finishing them off, and tossing the carton into a pile with the rest. After making a mental note to take the garbage out, he went to his room to change into what ever he could find to wear.

"ARGH! Just my luck, my last jumpsuit is dirty.. I don't know if I have anything else to wear. Just great."

After yelling this he quickly looked through his drawers, and closet to try to find something clean to wear, and finally managed to find a few clean clothes. Sighing, Naruto dressed in a white t-shirt with small flames like designs that curled around each other on his shoulders, chest and back. He sat down on his bed as he pulled on a pair of orange shorts, that used to be one of his jumpsuits, but had some of the legs torn off.

Finally he finished it all off with putting on an orange vest jacket that had the sleeves torn off of it, and left the thing halfway zipped as he walked over to his dresser and put on one of his only true possessions. He never knew where they came from, but he still liked them. It was one of the only things he was ever given on his birthday. A pair of green goggles that would shield his eyes, as well as the bridge of his nose.

As he walked out of the room he caught a glimpse of his calendar and noticed the date.

"OH MAN! Today is the day of the test!", he quickly looked towards his alarm clock and noticed the numbers flashing, 12:00. Not wasting time, he quickly ran out the door and noticed the sun about halfway across the sky, and only one thing came to his mind

"ARGH! I'm late!", after that he quickly took off across the roof tops heading towards the Shinobi academy.

Konoha Shinobi Academy, Room 201

Umino Iruka was enjoying his day so far. Last night he had ramen with one of his favorite students, though he regretted the choice of ramen for dinner. He always enjoyed spending time with Naruto, even though the boy could be a trouble maker, Iruka knew he was only doing it to try to get attention. After all, he had done the very same thing when he was Naruto's age.

Now today was the day that many of his students would advance to become a Genin of Konohagakure, the Hidden Leaf Village. Some would continue on through the ranks and become Chunin, Jonin, and maybe even ANBU. Perhaps one day one would even reach the title of Hokage. But first they had to pass the test today, and then the test that their Jonin Sensei may give them.

Out of everyone present today in his class there was one missing that he knew would never miss this day. Uzumaki Naruto. He had tried the previous two years to pass, and yet always failed. The last two tests were always the one skill that Naruto had the hardest time with, the Bunshin no Jutsu. This year though might be different. He had seen Naruto practicing the technique, and from what he could tell, it looked like he would be able to pass if the exam was the same as previous years.

No one ever knew what the exams would be until the day of the exam. Each year when it came to exam time the Council and Hokage would gather to discuss what they felt should be performed, then it would be sealed and locked away so that no one would know until the instructor opened the sealed scroll in front of the class. This way things would be fair for all students involved, or so it should be. Iruka had a feeling that things were not always fair after hearing some stories.

Now the class was halfway through with the exam, with only a few students left to take it. Thankfully he had yet to call Naruto's name, since they went in alphabetical order Naruto would the second to last person to take it. Still though, there were only two others before Naruto was supposed to perform.

Sighing, he continued with calling out the next person, "Nara Shikamaru, please come down and follow me to the exam room.".

Groaning, Shikamaru slowly woke up from his nap and walked down to follow his Sensei to the room, the whole time mumbling something no one was able to make out.

It didn't take long for Iruka to come back into the room, and call for the next student, "Uchiha Sasuke, please follow me.". After calling the name Iruka took another look around, hoping to see an orange clad boy with messy blonde hair sitting there waiting for his turn. Seeing nothing of the sort, he sighed once again and left the room with the lone Uchiha of Konoha following him. This left only one other person in the room, Yamanaka Ino. Who decided to busy herself by day dreaming of her dream boat, Sasuke.

Once again it felt like things were moving all too fast for Iruka as he started to make his way back towards the classroom. He tried to pace himself slowly, as to leave as much time as possible for Naruto to make it, yet he still found himself in front of room 201 for his liking. Sighing, he slid the door open, and walked in, looking towards the back in hopes of seeing a splash of orange.

Not seeing anything, he started doing what he feared. "Uzumaki Naruto", he called out, and waited several seconds before doing so ago. "Uzumaki Naruto, second call.". Still nothing.

Finally he called one last time, "Uzumaki Naruto, this is your final call. Come forward now, or you will fail this year's exam!".

Hearing nothing he started to slowly cross the name off of his list. Right when the pen was about to run through the "U", the door flew open and in came running the blue eyed, blonde haired boy known by many as Uzumaki Naruto.

"I'm here, I'm here! Sorry I'm late Sensei!".

"Naruto! You barely made it in time, follow me to the exam room.", as he started on the way out, he could hear the sound of Ino laughing at Naruto as he slowly made his way out of the room.

"So tell me Naruto, why were you late this time?", asked Iruka as he walked down the hall towards the room, and glared at his pupil.

"Uh.. I think my apartment lost power last night or something.. I mean even my heater wasn't working. Not that much has ever worked in that stupid place to begin with", Iruka heard the first part, but the last parts came out as nothing more then a whisper that he couldn't pick up.

"Naruto, how many times have I told you to quit depending on that old thing? Get a real clock, that way you don't need power to tell time or anything. I almost failed you because you were not here on time."

"Hai Hai.. I will when I can Iruka-sensei. It's just that I've had other things to take care of first.." trailed off Naruto.

"Still though, as important as becoming a Shinobi is to you, I would think you would put a little more effort into being on time. Well, here we are Naruto, good luck.", spoke Iruka as he opened the door for Naruto, and followed him in.

After closing the door to the room, Iruka took a seat at the front of the room beside another teacher at the Academy, Mizuki. After Iruka took his seat, Mizuki spoke up finally.

"Alright Naruto, this year's exam requires you to perform the Bunshin no Jutsu, and create three different Bunshins that could be used in a fight."

'ARGH! I hate this one! It's a good thing I've been practicing it since last year. This time I will become a Shinobi!'

Nodding to indicate he understood, Naruto took his place in front of the teachers, and got ready to perform the Bunshin no Jutsu. Taking a deep breathe he spread out his legs, and started to concentrate so that he could generate the needed Chakra. Slowly blue light started to circle around Naruto as he focused. All was going well until something started to cause the Chakra to flicker.

'Ah! No, not now.. Stupid arm, quit hurting!', yelled Naruto in his mind. The pain in his right arm had come back, this time it was more painful then it was the previous night. Grinding his teeth he tried to fight the pain and perform the Jutsu.

Iruka noticed that Naruto seemed to be in some kind of pain, yet could see nothing to cause it. He sat there holding his breathe, hoping Naruto would finally pass this time.

With more then a little force, Naruto yelled out, "Bunshin no Jutsu!", generating a large cloud of smoke around him, concealing him from the eyes of Iruka and Mizuki.

Iruka could hear coughing coming from inside of the smoke cloud, as well as a few cries of pain. He gripped the desk, fighting the urge to run in and check on Naruto. After several seconds the smoke finally started to clear, and revealed Naruto, and a single clone.

Said clone was bellow down on the floor, with all of his colors several shades lighter then the originals. It looked pale, and sickly, almost as if it was about to die itself. Naruto, upon seeing the clone yelled out in dismay. "NO! I can't believe it!"

Dropping his head, Iruka stood up to speak. "I'm sorry Naruto, but you fail. You will have to try again next year.". This caused more then a little fear and anger in Naruto, who was still trying to fight back the pain in his arm.

"NO! Iruka-sensei, please let me try again! I promise I can perform the technique. It's just that something happened that distracted me. Please, give me one more chance!"

"You know Iruka, he did perform the technique, and it could be useable in a fight if the enemy wasn't paying attention. We should give him another try, after all it is obvious something is bothering him.", spoke up Mizuki as he looked on Naruto with pity in his eyes.

"I'm sorry Mizuki-sensei, Naruto. Each student is only allowed once chance, unless given an excuse from parents, the council, or the Hokage. While he did perform the Jutsu, it would never be useable in a battle. You can never depend upon the enemy not paying attention to something like this.". stated Iruka with a hint of remorse in his voice.

When a final look at both of his Senseis, Naruto hung his head down, and ran from the room, the whole time gripping his right shoulder as he ran outside of the Academy to his favorite spot in the yards.

Once outside he sat against his favorite tree as he held his shoulder, and tried to fight back the tears of pain and sadness.

'Kuso. Why can't they give me another chance. It's not like it is my fault that my arm started hurting for no reason, AGAIN! It's just not fair. I tried so hard this time, and it was all for nothing. Maybe I should give up on being a Shinobi, and find something else to do.'

Naruto continued his inner debate as he watched students get picked up and congratulated by their parents. Every so often snippets of conversation would drift over to him.

"Look Dad, I graduated! Now I'll be a Ninja just like you!"

"That's great son! Wait till your mom hears this, she will be so happy."

"Look mom, they called me first and I passed easily!"

"That's my boy, tonight we will have a special dinner, and party for your graduation."

"Look, it's THAT boy. I heard he was the only one who didn't pass."

"Yeah. Good though, could you imagine what would happen if he passed. He could destroy the entire village."

"I know. I don't know why they let that de.."

"Hush, you know we are not supposed to say that in public. Let's just be glad he didn't pass. Maybe now he will leave or something."

Naruto was too caught up in his own pain, as well as hearing the comments from the families, that he never noticed Mizuki walk up beside him.

"Hey Naruto, tough break huh? But you know, if you want a second chance, all you have to do is come with me.", whispered Mizuki to Naruto.

Surprised, Naruto looked up at him, and noticed he had already started to walk away. Slowly he dragged himself up from the tree and started to follow his Sensei.

The entire time he never noticed and Indigo haired, pale eyed girl watching him from the crowd, and move to follow and Mizuki. As she followed she couldn't help but think about her crush.

'Naruto-kun.. I feel bad you didn't pass. You worked so hard, and yet you still fail. But you never give up. You deserve this more then I do.'

Several hours later

Naruto had finally gotten into the tower, and followed the instructions given to him by Mizuki. He slowly made his way down the hall, and towards the office of the Hokage. Finally making it to the Hokage's doors, he eased one open, and slipped inside. Once in, he made his way to the near corner, and thought everything would go off with out a hitch when the lights in the room suddenly turned on.

"Naruto, what are you doing in here this late?", came the voice of the old Hokage, Sarutobi.

Sarutobi, or the Sandaime Hokage, as he was also known, was like a grandfather to Naruto. He was always willing to listen to Naruto, and checking in on him to make sure things were okay. Sure Naruto never let him in his apartment, because if he did then he would see how bad it was. One thing Naruto would never take from anyone was pity. He hated being pitied by people. He never asked for it, and he would never take it. The Hokage knew this, and would always try little things to make him happy. Taking him out to eat ramen, a birthday gift every year, and someone to talk to helped. They were never done out of pity as far as Naruto was concerned.

"Ojii-san.. Fancy meeting you here. Um, I was just looking for something…"

"Well it's late Naruto, shouldn't you be at home in bed? Nothing could be that important, at least not important enough to break into my office this late."

Grumbling to himself Naruto got ready to perform one of his newest techniques. One that would guarantee to knock out the old Hokage, by working on his only weakness. Sexy young ladies with very little clothing, in another words, his perversion.

With a grin that unnerved the Hokage, and a flash of Chakra, Naruto called out his jutsu.

"Oiroke no Jutsu!"

In a brief flash of light, and cloud of smoke later, a young blonde woman, with whisker marks on her cheeks could be seen posing. She only had trails of smoke covering up her "assets", and was bent forward, with a hand raised to her lips as she blew a kiss to the Hokage. "Ojii-sama, won't you ppplease let me go?"

As she said this the Hokage was thrown backwards by a shower of blood flying from his nose, sending him crashing into the opposite wall, and knocking him briefly unconscious.

With a brief thought another cloud of smoke appeared revealing a grinning Naruto. "Oiroke no Jutsu is a success!"

With that he quickly moved to the vault room in the Hokage's office, and grabbed as scroll that was as long as he his tall. Checking it to see if it was the correct one, he quickly hung it on his shoulders, and left the tower the same way he snuck in.

Umino Iruka's home

Iruka was laying down on his bed thinking of the talk he had with the Hokage earlier that day. Not much of it was new information, but parts of it still stuck in his mind.


The Hokage and Iruka were standing outside the doors to the Academy, each watching and smiling at the faces shown by parents and children alike. Each smiling and cheering that they had passed. Sadly, the topic of their current line of conversation was anything but one to bring a smile to their face.

"Iruka, I heard Naruto failed again."

"Hai. I don't know what happened this time either. I know he could do it, and there is no way he would play around for something like this. But for some reason half-way through the Jutsu something happened. What ever it was, it was causing Naruto a great deal of pain, and caused him to perform the Jutsu poorly."

"Pain? Did he say what kind or anything?"

"No. but it looked like it was his right shoulder and arm. As he was leaving I saw him holding onto it, and fighting bad tears. If you want to see, he is probably over by his tree."

"Hm.. That is strange.. I'll have to try to check in on him and make sure everything is okay. It seems though he decided to head home early", stated the Hokage as he looked over towards the tree and saw no trace of Naruto.

"I feel bad though.. He worked so hard for this. I wish I could have given him another chance. But if I did.."

"I know Iruka. But don't worry, Naruto is strong, he will not let this change his mind on anything. After all, we both know how stubborn that boy could be."


"Naruto.. I'm sorry. I know how you must feel. We both have so much in common that it hurts to see you like this. If only I could tell you why you are treated the way you are. Maybe then things would be easier on you."

Iruka was shaken out of his thoughts by a pounding on his door. Quickly rolling out of bed, dressed only in black pants and shirt, he ran to the door to answer it. He quickly swung the door open to reveal a distressed Mizuki.


"Iruka-sensei! Get up, and come to the Hokage's! It's an emergency! They are calling on all Jonin and Chunin."

"What! What's wrong?"

"It's Naruto! He's stolen the Forbidden Scroll!"

"No.. Naruto why would you steal the Forbidden Scroll Alright, I'll be there quickly, let me get dressed."

After quickly getting dressed Iruka wasted no time in getting to the meeting. As he got there he saw many Shinobi gather outside in front of the Hokage. He stayed to the back, in hopes of being able to leave quickly and search for Naruto. While standing there he heard many shouts of things that made him worry for his student.

"We Should have killed him when we had the chance!"

"If he has the Forbidden Scroll, he could destroy us all!"

"How did he get the scroll made by the Shodai Hokage!

"Silence!", came the shout from the Hokage as he stood in front of the gather Shinobi. Once everyone had quieted down, he continued.

"I gathered you all here because the Forbidden Scroll of Seals has been stolen. I do not know for what reason, but Uzumaki Naruto has taken it, and run. I want all of you to find him and bring him back with the scroll. He is to be brought back ALIVE, and in one piece. He is not to be harmed. Now GO!"

With that final shout, all the gathered Shinobi vanished in a gust of wind and went in search of the young boy.

Iruka quickly started to jump from building to building, all in search of Naruto. He checked his apartment in hopes of finding him napping. He checked every place he has ever found Naruto inside of the village, only to come up with nothing. Sighing in defeat he stopped on a small chimney, and looked out upon the city.

'Naruto, where could you be.'

Standing there he ran through a list of places in his mind. He had checked every one of them and found nothing. If he couldn't find him then the odds of someone else doing so were slim to none.

It was when he looked out of Konoha, and towards the forest that surround it that something came back to him.

'That shack.. I found him there once after he rigged the entire school with traps. If he isn't in the village, then he has to be there.'

He quickly left his perch, and took off towards the forest. The entire time he never noticed another figure following right behind him.

Somewhere in the Forest of Konoha

To say Naruto was happy would be an understatement. Everything had gone as planned. The only problem he had run into was the Hokage being in the office, but that was dealt with easily enough.

Now he was in the woods at one of his best hiding places, and was about to start reading the scroll to learn the one Jutsu needed to pass, as Mizuki-sensei had told him.

Sitting down with a loud thump, and removing the scroll from his back, he quickly pulled it open and started to read.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu that should be easy enough, I can do the regular Bunshin after all."

With that he went through the steps to learning the Jutsu. Oddly enough, it felt easier for him to perform then the regular Bunshin, and so he was able to perform it within the first thirty minutes of trying. With that he moved on to the next one listed.

"Taju Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, ARGH! This one is just as easy, just needs more Chakra added to it.. So let's go to the next one. Bunshin Daibakuha, hm, what else says it say. "This Jutsu is best used in conjunction with the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, when performed correctly it allows the user to cause the Bunshin to explode upon command, possibly injuring or killing those that are caught in the blast.""

Nodding his head at the sound of that, he started to work on the newest Jutsu. As he was working on it, he noticed that the more Chakra put into it, the larger the explosion. If he wanted a smaller one, he only had to hold back on the Chakra put into the Jutsu.

After an hour, and several mishaps, burns, cuts, and nearly impaling himself on a tree branch, he finally got the Jutsu down.

Sighing as he finished he flopped down on the ground, and leaned against the tree he was near. He reached over towards the scroll that was laying next to him, and looked at what the next technique was.

"Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, similar to the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, but performed with shuriken instead of an actual body. The user normally throws one shuriken, and performs the Jutsu to create multiple copies, thus making the attack more deadly. It can how ever be formed with more then one shuriken being thrown. Also, in place of a shuriken, one could use kunai, or other forms of throwing weapons. If done like so, the Jutsu would still be the same. The concept of the Kage Bunshin Jutsus are all very similar.

"The reason many of them are listed inside of this scroll is because of the chances of causing Chakra depletion of the user, and thus killing them. This is because the Jutsus are more powerful with larger amounts of Chakra put into them. The Chakra put into each Kage Jutsu is used to create an actual body, which enables them to do much more then regular Bunshins. When performing these, be sure you are not low on Chakra.

"As such, it should be noted that users of these Jutsus normally have an excess amount of Chakra and Stamina, which allows them to perform these in succession, or call upon large and greater results." Great, another one, but it should be worth it I guess."

With that thought he went into using this one as well. It took little time for him to get the hang of it due to it being extremely similar to the previous Jutsus.

The entire time he was practicing he never noticed the form of Hyuga Hinata watching from the safety of the tree line, with new looks of admiration coming to her face with each Jutsu he performed in front of her.

Both youths were so caught up in what they were doing that neither noticed the form of Iruka settle down in the clearing in front of Naruto.

"NA-RU-TO! What do you think you are doing, stealing the Forbidden Scroll! Do you have any idea the trouble you are in!", yelled Iruka once in front of Naruto.

"Hey Iruka-sensei! I did it! I did it! I learned four new Jutsus from the scroll! That means I pass right!"

'He was out here practicing Jutsus from the scroll? He really has been practicing though, I can tell by the looks of him and the clearing. But where did he hear such a thing?'

"Naruto, who told you that?"

"Mizuki-sensei told me earlier. He said if I learned a Jutsu from this scroll, I could pass and become a Genin!"

"What?", as Iruka started to say this, he heard the sounds of multiple objects being thrown from behind him. He quickly pushed Naruto out of the way, and off to the side of the shack they were in front of. As he did he turned and crossed his arms in front of his face and chest, in hopes of blocking any major damage to those areas.

Naruto looked on as kunai and shuriken flew into Iruka, pinning him to the wall, and pulling out a shout of pain from his teacher. Turning to where the objects came from, Naruto noticed Mizuki standing in a tree at the edge of the clearing, with two giant shuriken strapped to his back.

"I suppose I should thank you Iruka, if it wasn't for you, I would have never found Naruto."

"Mizuki! What's the meaning of this!", yelled out Iruka, biting back a cry of pain. He slowly started to pull the steel objects from his body, while keeping on eye on Mizuki.

"Isn't it obvious Iruka? Now Naruto, give me the scroll, and maybe.."

"NO! Naruto, what ever you do, do not give him that scroll!"

"Naruto, don't listen to Iruka, all he has ever done is lie to you. Tell me Naruto, have you ever felt like you were never told something that you should know?"

Iruka was stunned. He knew what Mizuki was speaking of, and could only imagine what it would do to Naruto if he heard it.

Naruto only looked back and forth between his two Sensei, wondering what was going on. On one hand was Iruka-sensei, who he knew some what. He looked up to him as a father, or maybe even a big brother. Sure he was tough, but he tried to make sure Naruto was okay.

On the other side was Mizuki-sensei. He didn't know much about him, but he couldn't help but feel like what ever he was saying right now held some great importance to him. It was something he just had to know. Naruto was quickly brought out of his contemplation by the voice of Iruka.

"NO Mizuki! You know the law! We can't speak of that!"

Unsure of what else to say, he voiced the only thing he could, "What! What is it!"

Grinning at Naruto taking the bait, he slowly started to explain.

"You see Naruto, everyone in the village hates you, even Iruka. You see twelve years ago the demon fox Kyubi attacked. When it did it killed many Shinobi of the Leaf, including the parents of Iruka. Because of that he, as well as many of the other villagers hate Kyubi."

"Mizuki don't!"

"See, even now he tries to hide this from you Naruto. He and the rest of the villager don't want you to know this."

"K-know what?", asked the dumb founded Naruto, as he wondered where this was going.

Behind him in the bushes Hinata was wondering the same thing while trying to stay hidden. But she too wanted to know why they hated Naruto, why did many of the adults glare at him for no reason.

They don't want you to know… That YOU ARE THE DEMON FOX, KYUBI!", yelled Mizuki, causing Naruto to stare, and Iruka to hang his head. Hinata was as shocked as Naruto, unsure of what to think at this revelation.

"No! The Yondaime killed the Kyubi!", shouted Naruto in disbelief. Yet some how, it all seemed to be true. The looks, the words, the threats. It all started to make sense with this news.

"If only he could, then I would not have to kill you now. Think about it Naruto. Haven't you wondered by you were never accepted here? Why you are hated? It's because YOU ARE THE NINE TAILED FOX! So when I kill you and take the scroll, no one will blame me! Now, prepare TO DIE NARUTO!", yelled Mizuki as he removed a shuriken from his back, and threw it towards Naruto. Naruto couldn't help but stand there, still too shocked from the news he was just given.

"Naruto no!", yelled out Iruka as he jumped in front of Naruto, and leaned over him to take the shuriken in the back. Naruto, who had closed his eyes in hopes of not seeing the blade bite into him, slowly opened them as he felt some wet fall upon his cheeks. Opening his eyes, and reaching a hand to his cheek he found blood dripping down upon him from above.

Seeing this, his eyes widened and he looked up to see Iruka with the shuriken stuck inches into the back of his sensei.


"Naruto, I'm sorry I couldn't tell you.. I wanted to.. But I was never sure how you would react.. Not only that but we were all forbidden to tell you this..", trailing off, Iruka coughed up more blood, that splashed onto Naruto.

"Quit lying Iruka! You know you hate him! Naruto, you know Iruka is an orphan, just like you. It's because YOU KILLED THEM when you attacked twelve years again! He hates you just like the rest of the village! You are the beast that destroyed his family, and the family of others"

Hearing this, Naruto slowly raised his head to look into the face of Iruka. When he did he could see the pained expression on it. It wasn't one of physical pain, it was one of emotional, and mental. Looking into Iruka's eyes he could see how much it hurt him to hear this.

"N-Naruto.. I've never hated you.. Yes I was mad, but not at you, at the Kyubi. You see I don't see you like the others. cough You are just a young man, who had a great burden placed on you. cough cough Please Naruto.. You have to believe me. The only reason you were never told, and the others your age were never told was because Sandaime wanted to give you a chance to have a normal life. To make friends, and enough yourself.."

Naruto could only look on as his sensei pleaded with him. He watched as the emotions played across Iruka's face.

"Iruka-sensei.. I.."

"Enough! Time for both of you to die!", interrupted Mizuki as he removed his second shuriken, unleashed it in the direction of Naruto and Iruka.

Naruto unable to see it, and Iruka unable to move much without spasms of pain hitting him, just stood there.

Both were shocked when they heard a shout of, "NARUTO-KUN!", come from behind them. This caused Iruka to look up and see the form of Hinata come running towards them in hopes of stopping the object from slicing both in two.

That was all it took to shake Naruto from his stupor. He quickly threw Iruka off of him, and braced himself for the giant shuriken with his arms blocking his face. Iruka looked on in horror as the shuriken slammed into Naruto's right arm, piercing through it, and throwing Naruto down to the ground.

Hinata stopped in shock, and looked at the bleeding form of Naruto on the ground.

Mizuki looked up from where he was and noticed the Hyuga heiress standing in the clearing and started to smile evilly.

"So, the Hyuga Heiress is here as well. I'm sure I could get a nice price for you from the Raikage. It looks like I get to destroy the Kyubi, the Scroll of Sealing, and the Byakugan all in the same night. Sorry Iruka, but I'm going to have to kill you…."

"NO! Stay away from them!", shouted Naruto as he struggled to stand and pull the shuriken from his arm.

"Oh? And what will you do if I don't? I could kill you in a single move.", replied Mizuki to the threat.

"I'll defend them with my own two hands! You will never lay a hand on them!", as he shouted this out, the pain from the previous night came back ten fold. "ARGH!", yelled Naruto as it hit him, causing Iruka and Hinata to both turn towards him worried.

"Naruto!" "Naruto-kun!", they both shouted at the same time.

As they watched Naruto he grabbed his right arm once again. They watched in fascination as a strange light started to glow around the area. A strange blue, green, and white danced around the clearing. As sudden as it started, chunks of earth, and parts of the shack started to vanish. Slowly the light started to concentrate on Naruto's right arm.

Yelling in pain, Naruto's arm started to split into three pieces while still attached to him. The first contained his thumb and pointer finger, the second his middle finger, and the last his ring and pinky. The pieces ran all the ran from his knuckles up to his shoulder.

In flashes of light his arm started to separate, leaving more of the glowing light in between the parts. Then they started to come back together, each part as red as the muscle inside of the arm. After they reformed, bands of gold came around the arm, as if holding them together. By now his hand had changed, the fingers were red, with bands of gold and silver running across the top of his hand, and wrapping around it.

His fingers looked more mechanical then biological, and flexed as if testing themselves. Slowly more gold material started to appear on his forearm, with two parts forming, then closing in on it, and concealing what looking like spikes inside. Slowly more of the strange armor appeared and started to enclose more of his right arm, all the way up to his shoulder.

Once his arm was fully incased in the new metal armor, three strange fins started to form on his shoulder blade, each one larger then the one before the previous. It was once these fins appeared and formed that the light stopped, and showed Naruto with an armored right arm, looking as stunned as the others inside the small clearing.

"What is that!" I don't know what kind of Jutsu you used, it won't be enough to save you from me!", shouted Mizuki as he started to run towards Naruto while drawing a kunai from his pouch.

Naruto stood there, clenching and unclenching his hand, testing it. He felt stronger, almost as if a new found power had found it's way to him. He watched his hand as he worked it, and slowly turned his gaze towards the charging Mizuki.

"I'll never let you hurt Hinata or Iruka-Sensei!", challenged Naruto as he ran towards his former Sensei with his new arms cocked back.

As the two grew closer Naruto swung his fist forward at the same time Mizuki swung his kunai down. The two struck sending sparks flying into the night sky. As the kunai struck the armor of Naruto's arm it sparked on contact, then snapped from lack of a place to go.

Mizuki jumped back as he looked down at his broken kunai, then at Naruto. With an evil glint in his eye he started to perform a set of seals.

Naruto didn't wait for the seals to finish as he charged forwards, with only the thought of protecting Iruka and Hinata in his mind. As he charged forwards something strange started to happened to the first, and smallest fin on his back. It started to slowly deteriorate, in a flash of the same light as before, Naruto was propelled forward at an incredible speed. The armor at his forearm opened, and small spikes came out.

Mizuki was taken by surprise as Naruto flew at him. He never had a chance to move, or finish his Jutsu as Naruto's armor encased fist came crashing into his chest, sending him flying back in an explosion of energy.

As Naruto hit Mizuki and explosion occurred, sending debris flying around the clearing, and knocking Hinata down upon Iruka, who turned to protect her from the debris.

Coughing, Mizuki slowly started to stand once again, but this time on unsteady legs.

"Nice Jutsu you have there Kyubi, but it is going to take more then that to beat me!"

"Anything you send at me, Hinata, or Iruka-sensei, I'll pay back ten fold!", after that declaration Naruto quickly started to do something that shocked everyone present. With his left hand, he started to form one handed seals, ending upon one slightly cross shaped one while calling out, "Taju Kage Bunshin no jutsu!".

The clearing started to suddenly fill up with Naruto clones, each with an armored encased arm, and each glaring dagger at Mizuki who started to laugh nervously.

Iruka watched on in wonder.

'Those aren't just any Bunshins, they are actual bodies!'

Hinata almost felt like she was dreaming seeing so many Narutos in the clearing surrounding them. She was quickly snapped out of her daydream when she heard Naruto's voice calling towards her.

"Hinata! Take Iruka-sensei and run! Things are about to get crazy. HURRY!". That was all it took to get Hinata to pull Iruka up, and start to carry him away. As she went she silently activated her Byakugan so that she could watch the battle about to start. She was stunned when she saw more and more Chakra being pumped into the different Narutos in the clearing. That was when she realized what he was about to do.

Once she realized this, she quickly found a place to sit and hide form the soon to come explosion. She decided upon a large old pine that looked to have recently fallen, once behind it she waited.

"Hinata, what are you doing. We can't leave Naruto there!", came from Iruka as they settled in.

"I-Iruka-sensei, I-I think it-it is b-best we do wh-what he says.", Iruka looked on at her confused at first, that was when he heard the first of many large explosions.

In the clearing Mizuki was still looking around at the group of shadow clones, and was trying to figure out how to get out alive when he suddenly felt a massive amount of Chakra start to gather. He looked at each clone and then it suddenly hit it.

'He knows Bunshin Daibakuha!'

That was his last thought as the clones all charged towards him, and one by one started to explode. With each explosion other clones would exploder until the entire clearing was nothing but one large crater with the body of Mizuki laying in the middle, with barely any life left in him.

Hokage Tower

Sarutobi was no fool, after sending the Shinobi out to search for Naruto, he went to his office, and into a side room where he could perform the Tomegane no Jutsu. Once done he saw Naruto in the forest and reading the scroll. He watched on as Naruto started to perform the different Kage Bunshin based Jutsus. He couldn't help but smile at Naruto's work. Very few would be able to do what Naruto is doing after all.

He also watched on as Iruka, and then Mizuki confronted Naruto. He began to worry as Mizuki spilled the beans about Naruto's past.

"That Mizuki sure has a big mouth..", was one of the few comments he made during this time.

He watched again as Mizuki threw his second shuriken. Sarutobi started to sweat at this. Naruto wasn't moving, and Iruka was in no shape to do anything. He was shocked when Hyuga Hinata came into the picture, and he saw the look in Mizuki's eyes.

"This does not look good for those three…"

What surprised him the most was what happened next. After taking the shuriken in the arm, Naruto stood up and declared something. Shortly after that his globe filled with a green light that he had only seen once before.

'So, he has finally woke his Bloodline limit. I knew it would be happening soon from what Iruka told me.. What an interesting form it decided to take though. It matches Naruto perfectly, always willing to let his fists talk before his mouth.'

He grinned as Naruto released one of the fins to his new found power and sent Iruka flying across the clearing. Then he saw Naruto say something to Hinata and Iruka, sending them running shortly after Naruto created hundreds of Kage Bunshins. When he saw Naruto jump back into the forest, he had a feeling of what was about to happen.

The feeling was confirmed when each of the Bunshins started to explode, bouncing Mizuki around like a pinball until eventually none were left, and Mizuki was left laying in a crater.

After watching a few more minutes, Sarutobi slowly started to walk outside to call off the search. He was proud of Naruto today, he took the news far better then any thought he would have. Not only that but he found out one of his birthrights, as well as possibly made a friend he could confide in. But only time would tell how that would finally turn out.


Well here is my latest story. Updates may be slow, since I have another going, so please don't get to hostile with me. This is not a real crossover, just be using the idea of the Alter for Kazuma on Naruto. They both remind me of each other in ways.

I decided to give Naruto a Bloodline Limit in this story, but wanted to do something different then the others. I have no idea how mabny times I've seen him get a doujutsu, or some how related to the Uchiha. I thought this one would be something new, and tried it out. I tried to describe the form as best as possible, but I might have done it poorly, if so, please excuse me.


Bunshin no Jutsu/ Clone Technique: This technique creates a clone of the user, but it is an illusion, not a real copy like the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu/ Shadow Clone Technique. The illusions will dissipate when they come into contact with anything. The illusions can be seen through by the Byakugan and the Sharingan. To these kekkei genkai, the clones look like balls of chakra. Also, a person with normal eyes can distinguish clones from the original if they watch very carefully.

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu/Shadow Clone Technique: Unlike the normal Bunshin no Jutsu/ Clone Technique, this jutsu creates actual clones of the user. The user's chakra is evenly distributed among every clone, which can be dangerous if the user is low on chakra or makes too many clones, such as Naruto does with with Taju Kage Bunshin no Jutsu/ Multiple Shadow Clone Technique, this jutsu's enhanced form.

Like other clones, they can perform jutsu and cause damage to their target. The clones will disperse when enough damage has been done. Unlike other clones, they can't be detected by the Byakugan because the clones have the exact same amount of chakra and aren't made of any other material, making them indistinguishable from the genuine article. The Sharingan, however, can tell the difference, likely through an application of its analytical properties and attention to detail.

Bunshin Daibakuha/Clone Great Explosion: This jutsu works in combination with the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu/ Shadow Clone Technique, and creates a shadow clone that will explode on command, potentially killing or injuring those caught in the blast.

All information for Jutsus was taken form Wikipedia.