A/N: Return of Da Bouncuh!


The Bouncer: A Surprise for Sion.


"Where's Dominique? "

A sigh was flung into the air as the young bouncer, Sion Barzhad sat leaning back in a chair with his arms wrapped behind his head. He was so bored. He couldn't believe what time it was.

Where was Dominique? She always does this to worry him, never showing up on time.

But that was one of the cute things about the little girl.

An image of her popped into his mind as her retaliation of him thinking of her as a little girl.

"Who's a little girl, Sion! You wouldn't want me to put that remark back on you when you lost that fight after coming here for the first time!"

Sion sighed and shook his head. He was really glad and thankful to still have Dominique around after what happened back at the Mikado. It must've been quite a trial on her.

Absent-mindedly, he lifted his wrist in front his face, examining his watch.

It read 2:38 pm.

Dominique was REALLY late this time. She was supposed to be here at noon! Then the thought hit him. She had gone out with Kou this morning. Kou dubbed it as a joyride, but to who knows where.

Whatever it is, it's gotten Sion feeling like quite the uneasy bouncer.

In a few more minutes, it would be his shift and he'd be stuck at the place for 3 hours.

What could he do? Sure, he trusted Kou and all and he definitely trusted Dominique, so...what could be up?

Denying the truth, Sion scoffed and proclaimed that he didn't care, but he knew all too well that he was not very happy about this.

Restless and curious, Sion refused to wait until Volt came up from his shift. Instead, he took matters into his own hands.

Snatching up a jacket from the coat rack near the window, opened it, and climbed out of it with the meeting up with Dominique in his mind.

As soon as he left, Volt came up the stairway to their "office"

"Sion, it's you're..."

But Sion wasn't there anymore!

With a scoff, Volt turned, and went over to the window. Gazing out into the silent snow that fell, he soon shook his head, then pulled himself away from it.

"Kou...what have you done, this time..?"


Short? Yep. More to come.