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Claimer:colin, fire. Paitron

Hello I am the new narator. If you read the first one you'll find out that the other narator was killed by Colin and Shessomarue. Anyway our storie begins in a village outside the forest.
"Damn, the shards are here !" said Colin. "Where Colin?" asked Shessomarue.
"Why the hell should you care Shessomarue?" asked Colin.
"Well for one because he wants to betray you and take whatever shards you find," said Paitron
"Shut the hell up!" screamed Shessomaru. "Oh, c'mon Shessomarue I mean if Colin found any shards you could beat him up so badly that he would be so easy to take the shards and become stronger," said Paitron.
"I'm going to kick your ass Paitron!" said Colin. Suddenly a blade fell from the sky. "What the hell?" said Fire.
"I know that blade," Thought Colin.
"What's up Colin," said a mysterioes girl in the tree.
"It's been a long time Stacy," Said Colin.
"Far to long Colin," Said Stacy.
"Ummmmm, Colin who is this girl," said Fire.
"This is Stacy, my long time freind and the only one who knows what a cookie is unlike the rest of you dumbasses," said Colin. "Indeed," said Stacy.
"So do still hang out with Tree?" asked Colin. "Yeah, he actullay figured out how to travel through time," said Stacy.
"Sweet, lets go check it out," said Colin. Now I don't know what the hell a Time Machine is but it sounds really cool so let's go to Tree's house.
"Hey Tree, our old freind is here to see us," yelled Stacy.
"allright i'm coming I'm an old man and there are alot of steps from the basement to the top floor," said Tree.
"hurry up you old mother fucking gezier!" said Stacy.
"Shut the hell up Stacy!" said Tree. "Finally," said Tree. "Holy hell it's Colin and Paitron!" said Tree. "It's so good to see you again, It's been such a long time," said Tree. "Cut the crap Tree, Stacy told me you made the time machine, so hand it over," said Colin. "No it's the first one I've ever made and I don't want to give it to," said Tree.
"Will you give it to me?" asked Paitron. "
Hell no bitch," said Tree.
"How about me?" asked Fire.
"I don't even know you so hows about no," said Tree.
"Okay thats fair," said Fire
"Alright then how about you let me use it and let me travel to the 21st Century?" asked Colin.
"Fine," said Tree. "But before I go can I have a coookie?"
"No one has a cookie for you, and we also don't have the right technology to make one," said Stacy.
"AWWWWWW...well allright see ya later," said Colin.
"can I come?"asked Fire.
"NO!" said Colin.
"Please!" said Fire.
"can I please come I wana come I wana come I wana come I wana come I wana come I wana come I wana come I wana come I wana come!"
"fine just shut the hell up!"
Then Colin steped into the time machine with Fire and then set the time machine for 2006. And suddenly Tree pushed the start button. Suddenley the room started to spin and then every thing went black, The room was gone. And then slowly the light started to return. then focuse returned. Then Colin and Fire got out of the time machine and was in Modern day New York right in front of the local gun shop. "What the hell is this place," said Colin.
"Wow who the hell are you?" asked some random person.
"I'm your worst nightmare fool," said Colin.
"Man that line is so old," said Fire but Colin just put his hand in a fist and his arm in a right angel and punched fire on the head.
" Hey you," said Colin.
"yeah," said some person on the street
"What the hell is this shop?" asked Colin, "That is a gun shop," said the citizen."What the hell are guns?" asked Colin. "Guns are the best thing to happen to man kind since TV," said the citizen.
"Are they a weapon?" asked Colin.
"Yeah," said the citizen. Cool thought the narator. Yes i the narator have decided to speack in third person for the rest of the storie. Thank you for time and back to your program.
"Hey, shopkeep sell me some guns for free or else!" threatend Colin.
"Or else what?" asked the shopowner.
"I will kick your ass and the i'll slit your throat and take all your guns!" yelled Colin.
"Well that wouldn't be very kind," said a voice behind them.
"Paitron your really starting to piss me off," said Colin.
"It's my job," replied Paitron.
"I'm going to kill you," threatend Colin.
"Oh be nice Colin, or I won't give you this cooookie," said Stacy .
"A...a...a coookie," said Colin with a certain glow in his eyes. "The food I long for, the snack I so desire, the food I want to taste again before I die, the food I wait a minute ... how the hell did you guys get here," asked Colin,
"Well we traveld through the time machine, what do you think we did," replied Shessomarue.
"Wait a damn, where's Tree?" asked Colin, " "The old crazy man you speak of is in the hospital," replied shessomarue.
"Why is he in the hospital?"Asked Colin. "Because Shesomarue tainted his food with a poition that made him sick for the rest of the day," said Paitron. After saying that Shessomarue raised his fist and in anger hit Paitron over the head and knocked him out for the rest of this storie.
"Were you serious when you said that you had a cookie for me?" asked Colin,
"Yeah," replied Stacy.
"Cool, now give me the cookie," demanded Colin,
"No," replied Stacy.
"Please?" asked Colin,
"No," replied Stacy, "Please, please, please, please, Please, please?" said Colin.
"Beg," said Stacy.
"Now that's not cool Stacy," said Fire.
"Fine," said Stacy.
"here's your cookie you little baby," said Stacy,
"When it comes to cookies yes I am," said Colin.
"Hey, look i don't got all day what kind of guns do you want," said the shopkeep. "Allright, allright I want ... an AK-47 and a colt-45... allright...allright now go get my guns," said Colin. After getting the guns Colin, Shessomarue, Stacy, Fire, And the unconscious body of Paitron went to the time machine and set the time machine to go back the feudal age in japan.
"Hey look Paitron woke up," said Fire. Wh...what where am I, I rember being the gun shop and then...(flashback)
"Shessomarue tainted his food with a poition that made him sick for the rest of the day," said Paitron. (Paitron rembers that Shessomarue hit him over head to knock him out) "you piece of shit I should kick your ass" said Paitron. "You Mother f#ing, piece of $h, I should kick your $$, you god forsaken b#$&!" yelled Paitron (clearly).

Ace Of Spades 1134 : Will you ever forgive Shessomarue for knocking you out.
Paitron: That piece of shit Shessomarue shouldn't have hit me in the head.
Ace Of Spades 1134: Well Shessomarue, whats your opinion on this.
Shessomarue: My opinion, I think we should cut to commercial.
Ace Of Spades 1134: Alright, bye bye.
Paitron: No, no, don't cut to commercial.
Shessomarue: C'mon Paitron lets go play with are weapons were no one can see us.
Ace Of Spades 1134: what is that supose to mean?
Shessomarue:Oh nothing.