(I decided to add another chapter to this, I seem to be more concentrated on my parodies, but this is the only one of my Fics uncompleted, and I won't stop until it is)

Last time, the three Tamers introduced their Digimon to their families and the workers of Hypnos. They soon discovered that the Leader of the Shadow Strikers is in fact an ex-member of the Monster Makers named Xeno, who then changed his name to Xemnasmon. During the meeting Xemnasmon appeared before everyone and accompanying him was the 13th member Rinbaxmon who is actually a digital replica of Brian. The warriors and Axelmon fought desperately against Rinbaxmon but proved to be no match for his power. When Xemnasmon and Rinbaxmon were about to finish them off Ladyboreamon appeared and shinned her light on them forcing them to retreat back to the Digital World.

Time Lapse back at the Warriors apartment, we see Brian, Flint, and Carl's families as well as the Digimon sitting down along with Ladyboreamon and Axelmon.

Brian's mom then came in with snacks, "Help yourselves."

"Thanks." They said.

"Now onto business." Ladyboreamon began, "Your sons have been chosen by me to protect my world from the Shadow Strikers. It's their destiny to go to the Digital World and stop Xemnasmon and the other Shadow Strikers from becoming whole."

"But why'd you have to choose my baby?" Mrs. Hiroshi cried.

"Moms, please!" Carl snapped.

"Yeah baby please calm down." Mr. Hiroshi comforted her.

"As I was saying." She continued, "Your sons aren't ordinary like most humans, they possess talent and determination. I have been watching them for a long time now and that's why I had chosen them to become Digimon Tamers."

"And just like that, we knew that we had to unlock their inner Spirit Energy so they can help us fight the Dark Warriors and the Shadow Strikers." DarkMagicianmon added.

"Please you must let them go, if we don't do something Xemnasmon will destroy our world and possible move onto the human world as well." MysticalMagemon said.

"Don't you see?" Brian said to his parents, "There is no other way, they need us, and the Digital World needs us. Can't you understand that?"

Brian's parent looked at each other and his father smiled and nodded to his son and his mom gave in as well.

"Well now that I have my parent's blessing, how bout the rest of you?" Brian asked his friends parents.

"Out of the question!" Mrs. Horizaku said.

"Honey." Mr. Horizaku began.

"I don't care what I can't have my little baby go out there fighting these monsters!"

"MOM, ENOUGH ALREADY!" Flint screamed which got everyone's attention. "I admit it's dangerous, but I have been fighting these things for a while now, I've always had Giltiamon and my friends to save me, and when I was in the Hospital they saved my sorry ass from getting killed by one of them."

" Flint…"

"No mom, I made up my mind, I'm going with them whether you want me to or not, because I'm not your little baby anymore!"

"Are son has a point honey."

"Oh you're impossible." She said giving in.

"Moms? Pops?" Carl asked his folks.

"Al right, just so long as you don't lash out at us like that." Mrs. Hiroshi said.


"And not to worry, we shall make sure that your sons are safe." DarkMagicianmon said as him and his comrades stood before them.

"And I take responsibility to." Axelmon said.

"Then it's all settled." Ladyboreamon said, "You must prepare my Warriors."

So the boy went to Brian's room to prepare.

"I hope we're making the right choice." Mrs. K asked.

"I know we are honey." Mr. K replied.

Soon while at the other Tamers homes, they too were preparing for tomorrow. So the next day came and they're all back at the Hypnos meeting H.Q.

The humans and their Digimon stood before the adults.

"Well guys this is it." Brian told his friends.

"I wish you all good luck." Ladyboreamon said leaving them all confused.

"Wait, so you're not coming with us?" Carl asked.

"I have enough faith in all of you to accomplish your task without my help."

"Well that's good." Takato said.

"But before you go I must say something Brian, Flint, and Carl." She began, "Like Rinbaxmon you three are capable of turning your spirit swords into your own unique Spirit Weapons, but they will only transform when the time is right."

"And when will that time be?" Brian asked.

"That you must figure out for yourself, and I have one last gift for the three of you." She said as three glowing spheres appeared and lowered toward the boys and entered their hearts.

"What'd you do?" Flint asked.

"I have given each of you a bit of my power; it should give you just the edge to defeat the Shadow Strikers."

"You for real?" Carl asked.

"We shall not let you down mi Lady." DarkMagicianmon said.

"Farewell." She said as she vanished in a flash of light.

"So how're we gonna get there?" Rika asked.

"I can open a path between the Human and Digital World, but I can't put us directly at the Stronghold now that I'm no longer a part of them." Axelmon said

"So let it rip." Takato said.

Axelmon held out his hand and created a portal.

Brian then powered up his energy followed by his friends, "Let's go!"

He then ran into the portal followed by his friends and the rest of the tamers. In a flash of light they found themselves in the Digital World in the same Black and white world they were once before.

"Where are we?" Rika asked.

"A place where their food tastes yucky!" Guilmon said remembering the time he ate some chocolate from that world.

"You can say that again." Terriermon said remembering the exact same incident.

"You think the Shadow Strikers know we're here?" Kenta asked.

"I sure hope not." Henry said.

Elsewhere inside Xemnasmon's resting room, Saixmon and Larxenemon walked in.

"Master, Axelmon has brought the humans and their Digimon to our world." Saixmon said.

"Hmm, so they weren't kidding when they said they'd try to stop us." He said.

"What should we do?" Saixmon asked.

"I'm afraid Rinbaxmon needs more time to recover." Xemnasmon answered.

"Then let me my lord, I have a score to settle with Carl anyway." Larxenemon said.

"No, you failed me once already Larxenemon and I will not permit another failure from you." Xemnasmon said.

"But master…" she began.

"Silence, for a task like this I must bring out my 10th member, Luxordmon!" he called.

Then the tenth member Luxordmon who had short blonde hair and a beard appeared.

"Yes master?" Luxordmon asked.

"Entertain the humans would you?"

"With pleasure." He said as he held a Ace of Spades card in his hand and walked into a portal.

"We cannot have them enter our hideout." Xemnasmon said.

So his two members nodded and left the room. Back with the humans and their Digimon they looked around the place that seemed deserted.

"Does anyone even live here?" Brian asked.

"Just a bunch of scarecrow digimon and a Knightmon." Kazu said.

"Just as long there are no Dark Warriors, I'm down with that." Carl said.

"Well I hate to disappoint you C-Dawg, but we got company!" Brian shouted as he pointed to a bunch of Dark Warriors that appeared out of the ground.

"Oh great here?" Takato asked.

"Stand your ground." Leomon commanded them.

"Be careful you guys, I don't think they're here by themselves." Axelmon said.

"Correct you are traitor." A voice called.

They then saw a portal and Luxordmon appeared.

"Luxordmon?" Axelmon asked.

"Who?" Henry asked.

"Luxordmon; the Gambler, his way of fighting is like playing a game." Axelmon explained.

"I'm surprised that you've gone and betrayed us Axelmon." Luxordmon began, "What would your best friend say, oh wait he already did express his feelings about what you've done." He mocked the traitor.

Axelmon's buttons were pushed, "You wanna repeat that to my face." He warned Luxordmon.

"I don't have to." He replied.

"Al right, enough chatter it's smack down time!" Carl said.

"Yeah!" Brian and Flint said as they readied their Spirit Swords.

"From what I've heard Rinbaxmon gave the three of you quite the beating."

"That carbon copy got lucky!" Carl shouted.

"Was it luck, or was it pure experience, something you lack."

"That's it!" Carl shouted as he ran for Luxordmon.

"Carl be careful!" MysticalMagemon warned him.

Luxordmon smirked as he flicked a single die from his fingers at Carl and when it made contact to his forehead he was sent flying backward and caught by Renamon.

"Nice catch Renamon." Rika said.

"Carl what happened?" Takato asked.

"He flicked a die at my forehead!" Carl strained.

"A die?" Kenta asked looking at Axelmon.

"He's not called the gambler for nothing." Axelmon replied.

"Let's see him try to flick one at me!" Flint said as he began running at Luxordmon running from side to side to confuse him.

When Flint was right on top of him he tried to punch Luxordmon but he let himself fall backwards and he landed on a giant game card and became the image on it. With no target Flint crashed onto the ground and saw the car vanished in a pile of other cards on the ground moving all around.

"How're we going to find the right one?" Kenta asked.

"Leave that to us!" Takato said as him, Rika, Henry, and Ryo stepped forward with their Digimon and in a flash of light the eight of them were gone and were replaced by four Mega Digimon, Gallantmon, MegaGargomon, Sakuyamon, and Justimon.

"Whoa, they combined?" Flint wondered.

"I wanna do that." Carl said.

Then one of the cards lifted up from the ground to reveal Luxordmon's body.

"Dark Warriors attack!" Luxordmon's voice came from card.

Then the Dark Warriors lunged for the Tamers.

"Fist of the Beast King!" Leomon shouted as he blasted the Dark Warriors away.

"Guardian Barrage!" Guardromon shouted as he launched missiles at the Dark Warriors.

"You are very skilled opponents." Luxordmon began, "It's no wonder you were able to defeat most of the fallen members."

"You impressed?" Flint asked.

"Not really." He replied.

"Ooh, you're about to get injured!" Flint threatened him as he stomped forward but Impmon stood in front of him.

"Chill there Poindexter, let me handle this." Impmon said.

"Don't call me Poindexter!"

"Sorry." Impmon said as he was consumed by light and became Beelzemon Blast Mode.

"That's the fifth Mega Digimon I've seen today." Brian said.

"Come on guys, let's get them!" Gallantmon said to his four Mega comrades.

"Right!" They said.

"Lightning Joust!"

"Spirit Strike!"

"Mega Barrage!"

"Thunder Clap!"

" Corona Blaster!"

All the attacks extinguished the Dark Warriors leaving Luxordmon by himself.

"You may have destroyed the Dark Warriors but I am still here!" Luxordmon said but then he froze and in his mind Xemnasmon was talking to him, 'Master?'

"You've done more than enough now get outta there." Xemnasmon commanded him.

"But Master I'm not through with them yet." Luxordmon said.

"Don't question my authority, just get out now!" Xemnasmon's final words to said before he lost contact with him.

"What's he doing?" Suzy asked her brother?

"I don't know Suzy." Henry replied.

"Let's get him before he makes his next move!" Flint said as he charges for him.

Luxordmon came back to reality and saw Flint coming right at him, "Bye-bye!" Luxordmon said before vanishing leaving Flint to fall on his face when he tried to tackle him.

"He got away." Giltiamon said.

Flint stood on his knees and slammed his fists to the ground.

"I can't believe I let this happen!" Flint scolded himself.

" Flint it wasn't your fault." Jeri said.

"Yeah, we didn't know what we're up against." Brian said.

"Now we know what to expect the next time." Takato said.

"Right." Axelmon said as he began walking off, "Come on this way." He said with some of the others following him but they looked at Flint who was still down on his knees until he growled and finally screamed into the air, "I'LL GET YOU LUXORDMON!" he screamed while shaking his fists in the air.

(The first day in the Digital World and already they got on a rough start, but will it be to tough for them to handle, I don't think so, tune in next time.)