Rain just hides tears

She reached for the bottle with a sigh. There was no point in doing anything now. All was lost- Jack was dead, Bill too and the Pearl was gone. Most likely destroyed by Davy's terrible beast. She had never truly gotten over the death of Bill but Jack's death had caused her too go even deeper into the depths of despair. Well it wasn't that bad, she reasoned with herself; as long as she never got sober she'd be fine.

This was one of her favourite haunts- the rotten core in the inside of the perfect shiny green apple that was Port Royal. It was a hidden alehouse (ironically called 'Fool's paradise') when men could drown their sorrows and waste their days with women who would be at home in Tortuga's various brothels. Fool's paradise was probably the only place in Port Royal where you could actually get a good bottle of rum. The commodores and captains of the navy would shut it down if they didn't enjoy the women and rum so much and so often. Of course the women were prettier here; rich noblemen paid a lot more and visited more often any pirate would.

But this particular woman was not a 'working girl' in truth she despised them all and saw them as parasites. That's why she liked it here- no men were asking her how much she cost. Not that anybody could tell she was a woman. She was wearing a long, black, hooded cloak which covered all of her body and obscured her face. Plus she was wearing a plain black mask which went from her forehead to the tip of her nose; with only two slits for eyes. Her chin was hardly visible though, the cloak and dark lighting made sure of that. Many men wore masks here to disguise and protect themselves. She was a nondescript person who blended in perfectly with her surroundings: no one noticed her. Exactly the way she liked things.

There was only one problem with her current lifestyle. She had lodgings in the house, could drink herself into oblivion each night and remain unseen- everything was there except the one thing with ails all drunkards: money. This was why she had had to go back to her old job the one she had before she had gone into piracy. She had vaguely wondered if she would go back to the ocean but had decided against it; there was no point in her eyes. No point in anything anymore. There was more of a market for her 'occupation' in Port Royal than Tortuga. If you wanted a man dead in Tortuga you could just run him through with a cutlass- nobody would care in that lawless place. But if you wanted a man dead in Port Royal it was a bit harder, sure deaths could be covered up but it took a lot of time and money. By employing somebody to kill them it was cheaper and was usually made to look like an accident or like a random mugging or something similar. This way it was much safer for the person who wanted another person killed.

Unfortunately being a hired assassin has its downsides- the main one being she had a conscience. That's why she was very select on what jobs she'd take on, she already could hardly live with the fact she had killed so many men (and women) that deserved death. If she killed innocent people the pain could not be numbed with liquor; she would have to take another, more extreme option. Her job meant that occasionally the odd person disturbed her mind's wanderings but it also meant everyone kept well away. None of them wanted to trouble somebody like her- they feared the masked, hooded stranger who spoke with a deep rasping voice. She had to disguise her voice so no one would discover her gender and had become quite good at sounding like a man, albeit an ill-sounding one at that. Suddenly a voice cut through her ambling thoughts.

'Good evening' A well spoken man whispered from somewhere behind her.

'Pray, please tell what makes this particular evening so good?' She rasped irately.

The man sat next to her- he was not disguised like the others. He wore a white wig and a well-made suit. This man radiated richness and nobility. She recognised his face- she'd never forget his sneering face and his cold, cold eyes. It was none other than Cutler Beckett a man known throughout the seven seas as a ruthless pirate-hunter. There were rumours he had killed his mother just by looking at her as a child. She did not believe those stories- he was no supernatural entity- he was just a man, which made his heartlessness even worse. He would not have known who she was, even without the mask and hood but she remembered him, she remembered him all right…

'The thing that makes this evening so good,' He smiled 'Is that I have found you.'

She frowned. The expression meant nothing physically as neither one of them could see it but it meant that she was confused- She didn't like the game he was playing. So she stayed quiet.

'You do know who I am? Don't you?' he asked and then continued without waiting for an answer. 'I am Lord Beckett probably one of the most influential people in the whole ocean. And I need to ask you a favour. I am in need for someone with your… capabilities to do a job for me. A job which will involve travel and danger and-'

'So why should I take it? And why me?' She cut in slightly worried for her own safety.

'Why you? You have already completed many jobs for me already. And I was very pleased with the results. Don't look at me that way- I sent a different man to give you the job each time. And you were the only one out of all of those I've tested that passed.' He stopped and looked at her. She had the feeling of being a like mouse being played with by a cat about to make its kill.

'I don't appreciate being played like a pawn. '

'I'm sure no one does.'

'And you haven't said why I should help you- you haven't even told me what the job is!' She rasped angrily.

'I have in my possession a very rare and valuable item. But the problem is I am afraid there are a few people that might try and rid me of said item.'

'So you want them taken care of?'

'Exactly. You see this item is very important.' Beckett said and looked at the cloaked figure with a look of distaste on his face as she took a swig out of her bottle of rum.

'How important?' She asked while wiping her mouth with her sleeve.

'Extremely. The item in question is the heart of the Davy Jones.'

She opened her mouth in shock and looked at his face for any signs of deceit. There were none. He appeared to be telling the truth.

'You see,' He carried on 'He is under my control but he failed to get rid of the crew of a certain 'black pearl'. I understand he was not under my service at the time but it is most displeasing nevertheless. He managed to rid me of that ruffian Jack Sparrow but it seems a few of his crew managed to escape from his leviathan. And two members of this motley group may try and get the heart back. So naturally I want them dead.'

All through this speech he had kept his calm, collected demeanour. She could see, although she already knew this from past experience, the death of others meant nothing to him. But while she was pondering this, a thought came to her; and she suddenly saw the flaw in Beckett's logic.

'But,' she whispered, still in her deep, rasping voice. 'Why not just tell Jones to unleash his beast onto this troublesome pair?'

'I am already doing that but I have realised the Kraken is unreliable at best. It is just a dumb beast and cannot touch those at land. I have received information that they are heading for or are already on the island of Tortuga. Most likely to get a new crew. I have arranged a boat to get you there as soon as possible. After that you will be on your own and if you return with their bodies- you shall be rewarded.'

The lord stopped and looked at her expectantly. Elsewhere in the tavern it was business as usual no one knew of the terrible power that Beckett now owned or of the murders he was plotting. Finally she broke the silence and decided to ask a question he had left unanswered.

'That is all well and good' she began 'but what is the reward?'

'Money of course but one thing so precious you will not refuse my offer.'

'Let me guess…. My life?'

'In a way. I will offer you protection. I rule the seas now. I will make it so Davy Jones will not attack any ship you're on and he will spare your life if you ever meet him under any circumstances.'

He paused, reached within his coat and took out a scroll tied up by a red ribbon. The woman was beginning to think Beckett was even more egotistical than she thought- by the way every other sentence began with 'I'.

'This letter has my seal and basically says that by my orders any body under my service should cater for you and not harm you in any way. But so you do not take this and run it says that if you try and betray me in any way you should be killed instantly. Also whenever anyone is shown this, they must write it down so I can keep a log of everywhere you've been.'

She sighed and thought. There was just one more question that needed answering.

'Just one more thing, tell me who this pair is and you might have a deal.' She said with a grin.

Beckett smiled; for him everything was going according to plan. But little did he know the next sentence he said would make sure this woman would never work for him.

'One is a woman, Elizabeth Swann, daughter of a governor. The other is her fiancé, son of a pirate I believe, his name is William Turner.'

If the mask had not concealed her face the look of sheer surprise and shock would have made Beckett think twice about hiring her. William was alive? Impossible… But Beckett must be telling the truth. And if so there was only one thing she could do.

'I accept your offer my lord.' She told him- almost forgetting to mask her voice.

Yet another smile grew across his face. Everything was just right- or so he thought.

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