Spawn was silently sitting on top of the church with his cape blowing in the night sky. Spawn saw a costumed figure speed past he glowing green eyes. Spawn quickly chased the figure and tackled him.

"What do you wan outsider!" Spawn growled

"I am just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man" the man said

"...answer my question Spider-Man.."

"Let me go I have to stop him!" Spider man yelled

Spider Man Kicked Spawn in chest knocking Spawn off him. Spider-Man began web slinging away. Spawn was angered and chains at spider man stopping spider man. Spawn then jumped and picked up Spider Man and asked who he was chasing. Spider Man did not respond and kicked punched spawn in the face. Spawn was angered and shape shifted his cape into an axe and swung it at Spider Man. Spider Man had a giant cut on his chest Spawn then punched Spider Man in the face. Spider Man was very weakened. Spawn then took a pistol from his belt and aimed at Spider Man.

"Stop..please this strange creature is..."

Spawn ran over and Spider Man fell to the ground. Spawn ran over and looked at the wounded body of Spider Man. Spawn knew he was not dead.

"Stop him quick he is...going to destroy earths inhabitants"

Spider Man found the will to get up and began swing from building to building. Spawn followed him. Spawn then saw the creature it had scaley skin, yellow eyes, town horns similar to a rams and giant teeth. Next to the creature was Violator and Venom both fighters nemeses. Spawn took out a large machine guns and fired and the creature. The bullets and ricocheted off the creature's scales . Venom leaped on Spawn with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. Venom slashed Spawn several times. Ectoplasm was oozing out of Spawn and plasm dripped and stone cold floor. The fray was insane all the civilians were scared stiff every one in the city family and ran to a car and drove off. The battle was insane building where knocked down streets burned. Sky was filled with fire a brim stone.

Violator knocked Spider-Man and Spawn over in one large slash. Spawn shot Violator knocking him over Violator was too weakened to fight so he fled. The large strange demon was angered and breathed fire all over the place. Spawn and Spider Man hid behind and ruined building. Spawn threw and grenade into the mouth of the demon soon as the flames stopped. The demon blew up Venom was unsure what to do now because he knew he could not take on both of them so Venom fled. Spawn and Spider heard something and looked in the sky and say a portal Spawn recognized it, it led to hell...