Author's Note: And, we have reached the end of Not Here. It was a ficlet and it is complete – it was always meant to end on a down note and props to those who really know what happen. I will begin work on the companion piece soon and that work will have more insight as to what occurred.

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Mr. Jack Kelly
1134 Cerrillos Rd
Santa Fe, New Mexico
(Territory of the U.S. of A.)


October 3, 1900

Mr. Kelly,

It is my unfortunate duty to inform you that your letter (enclosed) never reached its intended recipient. Mr. Liam Conlon, aged 17, passed away on the 1st of September (cause of death: accidental drowning).

After discussing the matters with the supervisor of the Children's Aid Society, located at 61 Poplar Street in Brooklyn, it was decided that the letter be returned to the original sender as it is understood that the pair of you corresponded frequently.

I am sorry for your loss.


Mrs. Thomas O'Malley
The Children's Aid Society
New York, New York