(I decided to go for a normal Digimon fic this time, I own none of the main cast except the characters they will meet.)

In ancient times Digimon have remained safe in their sanctuary known as the Digital World, but long ago the Digital World was attacked by thirteen powerful Digimon who seemed different among the rest, they wield powers beyond all understanding, they commanded a group of powerful dark Digital Creatures called the Dark Warriors. Many of the weak Digimon had been vanquished by their might and all hope was lost for the Digital World. Until three brave powerful Digimon rose up to defend the remaining Digimon. The three Digimon managed to end the tyranny of these thirteen tyrants with the help of their Master; Ladyboreamon. After the threat had ended she had placed a spell on the three Digimon causing them to fall into a deep sleep, she knew that the thirteen powerful Digimon would return and that they may be needed again. She knew that someday in the far future, the three Digimon would find their human partners and train them up so that they may be ready to face the danger they defeated many years ago.

Over by the hut of the Digimon known as Guilmon, Takato and his friends were all just relaxing and enjoying the day.

"Can you believe it's finally summer guys?" Takato asked his friends.

"You bet Takato." Kazu said while going through his Digimon cards.

"This is gonna be sweet." Kenta added, "No more homework, no more Ms. Asagi."

"And best of all…" Takato was about to finish but was cut off by Guilmon who jumped him, "More playtime for me!" Guilmon said happily.

As Takato tried to get Guilmon off him, Henry, Rika, and Jeri were just standing around.

"Why do I always feel like I'm the only normal one?" Rika said.

"You're the only normal one?" Henry asked.

"Moumantai Henry, I always did consider you weird myself." Terriermon said hanging on Henry's head.

"Hey whose side are you on anyway?" Henry asked until their D-Arcs started glowing.

"Uh oh, you know what this means guys?" Takato asks.

"It's time to kick butt Gogglehead." Rika said getting her game face on, "Up for it Renamon?" she asked her Digimon Renamon who just appeared out of nowhere. "Is that a rhetorical question Rika?"

"How bout you Leomon?" Jeri asked her partner.

"I will always fight to protect you Jeri." Leomon said with bravery.

"Well I know my Mon Guardromon is up for it aren't ya pal?" Kazu asked Guardromon

"Affirmative Kazu." Guardromon answered him.

"Then let's go!" Takato shouted as they all followed their signals leading them over to a construction site where a digital field just revealed itself.

The three main tamers got on their sunglasses and goggles to shield their eyes while Kazu, Kenta, and Jeri shield their eyes with their hands. As they made it into the field they saw a dark portal. And these dark creatures about the size of the tamers walked out of the portal. These creatures had dark blue bodies, with pointy ears, glowing red eyes, and wore long black leather clothes, and boots.

"What are these things?" Takato asked

"I'm not getting any data on them." Henry said while checking his D-Arc.

"Data or not, we still can't let them go free." Rika said, "Go get them Renamon.

"I thought you'd never ask." Renamon said.

"Get ready Guilmon." Takato said.

"Ready Takato." Guilmon said

"Terriermon." Henry said.

"Well it's about time." Terriermon said leaping into the action.

"You too Leomon." Jeri said.

Leomon stepped forward and readied his sword.

"Go get them Guardromon!" Kazu said.

"I'm on it." Guardromon said.

As the Digimon approached the Dark Creatures, they fired their most powerful attacks.

"Diamond Storm!" Renamon shouted while millions of Diamonds landed on the Dark Creatures and they dissolved.

"Pyro Sphere!" Guilmon fired his Fireball at one of them and when they made contact they both blew up.

"Bulls-Eye Baby!" Takato shouted.

"Terrier Tornado!" Terriermon shouted as he created a tornado that spun around the Creatures and pulled them into it. And when the Tornado vanished they fell to the ground unconscious.

"Whoa that was quite a spin." Terriermon said all dizzy.

"Let me give it a shot, Guardian Barrage!" Guardromon shouted as he fired two missiles out of his arms and they blew up two of the creatures.

"And that's the way we handle it, Kazu/Guardromon Style." Kazu said

Then a few of them eyeballed Jeri and they began coming for her.

"Oh no Leomon help!" Jeri cried.

"Get behind me Jeri!" Leomon shouted as he shielded her, "Fist of the Beast King!" Leomon fired his blast in a straight line taking out five of them.

"Yeah, that got them!" Takato shouted throwing his hands up in the air.

"I'm not so sure of that." Henry said while pointing at them.

The Dark Creatures struggled to their feet and then more of them appeared.

"You've gotta be kidding me." Takato said in disbelief.

"Back for some more boys?" Renamon asked getting ready to strike.

"I don't care how many there are, just keep fighting Renamon." Rika said.

"Wouldn't have it any other way." Renamon said as she jumped in midair, "Diamond Storm!" She shouted as she fired her diamonds down at them. As they dissolved more of them came back, and it was just a matter of time before they were all surrounded.

"There's too many of them for us to take on by ourselves." Henry said.

"So then how are we gonna beat them?" Kazu asked.

"We need a miracle." Jeri said.

"One Miracle Coming Up!" a voice shouted.

The gang looked up and three Digimon dropped from the sky and landed in front of them doing fighter stances. One of the looked like the DarkMagician from Yu-Gi-Oh, another looked like Giltia the D. Knight, and the third looked like Breaker the Magical Warrior.

"Who are those guys?" Kazu asked, and the gang looked at their D-Arcs.

"The one in purple is DarkMagicianmon; Champion Level, special attack: Dark Magic." Takato said.

"The one in green and purple is Giltiamon; Champion Level, special attack: Lightning Spear." Henry said

"And the one in red is MysticalMagemon; Champion Level, special attack: Magic Strike." Rika finished.

"It's time we show these creeps how we handle things Magician style." DarkMagicianmon said to his partners.

But before they did anything three more figures entered the field, they were three boys about the age of the tamers, one of them wore sneakers, blue jeans, a black T-shirt, and an open orange short-sleeved jacket, dark sunglasses resting on top of his head, and he had green eyes and jet-black hair with two spikes on his hair like Kokujo from Duelmasters (Think of Kokujo with just the two spiky hair pieces and without the long hair going down his back), this one appeared to be the leader. The second boy wore sneakers, salmon color pants, with a white T-Shirt, and an open green vest, he wore glasses over his blue eyes, and had short brown spikey-hair like Sheen Estevez from Jimmy Neutron. And the third boy had sneakers, wore black shorts, a red tank top with flames on it, he had dark skin, and an afro hairstyle like Huey Freeman from the Boondocks.

"Go get them DarkMagicianmon!" The Spiked hair boy commanded.

"Right on!" DarkMagicianmon shouted flying right at the creatures, "Dark Magic attack!" He shouted as he held out his green staff and blasted a bunch of them, causing them to disintegrate.

"Go get them Giltiamon!" The boy with glasses commanded.

"You got it, Lightning Spear!" Giltiamon shouted as he pointed his spear at a bunch of the creatures and blasted them with lightning.

"Wipe em' out MysticalMagemon!" the Black kid said.

"On it man, Magic Strike!" MysticalMagemon shouted as he pointed his sword/staff weapon at the creatures and blasted them.

"Whoa, they're kicking major butt." Kazu said in awe.

"They're amazing." Takato said.

"They're decent to say the least." Rika said like they're no big deal.

"Now wrap it up boys." The spike haired boy said.

So the three Magician Digimon held out their weapons and fired one big blast at the Dark Creatures and destroyed them for good. When they dissolved the field lifted and everything was back to normal. When the field lifted the Tamers went over to the three boys and their Digimon.

"That was amazing, how'd you mange to pull off such a cool combo?" Kenta asked.

"What can we say, lot's of practice." The spiked haired boy said.

"Do these Digimon belong to you?" Henry asked.

"You betcha." The black boy said.

Then the boys held out their hands and showed them their D-Arcs, the Spiked haired one had a orange D-Arc with a Purple ring around the screen, the one wearing a vest had a green D-Arc with a blue ring around the screen, and the black one had a red digivice with a yellow ring around the screen. (They're like Ryo's D-Arc, not white with only a colored screen like the others D-Arcs)

"Well now that we're on the same level here, please allow us to introduce ourselves." The spiked haired one said, "My name is Brian. K, and my partner DarkMagicianmon." "Hello." DarkMagicianmon greeted them.

"I am Flint Horizaku." The boy with glasses said, "And this is my partner Giltiamon." "Greetings." Giltiamon said.

"And I'm Carl Hiroshi." The black one said, "And this be my partner and homey, MysticalMagemon." "Sup." MysticalMagemon said.

"Well I'm Takato, this is Henry, Rika, Jeri, Kazu, and Kenta." Takato said to them, "And our Digimon."

The Digimon greeted them with either hand waving or nodding.

Brian then walked up to Takato and observed him closely, "I like your goggles, they totally make you look leader material."

"Really?" Takato asked.

"Oh brother." The other Tamers said.

"Hey listen." Henry spoke up, 'Do you know what those things were?"

"Yes we do." DarkMagicianmon answered, "They're called Dark Warriors."

"Dark Warriors?" Takato asked.

"Yes, they are dark creatures made up of data, some say they are Digimon, but they aren't really Digimon at all." Giltiamon said.

"Well it's getting to be late, me and my boys gotta split." Brian said, "But it was nice talking to you." He said while walking away followed by his partner.

"Bye." Flint said following Brian, who was followed by his partner.

"Peace out." Carl said following his friends.

"Hey wait!" Takato shouted and they stopped and looked back at them.

"What if we need you…" Takato trailed off.

"Don't worry, next time there's a field, we'll be there." Brian said as he gave them a thumbs up and they continued to walk away.

"Well guys." Takato began, "Summer has already started and we already made some new friends."

The gang nodded at that except for Rika who always kept her opinions to herself.

(Well this is my first chapter, and I will continue it. But this is probably going to take a lot of focus to write all of this. But this will be quite a challenge. And did any of you think I would make a special appearance in this?)