Title: Chemistry
Characters: Jason, Kelsi
Prompt: 44. Chemistry
Word Count: 542 words
Rating: K
Summary: Kelsi reflects on her relationship with Jason and a saying her mother told her when she was young.
Author's Note: First one-shot out of 50. Any comments, reviews, or constructive criticism is appreciated.

Her mother had once told her that one of the most important things in a relationship – besides love, of course – was chemistry.

"A relationship without chemistry," her mother said, "was like an Oreo cookie without the creme. It just doesn't work."

The couples surrounding Kelsi had it. You had Troy and Gabriella, Chad and Taylor, and even Zeke and Sharpay in an odd and quirky sort of way. But in the beginning, she wondered about her and Jason.

They didn't start to date until a little while after the Wildcat championship. There had been plenty of group dates, in which everybody thought they were perfect for each other. Kelsi didn't really understand why – they had next to nothing in common.

Kelsi was the shy, quiet type that liked to hide in the shadows, and he was one of the star basketball players – not obnoxious like some of the others, but he had expectations to live up to, like staying within the stereotypical cliques. Nobody ever thought that these two – out of everyone in the school – would ever date, and Kelsi didn't blame them.

But soon those group dates began to dwindle as the other respective couples began to do their own thing, and eventually it was just Jason and Kelsi going to the movies. Their blossoming friendship was always something to fall back on. Off-season training draining his energy? Jason called her. She was getting frustrated with Ms. Darbus and her next musical? She called him. It was a reflex for both of them.

It didn't take very long after the initial building of their relationship to get them to start feeling more. Their normal movie dates and study afternoons began to be filled with more attraction and more glances over at each other over text books. At first, it was a little awkward. After all, they were still kind of new to each other. But over time, they came to accept it as a fact – they liked each other.

And after that, the movie dates and the studying still happened, but it soon stopped being awkward. It was becoming routine for them to be around each other so often.

When he came over to her house for a "meet the family" dinner, her mother had instantly taken to him. He and her parents chatted about everything under the sun – sports, school, weather. At first Kelsi was terrified of her family meeting Jason, but everyone was on their best behavior, which made Kelsi relax for the rest of the evening.

When she had went to bed that night, her mind turned back to that one afternoon many years ago when her mother made that reference about Oreos and chemistry. She was sure she and Jason had it.