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Chapter 1: Upon a Desk

Haruno Sakura sat in agony as the clock ticked away at her life. She wondered of all the horrible places she could be in why she was put in the worst place of all. Why did the forces above choose to torment her so harshly? What had she done to deserve this? Slowly, the reason why she was in this wretched place came to her mind. "I didn't pass Algebra."

It was only the summer after tenth grade and Sakura knew that summer school had to be the most awful punishment any teenager could experience. Summer was a time when people should be laughing and being free from the confines of school. The fact she had to be at the one place she couldn't stand more than anything during her three months of freedom was very frustrating. It was only the sixth day and she still had four weeks to go. What made it even worse was that the teacher she was stuck with had the most boring voice to listen to. His name was Hatake Kakashi.

Sakura sat not bothering to listen to Kakashi. There was no point because she would never understand Algebra. It was a pass or fail class so all she had to do was keep doing her homework and she'd pass. Her parents would murder her if she failed. There were two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. She thought taking the morning class would give her more free time the rest of the day, but she thought wrong. Class was at an ungodly hour of the morning and she usually spent the rest of the day trying to do the pile of homework she received. To make things worse, everyone she knew happened to be in the second session.

Sakura fiddled with her pencil and stared outside the window. She found staring at the clock drove her mad so staring out the window became her next best option. She noticed some cars pass by and a couple walking down the street hand in hand. "If I wasn't in this living hell I could find myself a boyfriend. I have to get one before Ino does." Sakura became lost in thought and started to tap her pencil very loudly on the edge of her desk. She didn't notice the pairs of eyes staring at her or her sensei walking over.

"Ms. Haruno?" Kakashi asked.

Sakura didn't answer.

"Ms. Haruno?" he asked a little louder.

Sakura still did not reply.

"Sakura!" shouted Kakashi.

Sakura flinched and looked up at her sensei. "I'm sorry Kakshi-sensei."

"Would you like to share with the class why you were making such a commotion?"

"No thank you."

"Good, then I suggest you start paying attention. May I teach my class now?" he said in a very calm voice.

"Yes sensei." said Sakura. She hated when he spoke like that. It really freaked her out.

"Fantastic," said Kakashi as he walked back to the front of the class.

"God I am such a loser. Wait, no I'm not. When is this class over?" Sakura looked at the clock. She still had two more hours of class. "Two hours! What am I supposed to do until then? Pay attention?" Sakura took her pencil and looked down at her desk. The wood surface gleamed back at her. She tapped her pencil twice and then began to write.

I hate this class. It's so boring. Kakashi-sensei is a white haired freak!

She stared at what she had written and decided to leave it there. It's not like he'd come check to see what people had written on desks.

Sakura quickly became bored with tapping her pencil and staring out the window. She was tempted to actually pay attention but that feeling quickly passed. She didn't know many people in the class but she had never bothered to look at anyone else either. She noticed the boy next to her sitting upright and looking straight at the front of the room. At least she thought he was looking in that direction. He had dark sunglasses on and a hood on his head. She thought his name was Aburame Shino but she wasn't sure.

"Gosh this guy is creepy. Why is he wearing sunglasses in class? He looks really uptight. Doesn't talk much either. I wonder if he's in a gang or something. No, he's too quiet to be part of a gang. Maybe he's part of a family of spies." Shino turned his head to look at Sakura. It was at this time she realized she was staring at him. Not knowing what to do she made a peace sign and turned around in her seat. "Wow that was close."

The hours gradually ticked by and soon it was time for Sakura to go home. She wasn't in any sports and didn't have any camps to go to so her agenda was pretty straightforward. She would eat some lunch, do her homework, take a shower, and then go to sleep. Maybe she could fit in talking with her friends. She really couldn't do much for the five weeks that were summer school even if she did only have four weeks left. Afterward she would party like there was no tomorrow but for now, work came first.

When Sakura got home she made a sandwich and went to her room to start her homework. She pulled out the five-page packet from her math folder and stared at the front page. "How am I supposed to finish this? There are almost fifty problems on each page! Oh well, better start now." Sakura ate her sandwich and worked on her packet. She found it very hard to pay attention, but she knew if she didn't work now it would never get done. It was bad enough she didn't pay attention in class.

It was already dinnertime and Sakura still had a whole page and a half to do. She decided to take a break and call Ino. She dialed the number into her phone and listened to the ring tone. Unfortunately, Ino didn't answer and Sakura really didn't feel like speaking to anyone else. Even though she and Ino argued over everything they were really close friends. Arguing just made them closer.

Sakura's mind started to wander now that it was done working. She started to think of her other friends at school. She thought of her other teachers during the year. Then her mind began to think of a certain young man. Uchiha Sasuke was his name. He wasn't a straight A student but he was very talented athletically. This and the fact that he was the best looking guy at school with his jet black hair and onyx eyes made him extremely popular with lots of girls.

However, Sasuke wasn't as perfect as he seemed. He was extremely arrogant, very stubborn, and didn't like having contact with other people if it wasn't needed. He had very few friends because he pushed people away. Very few people except for his best friend Uzumaki Naruto knew what he was really like. Most people decided that he must be depressed or have issues to be so popular and not enjoy it. Girls stopped trying to get to know him and guys stopped trying to beat him in sports. Although, these minor details didn't stop Sakura from constantly thinking of him. Sasuke was in a few of her classes during the year and she even borrowed a pencil from him once, but that was about all the contact they'd ever had. Every girl needed some guy they could fantasize about.

After dinner Sakura finished her homework and lay on her bed. "How in the world am I going to get through the next four weeks? I should just kill myself now and get it over with. Maybe I can switch classes. Nah, I wouldn't have enough time to do my homework. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to suffer." Sakura rolled on her side and stared at her clock. She seemed to be doing that quite a bit lately. Then she closed her eyes and went to sleep.

The next day Sakura trudged to class and sat down. The bell rang and class started. She responded to Kakashi's welcomes and good mornings. Then she prepared to sit in her desk for the two hours and thirty minutes of class. She noticed a girl with his headphones on get her iPod taken away. Sakura had considered brining her CD player for entertainment but thought better of it. "I wish I had an iPod. They are way cooler than a stupid old CD player." Sakura sighed and put her head down on her desk. She then noticed something different about what she had written earlier. Her writing was no longer there, someone else's was.

This does suck. Maybe I should accidentally light Kakashi's hair on fire.

Sakura suppressed a giggle and stared at the message. Apparently she wasn't the only one who was bored out of their mind. She decided to erase the message and write something else. She figured she'd ask some questions.

That wouldn't work too great. Who are you? Would you rather finish summer school or get eaten alive by sharks?

Satisfied with what she had written, Sakura decided maybe this small form of entertainment would keep her going. Who knew writing on desks could be fun? What if the person didn't answer back? Then what would she do? All she could do for now was sit and wait as Kakashi lectured about Polynomials and the clock ticked on.

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